Chapter 439 I Want Money, Not Life

The Steps into the Sea was a very strange place, and the resources it had seemed to be endless.

In the level-three fishery, divine weapons were very rare, but almost everyone had one or two spiritual weapons.
And a very important source for these was the Steps into the Sea.

At this moment, more than 20 people were fighting each other.

There were no summoned creatures here, which meant that no one had offered sacrifices yet.
It was conceivable that these people were probably all trying to snatch each other’s Sea Swallowing Seashells…

At this moment, Han Fei was negotiating with the Hexagon Starfish.

“Master Hexagon, tie them up with your six-gate formation.
Then, all the shiny things in their Sea Swallowing Seashells will belong to you, and the remaining things will belong to me.”

The Hexagon Starfish didn’t quite believe him.
“Then what about Soul Crystals?”

“Those things are precious, the first one belongs to me, and the second one belongs to you.”

The Hexagon Starfish’s eyes kept rolling.
“But you’ve already got two.”

Han Fei said earnestly, “I just don’t want you to waste them.
Look, we are already on the 100th floor.
These people don’t even know what a Soul Crystal is.
What does this mean?”

The Hexagon Starfish wondered, “What does it mean?”

Han Fei said leisurely, “Being able to come here means that these people are no longer ordinary people.
However, even so, Soul Crystals are something they have never seen.
This shows that Soul Crystals matter more than we know.
We can’t eat them randomly.”

The six eyes of the Hexagon Starfish were tilted at the same time.
“You just don’t want me to eat them!”

Han Fei stomped.
“Damn! Am I a tightwad?”

“Then give me an extra-quality spiritual stone.”

Han Fei.

Han Fei replied, “Don’t speak anymore.
If you don’t obey me, I will crush your essence blood.”

The Hexagon Starfish had learned to show the whites of his eyes to express contempt now.
Yes, you’re a tightwad! You have so many spiritual stones.
Why can’t you just give me one? Humph, humans are all bastards, hypocritical bastards.

“Liu Qing, put down the Dragon Pattern Stone.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to go out of the Steps into the Sea!”

The one who was called Liu Qing was not a man but an attractive woman.
In her hands, two nooses were winding around her body like spiritual snakes.

At her feet, there were large tracts of red vines.

What surprised Han Fei was that these more than 20 people were actually besieging this woman.
The point was that they hadn’t been able to kill her yet…


However, when Han Fei saw the nooses in Liu Qing’s hands, he noticed the reddish venom they were exuding and then he knew why they couldn’t kill her yet.
She was a peak-level Dangling Fisher manipulator who could use poison.
Such a person was a bit similar to Yang Huan, to whom ordinary people weren’t comparable.

Besides, all those who were trying to trap her were advanced Dangling Fishers, not a single peak-level Dangling Fisher.
Liu Qing, surrounded by this group of people, was standing among the red vines that bloomed like flowers and looked around at those people.
“Come on, I’d like to see how many of you can survive!”

“Kill! Kill her, sell the Dragon Pattern Stone, each of us can get at least 100,000 mid-quality pearls.” Han Fei smiled.
For advanced Dangling Fishers, 100,000 mid-quality pearls was already a lot of money.
Unfortunately, in his opinion, this was a bunch of fresh and inexperienced people.

Just as they dashed at the woman together, suddenly, six purple lights appeared out of thin air.

Someone’s face changed drastically.
“Not good! Retreat!”

Someone crushed a Flash Stone but ended up bumping into the six-gate formation with a bang

Han Fei casually walked over, looking at these people coldly.
“I’m the Black Ghost of the Black and White Ghosts.
I want money, not Life.
Put down your Sea Swallowing Shells, and you can leave.”

Han Fei’s sudden appearance stunned these people.

Liu Qing was also stunned.
An intermediate Dangling Fisher?

Someone’s face changed slightly.
“Brothers, cut through this formation.
He is just an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
Find a way out!”

However, as soon as the person shouted this, he saw Han Fei jump over and cut at him with the Blood Drinking Knife that was dazzlingly shining

“No! Help!”

Some armorists summoned turtle shell shields and some manipulators’ spiritual grass entangled him.
However, these obstacles were easily shattered by Han Fei with a single slash.

At this moment, a fishhook broke through the air in an instant, fell in front of the clamoring soul warrior, and hooked his feet.


This person was pulled out of the six-gate formation by Han Fei.
Before he could cut the fishing line, a stone had already smashed into him.


