Chapter 534 Poison King

Han Fei hesitated.
“All right!” With a flash between his eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared, and Han Fei grabbed Little Black and said, “Come on, let your mother touch


Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei and then touched in the air.
When she felt something slippery, she was shocked.
“Oh, it’s true! Although I’m a hunter, I can’t feel it at all.” Little Black didn’t seem to like being touched, so he opened his mouth and wanted to bite.
Han Fei quickly said, “No biting.” Xia Xiaochan already felt the sharp teeth touch her skin, so she quickly retracted her hand.
Then she put it under her nose and smelled.
“Huh! There is no smell.”

This was also the characteristic of Little Black.
Not only was his body invisible, but also he had almost no sense of existence in the sea when swimming, including in the air.
This was why it was not easy for others to find him.

Han Fei said, “Little Black’s existence is a secret.
Don’t tell others.”


Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“So, you also have two spiritual beasts!”

Han Fei thought for a while.
In terms of number, these were indeed two, so he nodded again.


Xia Xiaochan suddenly kissed Han Fei’s face, then jumped to the surface of the sea and ran away.
Han Fei touched his face with a dazed expression.
Huh? What’s wrong with her? Why did she kiss me suddenly?

Xia Xiaochan was in a very good mood.
It turned out that she was not the only one who possessed two spiritual beasts.

But Han Fei was not in the mood to fall in love at the moment.
He immediately took out 10 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid and threw it into Little Black’s mouth.

This time the speed was even faster, and it only took three minutes of time, and with a flash of light on Little Black and Little White and then they leveled up to level 32.

Then he fed them another 10 catties, but there was no response.

Another 10 catties, still no response.

After feeding them 5 times in a row, he saw Little Black and Little White level up again, reaching level 33.

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath.
The effect of the Spirit Awakening Fluid was even better than what the faceless man had told him.
At this moment, Little Black and Little White were at the same level as Little Gold.
Three days later.
Nine Tails had reached level 37, Little Gold level 35, and Little Black and Little White level 36.
Little Fatty was already of level 38, so Han Fei didn’t give him any Spirit Awakening Fluid.

In just three days, Han Fei had spent about 300 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid on Nine Tails, 200 catties on Little Gold, and 500 catties on Little Black and Little White.

As for the Soul Crystals, Han Fei overestimated his room for growth.

Only when it came to the 25th piece of the God Scaring Painting, the Soul Crystals had already become useless to him.
Besides, starting from the 21st piece, Han Fei had to consume 50 Soul Crystals for each piece, which meant that a Soul Crystal could enlarge his perception range by only 10 meters.
Fortunately, Han Fei’s perception range at this moment had reached 9999 meters, which had doubled.

Han Fei knew that he reached the bottleneck again, and his spiritual power had reached 1299.
Han Fei felt that his mind was a lot clearer.
He didn’t know if it was an illusion but several times, he felt that his eyes had actually penetrated the seawater.

At this moment, Han Fei finally realized the benefits of the Spirit Awakening Fluid.
If he didn’t use it, it would take at least two or three years for Little Gold to reach level 35, and for Nine Tails to reach level 37 or 38.

And he didn’t know how long it would take for Little Black and Little White to reach level 36.

But the Spirit Awakening Fluid shortened the course of several years to just three days, which made Han Fei utterly excited.
What if he had ten thousand catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid? Besides, the faceless man said that the Spirit Awakening Fluid also worked on humans, but Han Fei thought that he could improve his spiritual heritage through cultivation, so he didn’t quite need it.
In addition, the Spirit Awakening Fluid was really scarce, so he wanted to reserve them for his pets.

“It seems that I’ll have to work harder to make money! If I can rob a dragon boat… Tsk…”

Of course, this deal was definitely a loss in the eyes of many people.
After all, it would only take a few years.
All they needed to do was keep cultivating and feeding their pets.
Then their contractual spiritual beasts and spiritual beasts would grow.
Why bother to spend money? But Han Fei didn’t have so much time! His enemy, the dragon boats, was close in front of him, and time was precious for him.

Unlike Han Fei, none of the others used the Spirit Awakening Fluid to cultivate their contractual spiritual beasts but instead threw all the Spiritual Awakening Liquid to their spiritual beasts.
Especially Luo Xiaobai, her Blue Cannibal Flower had shown signs of breaking through to level 40.
How many days had it been? Just a few days ago, the Blue Cannibal Flower had reached level 39, and now it seemed to be going to have a breakthrough again at any time.
Xia Xiaochan’s Shadow Shrimp had reached level 37, but she didn’t feed the Giant Arowana.
In her words, the Giant Arowana was too strong to need such a thing.

Zhang Xuanyu’s Bloodthirsty Shark had reached level 37.
Due to its special physique, Le Renkuang’s Spiritual Clam had reached level 38, skipping three levels in a row.
So far, all the Spirit Awakening Fluid that had cost them nearly 800 million had been used up.
Luo Xiaobai said, “When I go back, I will find out how to obtain the Spirit Awakening Fluid.
This time we got too little Spirit Awakening Fluid.
If we can have enough of it, I think our strength can be doubled.”

