Chapter 43: Drooling

Zhang Han squeezed through the crowd.
He was curious about the source of the enticing smell.

The crowd slightly scattered, allowing Zhang Han to see the plate of “The Most Delicious Food” as well as Han Fei, who was brushing the fish oil before the grill.
Li Gang, who was beaten up by Han Fei before, was helping Han Fei.

Zhang Han was startled.
It does not seem right! Why are you running a stand instead of going fishing? Isn’t the Fishing Trial only several days away? You’ve already given up yourself?

Then, Zhang Han saw the astounding menu.
Ten low-quality pearls for one little while fish, and twenty for a clam?


Zhang Han gasped.
He thought that he was cunning enough, but from what he had just seen, he could almost call himself a conscientious businessman.
Look at that.
The clam was pegged at hundreds of times its market price, and yet people were fighting for it.

“Boy, give me a clam.”

“Child, I would like ten lobsters.”

“Young boss, I want two sea conches.”

Zhang Han was amazed.
What a huge profit!

Han Fei had already noticed Zhang Han.
He asked, “Manager Zhang, do you want anything? Everything here is at half-price! You can’t miss that!”

Zhang Han gasped again.
“You charge ten low-quality pearls for little white fish?”

Han Fei said, “Today, only five.”

Zhang Han: “…”

Do you think five are few? Five low-quality pearls meant five hundred sea coins, which were enough to buy dozens of little white fish.

Han Fei was generous enough to give three lobsters to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han accepted them in confusion.
He bit the gold meat and the enticing powder on it, only to be confounded.
How could there be anything so delicious?

God knew what Zhang Han was thinking, but he asked, “Did you pay your administration fee?”

Not just Han Fei, many other people looked at Zhang Han in surprise.
You’re thinking about that instead of enjoying the cuisine?

Han Fei patted his price board with a smile.
Zhang Han glanced at it and almost jumped when he saw that a lobster cost a low-quality pearl.
Did he just eat a low-quality pearl?

Zhang Han asked, “Han Fei, why is your food so expensive?”

Li Gang had never seen eye to eye with Zhang Han.
He said, “What do you know? It has three spiritual fruits as ingredients.
You think they are cheap?”


Zhang Han nearly threw the lobster away.
Spiritual fruits as spices? Was Han Fei out of his mind?

Zhang Han was relieved to see the peppers.
He said, “You didn’t acquire your spiritual fruits from the old man in the plantation, did you?”

Zhang Han knew the plantation and even paid a mid-quality pearl for a spiritual fruit there.
It was delicious but not useful at all! The spiritual energy he gained from it was not even as much as that of a yellow fish.

Han Fei said, “There are many kinds of spiritual fruits.
Some can help you make breakthroughs, and some are natural spices that can bring you happiness.”

Zhang Han was gloomy.
It certainly did not bring him happiness!

Han Fei asked, “Manager Zhang, do you want anything else?”

Zhang Han snorted and left without saying anything.
He thought about many things.
Since Tang Ge was recruited by the angel as a disciple, Han Fei had changed into a different person.
Had he been modified by the angel, too? In that case, Zhang Han certainly couldn’t take advantage of him anymore.

Han Fei was as busy as a bee for an entire day.
He sold hundreds of products and only used up half of his materials.
He earned more than five thousand low-quality pearls, which equaled fifty mid-quality pearls.

Li Gang was even more delighted.
He had joined the Tigers so that his girlfriend could live a better life, but he had never made as much money in the Tigers.
That was fifty mid-quality pearls! Normal people couldn’t have saved so much money over ten years.

Suddenly, Han Fei shouted, “Xiao Gang, you will take it from here! I’m exhausted!”

Li Gang was surprised.
Was he allowed to do it in person?

He said, “Well, I’m flattered…”

Han Fei said gloomily, “Do you want me to die of exhaustion! Do it for me!”

Then, Han Fei took a rest.
Looking at the buckets of white fish, yellow fish, lobsters, and sea conches behind him, he felt that spiritual energy was surging at him.
He had absorbed more than four thousand points of spiritual energy in only one day.
His total storage was more than five thousand points.

