Chapter 433 The Steps into the Sea

Cao Qiu’s stomach bulged with food and he chuckled.
“Do you want to go down the Steps into the Sea now? You really underestimate it!”

Xia Xiaochan was puzzled.
“What do you mean?”

The little fatty’s belly trembled as he said, “It’s your first time coming to the Steps into the Sea.
Don’t believe the hearsay.
I guess you must have heard that people of all levels come here and obtain treasures by fighting and killing each other, right? Let me tell you the truth: this is all false.
The talented guys are all below.”

Han Fei asked, “Huh? Isn’t it said that each floor of the Steps into the Sea is a distinct world where tens of thousands of people are fighting? Is it not that simple?”

“Haha, which fool told you that?”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold.
Did the idiot Li Hanyi tell him the wrong information?

The little fatty dropped a piece of black iron in a stall, then grabbed a jar of Sea Green Tree sap and sucked at it.
Then, he said to Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, “Basically, there are no decent things for sale at the Steps into the Sea.
What you can see now are some low-level spiritual weapon materials and spiritual-level combat skills, which is of no use to us.”

Han Fei asked, “But where did these people get so much material?”

The little fatty said, “By bartering!”

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “With whom?”

“With the Steps into the Sea! Oh… Do you know that the Steps into the Sea are actually not steps for you to walk down.
It is just a name! In fact, this is a large altar.
If you pay, there will be a return…”

Cao Qiu suddenly started to speak via voice transmission and explained, Let’s speak this way! Most people don’t know about these things.
I can’t tell them all.

Cao Qiu kept explaining for nearly half an hour and Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan’s faces changed many times as they listened.

The two exchanged a glance from time to time.
According to Cao Qiu, the Step into the Sea was an extremely weird place, so weird that it gave people the creeps as if someone was manipulating this treasure place that everyone yearned for.

In Cao Qiu’s description, the Steps into the Sea was actually an altar in the sea.
Anyone who wanted to get a chance from the Steps into the Sea, whether you were on the 1st floor or the 100th floor, you needed to offer sacrifices to the altar.

The only difference was that the sacrifice on the 1st floor was very cheap, while the sacrifice on the 100th floor was very expensive.

The sacrifices could be spiritual energy, weapons, materials, spiritual fruits, or ocean creatures.
It was said that after reaching the 100th floor, a single sacrifice, if converted into spiritual energy, would cost at least 10,000 points of spiritual energy.
As for how much it was, Cao Qiu was also uncertain.

In Han Fei’s eyes, 10,000 points of spiritual energy was not much, it was quite little.
But that was for him! In fact, the total amount of the spiritual energy an ordinary peak-level Dangling Fisher owned was only around 5,000 points.
So, was 10,000 points of spiritual energy much? Yes, it was a lot.

However, for some wealthy people, such as this Fatty Cao, he asked his men to buy 1,000 Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers for him to experiment with… Just for a meal!

This kind of person who had money to burn could carry a lot of spiritual fruits.
However, this little fatty was really generous.
990 of the 1,000 Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers were already in Forge the Universe.
So the Steps into the Sea was not that simple.

You offered sacrifices, but you wouldn’t necessarily get an opportunity.
On the contrary, the price you paid was just for holding a summoning ceremony.
You needed to fight against the creatures you summoned, and then it was possible to obtain something from these creatures.

Of course, some lucky guys directly summoned the corresponding reward after paying the price, but it was not certain how good the rewards would be.

According to Li Hanyi, for example, on the first fifty floors of the Steps into the Sea, there were a large number of people fighting and killing, which was because everyone wanted to rob one another.

The adventurers’ agreement was that it was completely safe on the platform.
No matter who you were, you would have to behave yourself.
Otherwise, people would gang up on you.

However, it was a different story after you entered the Steps into the Sea.

For example, someone offered a sacrifice on the first floor of the Steps into the Sea and got a treasure.
If someone else wanted this treasure after seeing it, they might attack you.
According to Little Fatty, there was once an incredibly lucky guy who offered a sacrifice on the 49th floor and got a divine weapon.
However, this guy ended up being killed with this divine weapon staying in his hand for less than five minutes.

