Chapter 443 Met In Advance

Han Fei had been cultivating on the 148th floor for two days before a sneaky-looking little fatty appeared at the end of his vision.

Seeing Han Fei, Cao Qiu jumped up and waved at him.
“I am here, I am here.”

Han Fei ran to him warmly and reached out a hand.

Cao Qiu: “???”

Han Fei asked, “Have you gotten any Soul Crystals?”

Cao Qiu glanced at Han Fei blankly.

Han Fei immediately retracted his avid gaze coldly.
“Haven’t you been to the 148th floor before? Why did you arrive so late?”

Cao Qiu was surprised.
“It took me only three days to arrive! When did you arrive?” Han Fei simply said, “I arrived on the first day…”

Cao Qiu’s body stiffened for a while and then his chubby face drooped.
“Sure enough, you people! All the same…”

“In what way?”

Cao Qiu snorted.
“Nothing, where is Xia Xiaochan?”

Han Fei said with a serious face, “It’s Xie Xiaoan.”

Cao Qiu curled his lips.
“OK, then where is Xie Xiaoan? Why hasn’t she arrived yet?” Han Fei said lightly, “She is busy robbing people on the upper floors.
I think she will arrive here in two days.”

Hearing this, Cao Qiu was not surprised.
He had seen so many robberies, and he muttered, “What’s worth snatching on the upper floors?”

Han Fei asked Cao Qiu about the Soul Crystals, mainly about the upper limit of the use of the Soul Crystal.

Cao Qiu’s answer shocked Han Fei.
Cao Qiu said, “There is no upper limit for the use of Soul Crystals!”

Han Fei was shocked by his answer.

Han Fei couldn’t help asking, “What is your spiritual perception range?”

“800 meters!”

“How much?” Han Fei’s eyes almost popped out.
Although Cao Qiu was a level higher than him theoretically, the 800-meter perception range still frightened him.

Then Han Fei asked, “Since there is no upper limit for the use of Soul Crystals, why is your perception range so small? Soul Crystals don’t seem to be rare for you people, right?”

Cao Qiu laughed.
“How can it be that simple? When your perception range reaches 500 meters, you will find that the effect of an ordinary level-one Soul Crystal becomes 10 times worse and a level-two Soul Crystal is extremely rare.
Although my perceptual range is as large as 800 meters, do you know how many Soul Crystals I have used? I have used nearly seventy or eighty.”

Han Fei was speechless.
You f*cking prodigal! Seventy or eighty Soul Crystals, that’s a lot!

However, this number made sense for Cao Qiu.
After all, he was born with a silver spoon…

Knowing what Han Fei was thinking, Cao Qiu couldn’t help saying, “Soul Crystals are not that easy to get.
They will only appear above the 120th floor.
However, there are almost no weak people who can reach the 120th floor or above.
Only those people who don’t know anything about Soul Crystals will choose to sell them.
People who know the real effects of Soul Crystals will usually not sell them.” Han Fei frowned.
“Do you know what the largest perception range among the younger generation is in the Thousand Star City?” Cao Qiu replied without thinking, “3,200 meters!”


Han Fei was shocked again, looking at Cao Qiu with a stunned expression on his face.
“3,200… How many Soul Crystals have they used?”

Cao Qiu grinned.
“Hey, I can’t remember how many.
Anyway, when Cao Tian came out last time, his spiritual perception range had already reached 3,200 meters.
Now it must be 3,500.”

“Your brother?”

Cao Qiu sighed.
In fact, he should have become a peak-level Dangling Fisher by now and made his way back to the Thousand Star City, but he wanted to break through the Steps into the Sea… Look, I don’t know which exact floor he is on, but I think he must be lower than the 208th floor.”

Han Fei was shocked.
How strong is Cao Qiu’s brother? If what Cao Qiu said is true, how long has Cao Tian been staying here? How many Soul Crystals did it take to make the range of his spiritual perception reach more than three thousand meters?

Two days later.
Xia Xiaochan arrived.
When she saw Han Fei and Cao Qiu, she bared her teeth and smiled happily.

Xia Xiaochan nodded her head.
“Here I am.”

Han Fei responded indifferently, “OK! Have you cleared up all the floors above?”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei in surprise.
“How did you know that?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “I knew it when I found out that everyone who I wanted to rob had been stabbed by you.” Cao Qiu interrupted, “Why didn’t I know?”

Han Fei asked, “Did you rob anyone?”

Cao Qiu shook his head.
“No wonder I saw very few people when I came over! It turned out that they were all cleared up by you!”

