Chapter 488 The Missing Dragon Boat

When Han Fei met the next Specter, it was the sixth hour of his entering the misty area.

At this moment, Han Fei jumped into the water again.
As expected, there was also a ghost ferryman under this Specter.
However, this Specter was going out of the misty area.
Han Fei guessed it went to pick up the next human entering this sea area.

In the next two days, Han Fei encountered seven such Specters.
And in one of the fishing boats, he even found a human skeleton.

Han Fei guessed that that person must have starved to death when he was taken in or out of the sea area by the Specter! It was more likely the latter.
If it were him, if he couldn’t hold back his hunger as he came in, he would definitely have dove to the bottom of the sea as soon as possible, and then he might have had a chance to survive.

Han Fei did not dive into the water on the way, not because of fear but simply because he worried that once he entered the water, the ghost ferryman would carry the abandoned fishing boat away, and then he would swim to death in this strange sea area!

After all, in this damn place, he couldn’t even tell directions! What if he swam in the wrong direction?

At this moment, Han Fei murmured, “Zhang Xuanyu! Why the f*ck did you come here? I just hope that your Sea Swallowing Seashells are filled with food.
Otherwise, how can you survive here?!”

On the third day.

Han Fei was eating sea cucumber crisps.

This snack was easy to make.
He cut the sea cucumber into slices, mixed them with various seasonings in the pot, and cooked them.
When the slices were fully cooked, he took them out and dehydrated them with the Water Control Technique, and then the sea cucumber crisps were made.

Han Fei created this snack in his boring journey in the sea area that could swallow energy.
After all, the energy stored in the human body was limited, but he could turn energy into crisps and take one or two slices from time to time.
You can go ahead and suck my energy.
Anyway, I have plenty of crisps.
Crunch… Han Fei suddenly smiled.
“Haha, the good show is finally starting.” Crunch… Crunch…

Han Fei hurriedly stuffed the crisps into his mouth, swallowed them, and folded his arms over his chest, waiting for the thing far away to come.

Han Fei could not see it, but he could hear the sound of a large number of fish jumping out of the sea.
It must be a big ship that could make such a big noise.


At the same time, Han Fei looked up and saw that there were a large number of Yellow-Winged Flying Insects flying, and some even fell on him.

However, after Han Fei shook them away with spiritual energy, there were not many Yellow-Winged Flying Insects left on him.



The sea was surging, and the waves rose and fell.

Han Fei felt that the ghost ferryman under the boat no longer exerted force, and the fishing boat stopped naturally.

Immediately after that, after dozens of seconds, Han Fei saw a huge wooden board floating by.

“Huh! Is this… A dragon boat?”

Although this big ship was decayed, Han Fei still recognized it.
To be precise, he recognized the interlocking spirit gathering formations on the wooden boards.
Although the spirit gathering formations had been damaged, the carving traces were still there.


Han Fei flicked his fishing pole and when he felt the fishhook fall on the dragon boat, he stepped on the hull of the boat and jumped up to the boat.


When Han Fei fell on the deck of the dragon boat, he frowned.
The first thing he saw was an incomplete skeleton on the deck not far from him.

Han Fei didn’t walk away but looked up to the sky and roared, “Zhang! Xuan! Yu!”

Han Fei’s voice spread far, but it could only be heard within tens of miles.
He didn’t expect to find Zhang Xuanyu so soon.
But where was this guy most likely to go? That must be this dragon boat.



Han Fei heard the sound of wood breaking, and with the sound of footsteps, Han Fei knew that someone was coming.

“Sure enough, there are still people alive.”

Han Fei couldn’t help being a little curious.
How did these people survive? By rights, they had nothing to eat! Did he guess wrong? The blue fish were actually edible?

How could it be? If he guessed right, the little blue fish should be inedible.

“Zhang Xuanyu…”

Han Fei shouted again without scruple.
He didn’t believe that in this sea area, on this dragon boat, there would be someone stronger than him.

He was full of spiritual energy and was at his peak state.
Even if there was a Hanging Fisher here, he wouldn’t be his opponent, let alone a dragon boat that had disappeared in the Abyssal Chasm for decades! “Hiss!”


For a while, various strange sounds appeared.

Han Fei was walking forward along the deck, and after walking only 500 meters, he suddenly saw a woman with disheveled hair standing in front.
Han Fei couldn’t see clearly what the woman looked like.
She looked skinny, her shoes were broken, and half of the sole of her foot was exposed.

When seeing the sole of the foot, Han Fei frowned.
Is this bag of bones still alive?

Han Fei did not stop but continued to walk forward.
“Hey! Young lady, do you mind being my guide?”

However, when the woman raised her face, Han Fei almost cried out in fright.

Was this a human face? It was literally a skull face! There was only skin, no flesh on the face.

But this woman’s eyes were glowing with blue light! When she bared her teeth, Han Fei saw blue teeth, which startled him.

“Huh! Did these people really eat the blue fish?”

Han Fei frowned.
He should have guessed it.
After all impossibilities had been ruled out, the remaining, no matter how impossible it looked, must be the answer.
Here, only the small blue fish could be eaten.
Since these people had survived, they must have eaten a lot of them.

Although the answer seemed a little different from what he had guessed, it was pretty much the same.
Han Fei wasn’t sure if this person was crazy or… Han Fei threw a crispy slice of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber at her.
And at the moment the woman saw it, she suddenly pounced up and bit it with her mouth.

Immediately after, the woman shook and trembled, and Han Fei saw a flash of spiritual energy flashing across her body.


The woman rushed over immediately, the nails on her hands had already fallen off, and her fingers were all bones.
However, even in this state, this woman still knew to use a combat skill.
At the moment when she was about to touch Han Fei, a dagger suddenly appeared on Han Fei’s chin.
Han Fei slightly tilted his head and a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger appeared in his hand.
With a gentle pat, he patted her away dozens of steps.

Then Han Fei threw out a crisp again with a cold look.
“Lady, are you OK? Can you speak?” Seeing that she couldn’t beat Han Fei, the woman pounced on the cucumber crisp again.

Han Fei was sure that the energy contained in two slices of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber was definitely equal to that of dozens of blue fish.

Spiritual energy appeared on this woman again.
This time, Han Fei clearly saw that her wrinkled skin restored a bit.

When Han Fei saw this scene, his eyes lit up.
This person seemed to be still a little conscious.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Han Fei flicked out three more crisps, which were all quickly crunched by the woman.
The speed was so fast that even Han Fei was dumbfounded.
He couldn’t believe this ‘skeleton’ could be so agile!

Han Fei pointed a finger at her and a wisp of spiritual energy poured directly into this woman’s body.

The next moment, he saw that the skin of the woman’s fingers was growing rapidly, so were the flesh and blood of her body.

And then Han Fei used the Divine Healing Technique on her.

The woman shook all over and let out a cry.

Han Fei let out a sigh of relief.
“You can still speak.
It seems that you can still recover.”

The woman looked at Han Fei with difficulty, and a gleam of light flashed through her dry eyes.
“Go… Go…”


Han Fei continued to throw her two slices, and then he instantly tilted his head and dodged as a figure instantly pounced on him.

Han Fei did not fight back.
These people had been so miserable and he didn’t have the heart to kill them.

However, although Han Fei did not make a move, the woman moved.

The woman who had recovered a little energy seemed to have regained a little combat power.
She turned her hand and thrust a knife into the heart of the man.

Han Fei frowned.
“Why did you kill him?”

However, the woman said with difficulty, “Eat… Eat…”

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