Chapter 434 The Most Approachable Patrician

The appearance of Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan caused commotion along the way.

However, no one was afraid of them.
Because this was above the Steps into the Sea, no matter how cruel and fierce the Black and White Ghosts were, they dared not touch them here.

But why were the Black and White Ghosts with the little fatty from the Cao Family?

Along the way.

“Oh! Young Master Cao, have you come back? This is the frozen fish marrow from the 66th floor.
It has been kept on ice, refreshing and delicious.
Would you like a cup of it?”

Cao Qiu shook his head.
“No, my stomach is bursting.
I can’t drink anything more.”

Someone also greeted him, “Young Master Cao, I have a broken mirror I got from the 82nd floor.
Although I don’t know what the use of it is, I think it looks extraordinary.
Would you like to take a look at it, Young Master Cao?”

Cao Qiu took the mirror casually, turned it over, and immediately threw it to the side.
“It’s just an ordinary mirror.
Maybe some girl dropped it on the ground.
It’s useless.”

Someone hurried over, holding a stone and said, “Young Master Cao, please take a look at this.
Is there anything special about this egg? I got it from the 99th floor.
Maybe some peerless beast can be hatched from it.”

Cao Qiu snorted.
“If some peerless beast can be hatched from it, you’ll have to show me.
Get out of the way.
This is just a damn stone.”

Watching many people rushing over to show things to Cao Qiu expectantly, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Do you often come to collect junk?”

Cao Qiu was stunned.
“What? Collect… Junk? I have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering.
Nothing good can escape my sharp eyes.
I’m a genius…”

Xia Xiaochan curled her lips.
“But you look stupid.”

Cao Qiu was very unhappy to hear that.
“What are you talking about?! Although I look stupid… Bah bah… Although I’m a little bit on the heavy side, you can’t call me stupid! I’m very smart…”

Han Fei shook his head with a smile.
“Yes, yes, you are smart.
Is this the core trading area you mentioned?”

In Han Fei’s view, things here were indeed not bad.
He just glanced casually and saw that there were broken extra-quality spiritual weapons on sale.
If they were repaired, they could be as sharp as before…

Xia Xiaochan exclaimed, “Datong, look at this dagger.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Ahem, well, Xiaoan! You are a soul warrior.
Why do you need a dagger?”

Xia Xiaochan suddenly remembered that she was now called Xie Xiaoan.
Oh, she forgot about it again! Seeing this scene, Cao Qiu secretly sighed.
Come on, you guys just spilled the beans.
You are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan! Only a hunter would have that look when he or she sees a dagger…

After walking for a while, Han Fei saw numerous things on the side of the road, such as spiritual trees, spiritual plants, alien demonic fish, special crab claws, python tendons, snake gall, black stones and crystals, turtle shells, combat skills… All kinds of stuff.
They looked pretty good! It was just… They were still far from what he wanted.

Despite this, Han Fei still bought a lot of things and spent mid-quality pearls like water.

These things Han Fei bought have a very interesting common feature, that was, they were particularly bright, shiny, and dazzling…

Cao Qiu asked, “Hey, why do you buy so many shiny things? Don’t you be afraid to blind your eyes?”

Han Fei smiled strangely.
“It’s okay.
I like shiny things.”

Secretly, Han Fei complained to The Hexagon Starfish, Master Hexagon, that’s enough! Do you know how much money I spent for you just now? As much as 300,000 mid-quality pearls! The Hexagon Starfish responded, I have set formations for you and killed your enemies for you.
However, before today, I haven’t gotten a shiny treasure…

Han Fei smiled helplessly.
Fine, I’ll buy them for you! However, you can spend at most 500,000 mid-quality pearls… If it exceeds this number, I will sell you instead…

While they were talking, someone hurriedly ran to a clearing not far away.

He put a fish skin map on the ground and waved his hand, and then a mess of things fell on the fish skin map.

Among them, there was an extremely dazzling flash, and many people unconsciously looked away to avoid looking at it.

This person just wanted to peddle and suddenly glimpsed that Cao Qiu was not far away.
He immediately waved at Cao Qiu and shouted, “Young Master Cao, Young Master Cao, I’ve got a treasure here.”

And Han Fei heard the hurried shouts of Master Hexagon, “I want it, I want it… I want this treasure.”

Xia Xiaochan scoffed.
“This gluttonous and lazy starfish wants you to buy something again, right?”

The Hexagon Starfish said via voice transmission, This is a treasure, a big treasure.