Xia Xiaochan grabbed a large handful of Sea Swallowing Shells and showed them to Han Fei proudly.
“Look, I snatched more than 600 Sea Swallowing Shells.
Would you like some? I’ll give you some.” Cao Qiu: “…”

Han Fei clutched his head.
“Keep them for yourself! The further we go down, the more sacrifices will be required.
I think when we reach the 200th floor, each sacrifice may cost nearly a million points of spiritual energy or equivalent items.
One Sea Swallowing Shell will very likely not be enough for a single sacrifice.”

Xia Xiaochan put away the Sea Swallowing Shells.
“I also think the sacrifices are too expensive.
Then we need to rob more people on the following floors.”

Cao Qiu was dumbfounded.
What kind of people did he make friends with?!

He had known that Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were strong but he didn’t expect them to be so strong.

Han Fei easily reached the 148th floor in one day.
Xia Xiaochan cleared up along the way, and in only five days, she had snatched more than 600 Sea Swallowing Shells!

How ferocious were they as to loot so crazily and unscrupulously in the Steps into the Sea?

Cao Qiu hurriedly stood up and said, “Don’t! It is too troublesome to clear up floor by floor.
Let’s just go straight to the 180th floor.”

Xia Xiaochan and Xia Xiaochan looked at Cao Qiu at the same time.

Cao Qiu explained, “Although you might be able to snatch hundreds of Sea Swallowing Shells, if you rob people floor by floor, those really rich and strong guys are all down on the 180th floor, especially the 200th and 201 floors.
If you have a way to sweep these two floors, I bet you’ll make a fortune.”

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan smiled at each other and shook their heads together in a tacit understanding.
“No, we prefer to do it floor by floor.”

Cao Qiu was dumbfounded.

Xia Xiaochan curled her lips.
“You have said that many strong people are on the 200th and 201st floors.
What if we can’t beat them?” Han Fei nodded.
“Yes, no matter how small the White Shrimp is, it’s still meat.
Besides, we are already on the 148th floor, and there are almost no weak people who can reach this point.
Therefore, we can’t let anyone off.’

Cao Qiu.

Xia Xiaochan was a very decisive person.
After the three of them met, she immediately took out a Sea Swallowing Shell and sacrificed it.

A Phantom Jellyfish was killed by her with the Thousand Strike Technique within three minutes.
Cao Qiu was stunned by the fluent battle process.

Han Fei finished his fight and looked at Cao Qiu.
“Now it’s your turn.
Hurry up.” “…Give me a minute!” Han Fei: “???”

Cao Qiu offered his sacrifice and it summoned a Ghost Serpent.
Han Fei said, “Huh? Zhang Xuanyu was almost killed by this thing in the Deep-Sea Jungle of the level-two fishery.

Xia Xiaochan sat cross-legged on the ground next to Han Fei and then said to him via voice transmission, I found a secret.
Han Fe asked, What secret?

Xia Xiaochan looked calm and secretly said to him via voice transmission, There are Man-Fish in the Steps into the Sea.

Han Fei was surprised.
What? Have you summoned a Man-Fish?

Xia Xiaochan shook her head.
No, but I smelled Man-Fish from the creature that I summoned.
Han Fei’s eyelids flicked.
Which kind of Man-Fish?

Xia Xiaochan pouted as she recalled.
It seemed to be the most disgusting kind.
However, there seems to also be the smell of the Inferior Man-Fish, but it is very weak.

Then she tilted her head and looked at Han Fei.
Where do you think these summoned creatures come from?

Han Fei shook his head.
I don’t know! However, if there are Man-Fish here, the road ahead may be dangerous.
But I believe that within the 200th floor, there should be no Man-Fish.
But they may appear below the 200th floor.

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
Actually, I just lied to him.
In fact, I snatched more than 800 seashells.

Han Fei was at a loss for words and suddenly hugged Xia Xiaochan’s head and kissed her on the face.
This girl was so cute.
Han Fei felt that Xia Xiaochan was like an idiot when she should be smart, but was so f*cking ‘smart’ when she shouldn’t be.

Xia Xiaochan was annoyed, she wiped her mouth with her hand, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Han Fei laughed.
You know Cao Qiu is not good at math, so what’s the difference whether you have 600 or 1,000… What he cares about is not this.
Just keep them.
We need to offer sacrifices on every floor below.
You can give us some when we run out of sacrifices.

On the other side, Cao Qiu was stunned when his eyes caught the scene where Han Fei kissed Xia Xiaochan, and just at this moment, the Ghost Serpent hit him in the stomach and sent him flying hundreds of meters away.

Cao Qiu shouted angrily, “You are too much! I’m fighting but you guys are playing lovey-dovey on the side?!”

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