Chapter 441 A Professional Stabber


Han Fei took out a spiritual fruit from the water, which was an ordinary spiritual fruit.

Liu De was lying on the ground.
Just now, he tried to resist, only to be knocked to the ground by a brick.

Under Liu De’s shocked gaze, Han Fei grabbed the spiritual fruit, took a bite with a crunch and then looked at him saying, “I want money, not life.”

Liu De’s face turned blue.
He gritted his teeth and asked, “Really?”

“You have my word.
Remember, my name is Fan Datong.
I am the Black Ghost of the Black and White Ghosts.
Remember to take your revenge on me.”

Liu De handed over his Sea Swallowing Shell.
In more than half a year, he lived pinching and scraping and finally used the wealth he accumulated in exchange for this gain.
However, all his previous efforts were wasted here.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.

Han Fei thought that the Steps into the Sea was the real beneficial place in the level-three fishery.
It felt so good to rob anytime, anywhere.

Liu De disappeared directly in front of Han Fei’s eyes.
He knew that if Han Fei really wanted to kill him, no matter if he tried to escape or not, he would have to die.

Anyway, he had become a penniless pauper now and could only leave the Steps into the Sea.
No wonder people often said that the Steps into the Sea was dangerous, and the real danger here actually came from the human beings.

Han Fei was a little curious as he watched a person just fade away before his eyes.
Why did this altar exist? Just to exploit these Dangling Fishers?

Yes, in Han Fei’s view, the Steps into the Sea was definitely a tool of exploitation, and it might be an exploitation tool of the mighty…

Every day, there were a large number of people offering sacrifices here, but few could really get enough rewards and leave smoothly.

It was the same case for Han Fei.
Except for a few floors where he used spiritual energy as the sacrifice, the other sacrifices he used were snatched from others.

But up to now, although the quality of the looted items were higher, the amount of sacrifices had also increased.
There was not much that could be left in his hands.

When Han Fei looked back, the Dragon Eel was still lying there and not running away.
For some reason, the creature summoned at the Steps into the Sea didn’t seem to know how to escape.

Han Fei walked up to the Dragon Eel.
This thing raised its hideous head, glanced at Han Fei, and suddenly jumped up to bite at Han Fei.

However, Han Fei slightly dodged the attack, leaving a thigh for the Dragon Eel.

“Ouch… That hurts.”


Han Fei smashed it hard with a brick, and his strike was so hard that the six big eyes of the Hexagon Starfish trembled.

Master Hexagon disdained in his heart, This big fish is so stupid and hasn’t recognized the situation clearly yet.
Look how smart I am.
The first time I saw Han Fei in the level-three fishery, I knew that this guy was very difficult to deal with, so I didn’t even resist him.

At this moment, the Dragon Eel almost cried.
Why is the guy’s flesh so tough? Is he made by Ninth Heaven Black Iron?

Han Fei pried open the Dragon Eel’s mouth roughly, looked at the tooth marks on his leg, and slapped the Dragon Eel’s big face hard.
“F*ck, how dare you bite me?! You big-mouth idiot…”

After more than a dozen slaps, Han Fei jumped on the Dragon Eel’s head and slapped down.
“Keep swimming.”

On the large platform of the Steps into the Sea.

From time to time, someone exclaimed.
“Wow, isn’t that guy the Genius Wang Yu? Why did he come out?”

“Huh? Isn’t that guy Liu De? This guy is said to have passed a hundred floors.
Did he get some treasure?”

“Oh? Is that Zhou Ming? Why are there so many holes in his belly?”

Many people were no longer surprised when nearly 20 people appeared on the center of the Steps into the Sea with a splash.

Someone was surprised.
“Who did they meet? Were they kicked out together?”

Some people wondered, “How is it possible? If they meet a strong master, why are they still alive?”

Some people speculated, “Is it possible that someone summoned a special creature, and they couldn’t resist it, so they all came out?”

Someone nodded solemnly.
“It is possible…”

After a moment.

Someone came up to those people.

“Hey! Brother Wang, have you got any gains? I am lacking some extra-quality materials.
If you have any, sell them to me.
I’ll pay a good


The face of the young man called “Brother Wang’ was all black and he said gloomily, “No material! The Black and White Ghosts were robbing us on the 100th floor.
All of our Sea Swallowing Shells were snatched away.”

On the other side, Liu De yelled, “Hey! Can anybody tell me about the damn Black and White Ghosts? Where did these guys pop up? Anyone want to join me? Let’s wait here and f*ck them up when they come out.”