Zhang Xuanyu said excitedly, “Yes, too much money was spent.
We’d better find it ourselves.” Han Fei didn’t think so though.
“Isn’t our purpose of grabbing more resources improving our strength? This is why the strong get stronger.” Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly.
“We can’t just use your resources.
We shall count on ourselves in the future.
Otherwise, if you had used all those resources alone, you would have become stronger now.” Han Fei grinned and said, “Well, I certainly don’t give you these things for free!”

Le Renkuang asked cautiously, “Do you want us to join you to rob the dragon boats?” They had already guessed Han Fei’s plan, but they just didn’t ask him.
At this moment, Zhang Xuanyu couldn’t help but say, “Feifei! Can you still find the dragon boat that chased you down? Or do we just find a random one and rob it?”

Han Fei glanced at Zhang Xuanyu.
“Of course I’ll find that dragon boat from before.
I have a big grudge against them and I must get even with the Hanging Fisher on that boat.”

Everyone thought that Han Fei was talking about the fact that he was almost killed by the people on the dragon boat and those from the Sun Family.
In fact, only Han Fei knew what the big grudge was.
He could never forget how that poor innocent girl was killed because of him.
This was his psychological shadow, so no matter what, he must avenge her.

A month later.

The news had gone around the dragon boats.
According to the news, the Wind God Boat was wandering around the level-three fishery.
Every day, someone saw the Wind God Boat that, like a bolt of lightning, drew a beautiful red streamline in the sea.

On the top of a certain dragon boat.

A Hanging Fisher was holding a fishing rod in his hand, with one hand supporting his chin while fishing in boredom.

Behind the Hanging Fisher, a man in black stood quietly.
“My lord, if I’ve guessed right, Han Fei and the others should be coming for us.” “Um…”

The Hanging Fisher snorted carelessly and then said in a lazy voice, “I didn’t kill him on the spot.
I should have known that he would come back to retaliate.
From his experience in the level-three fishery, he is a person who will even seek revenge for the smallest grievance.” The black-robed man asked, “My lord, shall we secretly deploy manpower to attack him?” The Hanging Fisher sneered and said, “Isn’t it said that he has a disguise technique? How can you find him?”

The black-robed man shrugged.
“My lord, this guy seems to have many unusual opportunities.
Most of the disciples of the seven major sects and the children of the big clans in the Thousand Star City have suffered a great loss because of him.
Although you’re very strong, I’m afraid that the five of them…” “It’s okay.”

The Hanging Fisher gently waved his hand and said, “They are only five Dangling Fishers.
No matter how many opportunities they have, is it possible for them to kill me? Let’s wait for the fish to take the bait!” The black-robed man still wanted to say something but swallowed in his stomach in the end.
He was cursing secretly in his heart.
Of course, you don’t f*cking care! But I was the one who chased him down back then! I’ll definitely be his first target! Can’t you think about me, you old bastard?!

The black-robed man thought for quite a while and felt that he could no longer stay on this dragon boat, at least not in the ghost market.
He was determined to leave the dragon boat secretly, then teleport to a remote town, and then find a village to live in seclusion.
After three or five years, in this cruel level-three fishery, no one would remember him.

Half an hour later…

Outside the ghost market of the dragon boat, a big man walked into the dark and dirty floor three.
This man had a square face and seemed to be an intermediate Dangling Fisher and his spiritual energy was not very stable.
He had poured a lot of spiritual energy into a scapegoat of his just now.
“Heh! You are not afraid of their revenge, I am.
I am here to make money not to die!” This person was piercing his own face with many small needles.
Since Han Fei made a name in the Sea Grassland, he had been looking for a disguise technique, and now, it came in handy.
Squeak! He angrily shouted, “This is my room.
I live alone.” “Oh? Really? Isn’t it said that all the rooms on level three are available?”

The man sneered.
“I snatched it.
It’s none of your f*cking business.”

However, in the next second, his face was full of horror.

“Han, Han Fei?”

Yes, Han Fei removed the Thousand Faces Technique and showed his true face to this person.
Han Fei smiled lightly.
“Are you going to run? You seem to be well prepared, but why do you think you can run out of my palm now?”

This man looked horrified.
“Han Fei, this is a dragon boat.
If you dare to mess around here, you will definitely not get away.” Han Fei sneered and said, “You don’t have to worry about me.
A life for a life.
When I asked you to spare the life of that girl, you refused.
From that moment on, you were already dead.” The man said in a panic, “Han Fei, this was the order of Master Hanging Fisher.
It has nothing to do with me.
Let me go.
I can give you my Sea Swallowing Seashell!”

“Ha, haha… Sea Swallowing Seashell? I won’t even bother to pick it up when it falls on the ground.
The reason I am still chatting with you here is…”

As he spoke, the man suddenly saw a flash of light.
Although he had been prepared, he was still a step slower.


A figure smashed through more than a dozen houses and fell heavily to the ground, several teeth broken and nose bleeding.

Han Fei looked at the figure in the dark with a grin.
“Get a taste of Poison King.
I will let you go if you can survive it.”

Just now, the man felt something enter his stomach along his throat.
His first reaction was to change back to the black robe and quickly go to the Hanging Fisher.
After only three minutes, he ran to the level one deck.



In an instant, the black-robed man’s stomach was churning violently, and he threw up like hell.
Besides that, his belly seemed to explode, and he began to have diarrhea.

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