Then, more and more people got to know the existence of this divine weapon.
In the beginning, hundreds of people were scrambling for it, but in the end, tens of thousands of people were fighting for it.
And then a dragon boat came over and a huge number of Dangling Fishers came over to join in on the melee.

In the end, according to incomplete statistics, as many as 50,000 people died at that time because of that divine weapon.
This showed how terrifying the treasure could be!

Han Fei couldn’t help wondering, Who took Lian Qi’s body in the end? How much turmoil did it cause?

Cao Qiu said to Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan with a smile, “So, in fact, the lower you go, the better the opportunity you’ll get! Have you heard of the guy who reached the 208th floor?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“Yes, what happened to him?”

Cao Qiu chuckled.
“That was m…”


“My elder brother!”

Han Fei shouted, “Can you just say it all in one breath? Damn, I was freaked out.”

Cao Qiu smiled.
“But my brother’s chance is also my chance! That day, he got a broken shipwreck, with which I created a Ghost Speed Divine Boat! Am I awesome? Come on, praise me, praise me…”

Han Fei glanced contemptuously at Little Fatty and said, “Then how about you? Which floor did you reach?”

Cao Qiu took a sip of the sap and said, “Actually, I’ve done OK.
I have reached the 148th floor.
By the way, I heard that you destroyed the Sea Grassland, so I went over to check it out! However, when I got there, I found that you had all gone.
The current central area of the Sea Grassland is a complete mess, and many people have died there.”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Did you go into the Sea Grassland?”

Cao Qiu dropped the sap jar in his hand, and someone immediately picked it up.
To him, this stuff was worthless.
However, to others, this wooden jar was also a refining material, which could be used to refine at least a high-quality magic weapon.

Cao Qiu smiled.
“Not only did I go to the Sea Grassland, but I also went to the Undersea City! But when I got there, the city collapsed into rubble and nothing was left! Then I heard you guys were going to the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, but I didn’t think you would go to such a boring place… So I explored two secret realms on the way and came back.
I never expected to meet you here.
Isn’t it amazing?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say! Does this little fatty have nothing to do? They were more than two hundred thousand kilometers away from the Sea Grassland! And the Sea Grassland is not close to the Undersea City either! So the little fatty had traveled five to six hundred thousand kilometers these past few weeks.

Cao Qiu nodded.
“Well, let’s wander around! We will be at the center of the Steps into the Sea soon.
The things in that place are slightly better, mostly from the 80th floor onward.
If there is anything worth buying, buy it so that we have something to sacrifice when we enter the Steps into the Sea…”

Xia Xiaochan tugged at Han Fei’s arm.
“We don’t seem to have that much money!”

Before Han Fei said anything, the little fatty said with a smile, “Oh… You don’t have to worry about money.
As your teammate, I can sponsor you with 5 million mid-quality pearls.
It can’t bring you to the 200th floor for sure! But the 150th floor will be no problem.
Do you have anything on you? Or, if you don’t have money or spiritual energy, it doesn’t matter.
You can grab some at the Steps into the Sea! Many people are doing this down there! Maybe you can make it to the 100th floor without spending a penny.”

Xia Xiaochan grinned.
“Haha, I like it.
And I like your 5 million mid-quality pearls better.”

Cao Qiu waved his hand generously.
“It doesn’t matter.
This little money is nothing.
As long as we cooperate to go down and kill Yang Deyu and the others.
Yes, kill them!”

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing.
“You seem to really hate them.”

Cao Qiu’s expression turned grim.
“Yes, indeed! The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
When I first saw you, I knew our friendship would be firm.”

Han Fei: “…”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Han Fei didn’t respond to him.
They were all from the powerful families in the Thousand Star City.
He couldn’t just agree to this matter! Who knew what would happen if he got involved in this…

However, what made Han Fei excited was what he could do in this place.
“Can I really rob the people down there at will?”

Cao Qiu patted his belly.
Now that you have a disguise, it becomes even easier for you.
They won’t even know who robbed them…”

Han Fei couldn’t help looking at the little fatty speechlessly.
“Have you done this a lot?”

“Why would I bother to rob those useless guys? I just need to rob my brother.” Han Fei: “…”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

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