The man vomited blood and was sent flying, his arms slumping softly.
Han Fei threatened again, “You can buy your lives with money.
Or else I’ll chop off your limbs, gouge your eyes, and cut off your tongue…”



The soul warrior who fell to the ground was horrified and secretly held a Flash Stone.

However, in the next second, he saw the whetstone smash at him like a huge seal, damaging his five internal organs, making him bleed from his seven orifices.

This person was horrified.
“Aren’t you only an intermediate Dangling Fisher? I give you my Sea Swallowing Seashell…”

Han Fei still cut down and the blade glint was dazzling.
“You were trying to escape.
As a punishment, I will break your limbs.
Fortunately, you repented, so I won’t take your five sense organs.”

When Han Fei took the Sea Swallowing Shell left by this soul warrior, he ignored him.
The soul warrior dragged his remnant body and fled like crazy.
The six-gate formation opened and the person disappeared from his vision in a blink of an eye.

Han Fei straightened his hat and then said coldly, “I want money, not Life.
You have one minute to consider.”

After that, Han Fei dropped his hands, counting down glassy-eyed, “10… 9… 8… 3…”

“OK, OK.”

Han Fei was too heavy-handed and this purple light formation was also scary.
The formation that they couldn’t get out of even with a Flash Stone was definitely not something they could easily break.

When someone threw out his Sea Swallowing Seashell, a gap would open in front of him.
And the person who surrendered his Sea Swallowing Shells would flee in a hurry.

Seeing someone leave, there would be a second one immediately, a third…

After a while, in the six-gate formation, only the manipulator named Liu Qing was left.

Han Fei tilted his head.
“I want money, not Life… Are you going to give me your money or not?”

Liu Qing’s eyes turned cold.
“Cut it out… Come on, I’m waiting for you here if you want to kill


Han Fei stepped into the six-gate formation and then stepped up to Liu Qing.

In an instant, the red vine raged, and the nooses were like snakes, directly covering Han


Liu Qing snorted.
“You are very arrogant.
Unfortunately, even peak-level Dangling Fishers aren’t able to survive my Red Moon Poison Toad.”


As soon as Liu Qing finished speaking, all the red vines shattered and Han Fei grabbed the two nooses and let the red poison spread on his palms.

Seeing this scene, Liu Qing was shocked and a red toad appeared behind her, with dark red poison bursting out.
Immediately afterward, dozens of columns of dark red venom darted at Han Fei.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled slightly.
He pulled the nooses abruptly, and Liu Qing fell forward as pulled by him.

What greeted her was a rectangular slab… Um… Whetstone.


Liu Qing was smashed to the ground by Han Fei like a cannonball.
As for her red venom, it was led away by waves of water that couldn’t even get close to Han Fei’s side.
Han Fei’s voice was calm and there was no emotion in his eyes.

“You can buy your life with money.
Put down your Sea Swallowing Shell and I can spare your life.”

Liu Qing sat up with difficulty, frowned, and looked at Han Fei.
“Who are you?”

Han Fei didn’t bother to speak to her but instead waved his knife, cutting the red vines into pieces, which all fell on Liu Qing in the end.



In Han Fei’s somewhat surprised eyes, Liu Qing appeared in another place.
And what was cut just now was just a round red vine.

Liu Qing immediately took out her Sea Swallowing Shell.
“I give you my money.”

Han Fei grabbed the Sea Swallowing Shell, looked inside, and took out a black stone in it.

Han Fei looked at it carefully, but the Demon Purification Pot had no response.
However, he squeezed it hard and cut it gently with the Blood Drinking Knife, and there was only a shallow white mark left on the stone.

“Not bad.”

Han Fei raised his head and glanced at Liu Qing.
“I give you time to get your reinforcements, go!”

Ever since Liu Qing was besieged, she had already planned to blow herself up.
Later, this Han Fei popped up out of blue and seemed even tougher! As far as she knew, there were very few people like Han Fei in the level-three fishery, who didn’t kill her although he could easily kill her.

Everyone knew a truth: kindness to the enemy was cruelty to oneself.

However, Han Fei even told her to get her reinforcements.
What did he mean?

Liu Qing took a look at Han Fei and left quickly without saying a word.

A Soul Crystal and a Dragon Pattern Stone, these were the two best items Han Fei had obtained here for now.

He immediately checked the Sea Swallowing Shells of the others, which were generally similar to the one he got from the armorist he killed, containing very few things but their quality was slightly higher.
In short, none of these people had anything really good.
This inevitably made him a little disappointed.
Is the 100th floor not enough? Are the good things still down below?

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