Han Fei’s face was black.
“Shut up.
I’ll see myself if it’s a treasure.”

Han Fei and Cao Qiu stepped forward at the same time.
Cao Qiu grabbed the luminous object and took a look at it and his eyes were dazzled by it, so he tilted his head and asked, “What’s this thing? I can’t even look at it.
This kind of black crystal has appeared before.
Wearing it for a long time can stabilize one’s spiritual power and soul.
It is not that good…”

But in Han Fei’s eyes, there was different information.

Soul Crystal

A black crystal condensed from a shattered soul.
It will only be produced from the souls of Hidden Fishers and above.
It is ownerless and can boost the power of your soul if swallowing it after suppressing it with spiritual power and nourishing it with soul.


It can slightly strengthen soul power.

Han Fei paused.
“Master Hexagon, you know what it is, don’t you?”

The Hexagon Starfish opened his eyes secretly and then his eyes rolled slightly.
“I don’t know!”

Han Fei smiled.
“Master Hexagon, you are becoming more and more dishonest now.
Isn’t this a Soul Crystal? Why don’t you tell me? OK, since you tried to keep it from me, you’re not going to get it…” “No! Wait a minute…”

The Hexagon Starfish was shocked.
“Do you know it’s a Soul Crystal?”

“From above I know astronomy, from below I know geography, from outside I know the universe, and from inside I know the heavens and earth.
You lie to me.
This is a big deal! I’ll keep the Soul Crystal myself.” The Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles held Han Fei tightly.
“I’ll tell you, but give me this Soul Crystal, okay?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“It depends on what you’ll tell me.
Now tell me.”

The Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles drooped and he replied helplessly, “Creatures above level-50 will usually produce Soul Crystals after death.
Some powerful creatures that are under level-40 can also produce Soul Crystals.
Soul Crystals are ownerless, so any creature can actually absorb it to strengthen their soul.” Han Fei urged him, “And?”

The Hexagon Starfish dared not to lie to him any longer.
It could only respond, “Also, Soul Crystals are divided into levels, just like the spiritual heritage of you humans and the demonic heritage of sea monsters… This white Soul Crystal is the most common kind.
That’s all I know… I’m still young and I don’t know that much!”


Han Fei’s face changed slightly.
“Don’t pretend to be young! You are already hundreds of years old!”

The guy peddling the Soul Crystal was a little disappointed to see Cao Qiu not interested.

However, before he put it away, he heard Han Fei suddenly say, “I want this thing.
How much is it?”

Cao Qiu glanced at Han Fei strangely.
“Why do you want to buy this thing?” Han Fei said casually, “I’m buying it for fun!”

Cao Qiu said to him via voice transmission, Do you know this is a Soul Crystal? This is only a level-1 Soul Crystal.
Although it looks dazzling, it’s not that useful.
Even if you can fully absorb it, it can’t promote your soul power much… Han Fei was surprised.
“Then why did you say this was only an ordinary black crystal?” Cao Qiu rolled his eyes.
“Of course I can’t tell the truth to ordinary people! If I do, the price of this thing will soar! Then how can I buy it in the future?”

Han Fei discovered that this little fatty was very cunny.
Or maybe it was the consensus of the people like him that this kind of thing shouldn’t be known by ordinary people…

The man was overjoyed that Han Fei wanted to buy this crystal.
He just came out of the Steps into the Sea, so he had never heard of the name of the Black and White Ghosts.
Although Han Fei was weirdly dressed, he didn’t mind.

“Well, Bro, it pained me to get this.
But you’re a friend of Young Master Cao, so you just need to pay 100,000 mid-quality pearls…”

Before he finished speaking, Cao Qiu suddenly put his hands on his hips.
“Hey! What? How much do you charge?”

The man looked embarrassed and then hurriedly said, “Uh… I’m mistaken.
50,000, only 50,000 mid-quality pearls.
This price is quite fair!”

However, Cao Qiu waved his hand.
“Okay, 30,000 mid-quality pearls then.” The seller: “???”

Han Fei widened his eyes.
This was the first time he saw someone counteroffer like this!

Xia Xiaochan’s beautiful eyes blinked.
Such a counter-offer was so interesting!

In the end, Han Fei spent 30,000 mid-quality pearls to buy this Soul Crystal.

However, Han Fei didn’t care about the Soul Crystal so much now.
Instead, he looked at Cao Qiu suspiciously.
“Do you know these people well? Why do I feel that everyone here knows you?”

Cao Qiu proudly said, “Because I am close to the people!”

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