Chapter 493 Ghost Baby Salamander

The mist itself was a very creepy environment, in which hid many unknowns.

Especially the cry similar to a baby’s cry, in this kind of place, it made their hair stand on end.

Han Fei frowned slightly and asked, “Did you find anything out about this creature?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled.
“Of course.
Since this thing came out, those blue mutants have disappeared.
It seems that they are very afraid of this thing.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Let’s go then! Go to the first floor.
Don’t worry about them.
If they come again, we’ll just kill them.”

None of the five people spoke as they seemed to be listening.
All Sun Ruoruo and the other two could do was to follow Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu closely.
There were actually five floors under the dragon boat, and Han Fei and the others were now on the bottom floor.
However, because of the presence of Han Fei, they moved very fast.
It only took them half an hour to reach the third floor.

This floor was where the black market was.
Many people who couldn’t afford to live on the first floor could live here for free, so it was also the messiest place on the whole dragon boat.

When Han Fei stepped on this floor, a sharp pain suddenly shot through his brain, and then a fat human face popped up in front of his eyes.



Han Fei was really taken aback and immediately punched out.
However, under the face, a big hole full of fangs suddenly appeared.

As soon as Han Fei punched out, his fist was bitten.

Zhang Xuanyu took a breath, activated the Nine-Layered Waves in Furious Sea, and knocked the hole with his stick.

However, to their surprise, the thing turned into a cloud of fog and disappeared.

Han Fei’s eyelids flickered.
“It’s fake!”

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu immediately turned around, and Zhang Xuanyu suddenly struck out with his stick and the point of the stick struck a large mouth behind Liu Fenfang.

Han Fei immediately had Nine Tails attach to him and swung the chain at the big mouth.


The human-faced monster was thrown to the ground by Han Fei.
And Liu Fenfang had been stupefied in horror with cold sweat on his forehead.
He didn’t feel anything at all just now! When Zhang Xuanyu took a shot, he looked back, only to see a black hole-like big mouth, which almost scared him out of pants.

Liu Fenfang staggered.
“Oh my god! Thank you for saving my life, Lao Zhang and Brother Han.”

Zhang Xuanyu patted him on the shoulder, while Han Fei was staring at the monster without speaking.

In his eyes, a string of data was displayed.

Ghost Baby Salamander

After a Deep-Sea Salamander devours a human, it absorbs shards of the human’s memory and creates a ghost face, which can be objectified.
It is extremely fast and can transform food into energy and store it in the void.

Level o


2,584 points

Eating it will cause insanity

Hallucinating Ghost Face

Han Fei curled his lips.
This thing is simply disgusting! Almost comparable to the freak octopus.
Zhang Xuanyu turned pale when he saw this thing.
He shivered and felt his hair stand on end.

Sun Ruoruo screamed directly and wrapped herself in seaweed, trying to protect herself from the creepy thing.

Liu Fenfang tremblingly lifted his armor box and was about to smash it on the fish’s head but Han Fei stopped him.

Only Wang Baiwan said in surprise, “A dragon?”


This Ghost Baby Salamander was flopping about.
However, everyone was staring at its body at the moment.
This thing was more like a lizard than a fish.
Its body was blue and black.
On its head, there was a distorted woman’s face, which was squirming at this moment.
Seeing this scene, everyone wanted to throw up.
Han Fei took a deep breath and said, “You may not believe it.
This is an exotic creature.
Which of you is interested in making it your contractual spiritual beast?”

Han Fei would absolutely not accept it.
There was already a freak octopus in the Demon Purification Pot, and he would never accept another disgusting Ghost Baby Salamander.

Otherwise, during the next fusion, there was an 80 percent chance he’d produce a freak monster.

After all, there were four creatures hanging in the Demon Purification Pot at the moment.
Except for one Iron-Wall Lobster, none of the other three were normal.

The Mutant Devil Fish only had one layer of skin.

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus was a sheer freak.

The Divine Seaweed Octopus that looked like a big fat green pig intestine was also ugly.

If there came another, the Ghost Baby Salamander, when could he get a third contractual spiritual beast?

Zhang Xuanyu waved his hand quickly.
“No way.
No, I don’t want this thing.”

