Chapter 51: Integration of Man and Fish

Confidence came from capabilities.
Han Fei was not anxious at all.
He was amused to see Li Hu.

Han Fei shouted, “He Xiaoyu, stop! Don’t panic! We’ll team up and finish him!”

He Xiaoyu was almost in tears.
Who are you going to finish?

He Xiaoyu said, “We can’t defeat him.
He has a tiger-head fish as a spiritual pet.
He’s too strong!”

Han Fei asked, “Huh? What’s a spiritual pet?”

Li Hu was also surprised, not because he met Han Fei again but because he heard Han Fei’s name.
He seemed to be in trouble.
The guy was Han Fei?

He Xiaoyu was ready to run any moment, but Han Fei shouted at Li Hu cockily from his boat, “Thief, offer your boat to me right now, or I’ll show you no mercy.”

Gloomily, Li Hu said, “Han Fei, there’s no grudge between us.
Since she’s under your protection, I’ll let go of her.”

Han Fei said, “That’s bulls*it.
You think you have a choice? Now, give you points to me, or I’ll let you know the color of your blood!”

He Xiaoyu was startled.
Why was Han Fei so confident? And why did Li Hu seem to be scared of him?

Li Hu said, “Han Fei, don’t push too far.
Tang Ge won’t stay in Heavenly Water Village forever.”

Han Fei said, “It’s none of your business.
He certainly can protect me now.
This is your last chance.
If you don’t want the Tigers to be obliterated, surrender your points now.”

He Xiaoyu finally understood that Han Fei was counting on Tang Ge.
She was immediately reassured.
That’s right! Do you really dare to attack Han Fei?

Li Hu looked awful.
He couldn’t afford pissing off Tang Ge, which meant that he couldn’t attack Han Fei.
However, he secretly made a gesture to the ocean behind him and said, “Han Fei, how about I give you half of my points?”

Han Fei said, “Did you not hear what I said? All of your points are mine.
You will keep none.”

Holding back his fury, Li Hu said, “There are plenty of fish on my boat.
Why don’t we move them together?”

Han Fei laughed.
“Is there something wrong with your head? I’m robbing you, and you want me to do the hard work? You will throw the fish into my cabin.
I have all the time in the world.”

He Xiaoyu jumped to Han Fei’s boat and whispered to Han Fei, “Be careful.
He just killed several people.”

Han Fei changed his face.
He never thought to kill anyone yet.
They were all children anyway.
He did not expect that Li Hu was truly killing other people.

Li Hu thought to himself, You may be Han Fei, so what? Nobody is around.
If I kill him and He Xiaoyu here, who will know that it was me who did it?

Containing himself, Li Hu transmitted the points to Han Fei’s fish cabin.

Han Fei urged him now and then: “Why are you so slow? Did you not have lunch?”

He Xiaoyu looked at Han Fei, lost for words.
The guy was no longer the taciturn person he used to be after he fell into the ocean.

He Xiaoyu asked, “Han Fei, how many points do you have?”

Han Fei said, “I don’t know! There are too many to count.
I’m waiting for the inspectors to do the job.”

Right then, Li Hu suddenly interjected, “Han Fei, your fish cabins are all full.”

Han Fei replied without thinking, “Are they? He Xiaoyu, do you have empty cabins?”

He Xiaoyu’s mouth opened wide.
Didn’t they say that only the top ten had full fish cabins?

“Yes, I have four empty cabins.”

Han Fei said, “The fish that I store in your place can be counted as my points, right?”

He Xiaoyu said, “Probably…”

Then, Han Fei pointed at Li Hu and said, “You will move the rest to her cabins.
Be quick about it.
I have more robbing to do.”

Li Hu stuffed fish into He Xiaoyu’s cabin without saying anything, but he was secretly shocked.
This guy’s cabins were full of blade fish.
How could he have managed that?

He Xiaoyu asked tentatively, “How many points did you have last hour?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “I can’t remember it now.
More than a thousand points, I think!”

He Xiaoyu: “…”

Li Hu: “…”

At this moment, the village leader announced, “There are two hours to go before the end of this Fishing Trial.
Please keep it up!”

Han Fei exclaimed, “Why did the villager leader not announce the scores?”

He Xiaoyu rolled her eyes.
“There’s no need for an announcement after the thousandth place’s score is released! Things are a mess during the last four hours, it’s difficult to calculate them.
Didn’t you notice that the inspectors are gone? They are not allowed to intervene now.”

Blinking, Han Fei asked, “Are you serious? Isn’t that an inspector?”

Han Fei pointed at a boat that was sailing close.
There was an inspector on it.
They could easily be distinguished because they were much older than the participants of the trial.

Suddenly, Han Fei narrowed his eyes and said, “Not good.
We’re surrounded.”

Han Fei saw dozens of boats coming at him from all directions.

“Hahaha! Han Fei, you are dead for sure! You may be Tang Ge’s brother, but so what? He’s not here anyway.
I can kill you easily.”

Shocked, He Xiaoyu said in a hurry, “Let’s run!”


Han Fei’s casualness was replaced by brutality.
Everybody’s boat was the same.
How far away could he run?

“You are their leader.
I’ll kill you first.”

Han Fei’s purple bamboo rod was launched at Li Hu’s face with spiritual energy spurting out.

Li Hu sneered.
“You think you’re Tang Ge? I wouldn’t be scared even if you were Tang Ge.”

With spiritual energy surging out of his own rod, Li Hu smashed back at Han Fei ruthlessly.


The inspector called from a thousand meters away.
It was more proof that something was wrong with the inspector, because it was none of the inspectors’ business.

Han Fei turned cold.
His capacity of 279 points of spiritual energy was certainly not a joke.
The higher the upper limit was, the sturdier one’s body would be.



While He Xiaoyu watched in shock, Li Hu was blown away into the cabin after the collision.


Li Hu vomited blood crazily.
He felt that his arms had been broken.

He was astounded.
How could the guy be so strong? As a level-eight fisher, he couldn’t resist one attack from him?

Before Li Hu realized what was going on, Han Fei jumped and attacked again.
Li Hu was appalled.
He would be heavily wounded if he couldn’t avoid the attack.

“Tiger-head, attach!”


Han Fei moved aside, and a hideous fish three meters long dashed into Li Hu’s body.

“What’s this?”

Li Hu’s body expanded terrifyingly with even more intense spiritual energy.
The shadow of a big fish emerged.

He Xiaoyu said, “Careful! After integrating with his pet, his combat ability will be much higher than before.”

Han Fei squinted and said, “In that case, I’ll beat him more.”

“I told you to stop!”

The inspector was approaching in a hurry, but Han Fei ignored his command and struck again.
This time, the end of the purple bamboo rod was glowing as Han Fei had used Spiritual Energy Explosion.

Li Hu’s eyes almost popped out.
He had to deal with Spiritual Energy Explosion prudently even though he was stronger.
He also gathered his spiritual energy and launched Spiritual Energy Explosion.



Two cabins on Li Hu’s boat were blown up by the blast.
Li Hu’s face was covered in blood.
He could barely hold the rod anymore.
He felt that his hands were broken.

Han Fei was flung away, but he jumped back and launched another Spiritual Energy Explosion with the purple bamboo rod.

Li Hu was shocked.
“Don’t kill me… Don’t…”

Han Fei was not an idiot.
If he did not take Li Hu down here, he might not have a chance to do so later.
But the moment before the purple bamboo rod hit Li Hu, a giant fish charged out of Li Hu’s body.

Dum! Bam!

The tiger-head fish appeared before Li Hu, and Han Fei’s attack collapsed its head.


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