Most importantly, he did not lose anything.
All he paid was a hundred kilograms of alcohol that only cost five mid-quality pearls.

Li Gang had watched it long enough to know what to do.
He only needed to brush the fish oil and the pepper juice and spray the garlic.
It was a simple task.

After a brief rest, Han Fei asked, “Xiao Gang, where are your sidekicks?”

Li Gang found it hard to answer the question.
Most of his sidekicks were probably as dead as could be.

He said, “I think they are probably fish poop now.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei asked, “Do you have other sidekicks?”

Li Gang said, “No! There are few rogues in the village, and most of them are in gangs.”

Han Fei asked, “What’s your girlfriend doing at home?”

Li Gang immediately changed his face.
“Boss, my girlfriend is my life! She…”

Han Fei interrupted him.
“What are you thinking? I was going to ask if your girlfriend could work in my barbecue stand.
I’ll give you ten percent of the profit.”

Li Gang was stunned.
“B-Boss, are you serious?”

It was beyond Li Gang’s expectations.
After he was crippled by the Tigers, he planned to retire and did not expect Han Fei to help him cure his wound and offer him ten percent of the profit.

Li Gang asked again, “Boss, are you serious?”

Han Fei said, “Why would I lie to you? This money is too insignificant for me right now.”

Li Gang was delighted.
It’s not insignificant for me! Considering the sales today, one percent of the profit was five mid-quality pearls, and it would double when the half price was over.
That was much more than what he could earn among the Tigers!

Han Fei gave a fish or a skewer of shrimps to Li Gang now and then.
Their spiritual energy was absorbed whenever they passed him.

At night, when they were about to close the business, Wang Jie and He Mingtang arrived.

Wang Jie was enraged to see Han Fei.
“Han Fei, what are you doing? Are you adapting yourself to the life of a low-level fisher? The Fishing Trial is around the corner, and you are running a business instead of cultivation?”

Li Gang said angrily, “Master Wang Jie, my boss is a very capable man.
The Fishing Trial is not a problem at all.”

“Shut up,” said Wang Jie gloomily.
“Han Fei, you will speak for yourself.”

Han Fei said solemnly, “Master, my foundation is weak, and I need enough wealth to build up my foundation…”

Wang Jie said, “Say something that I can understand.”

Han Fei said, “I feel that I’m about to make a breakthrough.
I need to make some money to buy the ancillary liquids.”

Wang Jie said, “Hehe! How much money can you possibly earn? I didn’t believe it when I heard the rumor just now, but you really turned out to be here.”

Han Fei said, “Master, I earned fifty mid-quality pearls in a day!”

Wang Jie said, “Shut up! Do you think fifty mid-quality pearls are something? Wait… How many mid-quality pearls?”

Han Fei said, “Fifty!”

He Mingtang demanded, “Han Fei, do you think that mid-quality pearls are yellow fish? Fifty?”


Li Gang poured the box of low-quality pearls out and declared, “I said that my boss was a capable man! This box is almost full.”

Wang Jie: “…”

He Mingtang: “…”

Wang Jie and He Mingtang finally noticed the price of Han Fei’s foods.


Both of them gasped.

Wang Jie asked, “Did anyone really buy something so expensive?”

Han Fei said to Li Gang, “Roast some lobsters and clams for Mr.
Wang and Mr.
He later.”

Li Gang asked, “Should I charge them?”

Han Fei was lost for words.
How can I charge my teachers?

A moment later, Wang Jie and He Mingtang were almost drooling.
The intense fragrance fascinated them.

When Wang Jie learned that Han Fei added three kinds of spiritual fruits to the clam, he was lost for words.
Do you think you are a magnate?

However, after having a bite of the lobster, Wang Jie gave up his complaint.

He Mingtang said, “Han Fei, get me a few more lobsters for He Xiaoyu.”

“Give me some, too.”

Suddenly, a crisp female voice called out.


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