Sun Ruoruo shook with disinterest.
“Neither do I, I… EW…”

Liu Fenfang added, “No, I feel dizzy when I see it, I…”

But Wang Baiwan squatted on the ground.
“I’ll take it.”

“You want it?”

Even Han Fei exclaimed in surprise.
Is there something wrong with your aesthetics? Even you want it?

Wang Baiwan smiled and said, “Anyway, this thing is just a creature, and it’s not its fault that it looks ugly.
Since it is so strong, why don’t I take it?”

Han Fei nodded.
“OK, you can take it.
There must be more than one of these things.
You’d better hurry up.”

Without hesitation, Wang Baiwan began to conclude a contract with the fish.

Han Fei was staring at the mist in a daze, and suddenly a faint voice came from his ear, Help me! Help me! “Who is it?”

Han Fei suddenly yelled, which startled the others.

Zhang Xuanyu quickly looked around.
“Fei Fei! What’s wrong?”

Han Fei stared at him.
“Did you hear someone calling for help just now?”


The others looked at each other in confusion.
It was so quiet here that you could even hear a pin drop.
Where did he hear the cry for help from?

Han Fei frowned when he saw the look of the others who obviously didn’t hear anything.
When he listened again, he could no longer hear the cry for help.
This made Han Fei doubt whether or not he had an auditory hallucination.

When the Ghost Baby Salamander was taken by Wang Baiwan, they did not see other Ghost Baby Salamanders appearing, and then they went straight to the first floor.

On the third floor, they finally heard the roars of the blue mutants, which made them let out a sigh of relief.
After all, facing those blue mutants who had gone completely crazy was definitely better than facing those creepy salamanders.



Han Fei made his way with his fists, and Zhang Xuanyu dragged the stick to the floor unscrupulously, not minding being heard by those blue mutants at all.

And the other three were not afraid at all either because their strength had recovered.

Although hundreds of blue mutants were rushing at them from all directions, they were soon solved by Wang Baiwan and the other two, and Han Fei didn’t even need to do anything.

The five of them went straight up, and after nearly half an hour, they arrived on the deck of the first floor.

Zhang Xuanyu took a deep breath, stretched out, and yawned.
“So comfortable! We’ve finally escaped.” Liu Fenfang agreed, “It feels so good to be back on the deck.”

Sun Ruoruo looked around vigilantly.
“Don’t forget that these people on the deck haven’t completely lost consciousness.
They still have a little instinct, so they are much more difficult to deal with than the blue mutants.”

Han Fei raised his head and glanced over, saying, “Let’s go, go directly to the top of the boat!”

Zhang Xuanyu was puzzled.
“Huh! Have you met Xiao Se?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Otherwise, how would I have known your whereabouts?”

The dragon boat now had no defense seals, so it was very easy to get directly on the top of the boat from the deck of the first floor.
All he needed was a throw of the fishhook and he could go up.

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile.
He was really stupid letting that delirious woman drag him along just now.

However, as soon as they cast their fish hooks, they heard a “flop”.
It seemed that something had fallen into the sea.

Han Fei was still wondering and was about to take a look, only to notice that the others’ faces suddenly changed.

Han Fei knew that something bad must have happened, so he immediately asked, “What happened? What fell into the sea?”.

Sun Ruoruo said, shivering a little, “Human! A human has just jumped into the sea.” Han Fei wondered, “Did he want to die? Did he try to swim out? But that’s impossible!”

But Zhang Xuanyu shook his head slightly.
“Not to swim.
These people simply jumped into the sea, then sank, and died in the sea.”

Han Fei couldn’t believe what he heard and asked in astonishment, “Suicide?”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“In a sense, yes.”

Liu Fenfang’s face was gloomy.
“This is the consequence of eating the blue fish.
Some people can resist by their own will at first.
As long as they’re still sober-minded, they will not jump into the sea.
But once…” Han Fei leaned in.

Liu Fenfang sighed.
“Once they lose their hope of survival, or they are too eager to leave this place, they will jump into the sea.
No one knows why.”

Wang Baiwan sighed.
“You might not believe it, but when they jump down, there is a bright smile on their faces.”

Han Fei: “…”

“F*ck, this is a typical ghost boat incident, almost exactly the same as my original guess!”

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