Not far away, someone sneered.
“Brother Liu, are you kidding me? What makes you think you can f*ck up the Black and White Ghosts?”.

Liu De glared angrily.
“So what? He snatched all my treasures! Can’t I mess him up? Even if I can’t beat him, I, I can hire someone to kill him.”

Someone chuckled.
“Come on! These guys seem to all be victims of the Black and White Ghosts.
You’d better ask, in the entire Steps into the Sea, except for those young masters busy exploring the lowest floors, does anyone dare to mess with the Black and White Ghosts?”

Liu De froze for a moment.
It seemed that someone said something to him via voice transmission and he looked more and more panicked.
What the f*ck… They eat people? And they killed Lian Qi? And they are on the Wanted List?


Many people had just come out and hadn’t heard of Fan Datong.
Now, hearing what terrible things this guy had done, they were all shocked.
Is this guy so scary! Where is he from?

In the Steps into the Sea.

Han Fei was on the 101st floor and had already robbed 37 people.

His pet phrase of, “I want money, not life” had been spread widely even outside the Steps into the Sea.

However, no one felt that Han Fei was afraid to kill.
Many people described Fan Datong and Xie Xiaoan as a pair of lunatics.
Would a madman be afraid to kill?

Therefore, everyone agreed that Fan Datong was trying to make a name, trying to let more and more people know about them and be afraid of them.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t know how others talked about him, nor did he care.

At this moment, he found that something went wrong.
Cao Qiu said that the lower you were in the Steps into the Sea, the smaller the place.
He was on the 101st floor now and had run for at least 200 kilometers on the dragon eel, but he had not yet traveled through this floor.

Of course, what mattered was not the size of this floor but that Xia Xiaochan seemed to have been here.

In front of Han Fei, a young woman was looking at Han Fei with horror.
“Are you… The Black Ghost?”

“Do you know me? It’s no use knowing me.
Hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

The girl turned pale and lifted her clothes to reveal her belly.

Han Fei looked away.
“Ahem, it’s useless to seduce me.
I’m a gentleman.”

The girl was angry but didn’t dare to throw a tantrum.
She gnashed her teeth and said, “I was stabbed three times by the one in the white hat, who said she was called Xie Xiaoan.”

“Huh? Have you met Xie Xiaoan?” Han Fei glanced at the girl’s lower abdomen, with two stab wounds respectively on the left and right.
Her belly seemed to be stabbed through.

Han Fei also keenly noticed that the clothes on the girl’s chest were torn and blood was oozing out.
The third cut must have been there.

Han Fei glanced at the woman.
“Which direction has Xie Xiaoan gone?”

Han Fei jumped on the Dragon Eel’s head and slapped him yelling, “Go!” and they went in the direction the woman was pointing.

More than half an hour later.

Han Fei only met two people.
These two people had one thing in common, they were both fighting with injuries.

Where were their wounds? Both on their bellies, both stabbed with daggers.

Han Fei even suspected that Xia Xiaochan didn’t even take the trouble to attack their summoned creatures but just threatened them to hand over their Sea Swallowing Seashells, and then ran away.


Han Fei was about to chase Xia Xiaochan, only to bump into an invisible barrier along with the Dragon Eel.
“Huh? A seal?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “We’ve reached the end of this floor.”

Han Fei asked, “How far have we swam?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles twitched and his eyes rolled.
“Almost thousands of kilometers!”

Han Fei was speechless.
Thousands? Dragon Eels were lazy and didn’t swim fast, so they had swum at most 500 kilometers at this speed.

“This doesn’t work! There are so few people.
I can’t snatch anything good!”

On the Steps into the Sea, once a person’s Sea Swallowing Seashell was snatched, he would have to leave here.
Without the things in the Sea Swallowing Shell, he could only sacrifice spiritual energy.

But on the 101st floor, any sacrifice required 100,000 points of spiritual energy.
Ordinary Dangling Fishers didn’t have that much spiritual energy even if they sold themselves, so they could only leave.

Han Fei had only seen those two injured people along the way.
Needless to say, they were all stabbed by Xia Xiaochan.

Xia Xiaochan was a professional stabber indeed.
Han Fei just didn’t expect that she could even stab with a stick? Did she replace the long stick in her hand with a spear? He didn’t expect Xia Xiaochan’s speed to be so fast.
She actually got ahead of him.

“Forget it.
There is nothing good here anyway.
Let’s go directly to the 148th floor!”

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