Chapter 413 Heavenly Desolate City: Big Fish Tide (1)

While everyone ran to the south gate of the city with a solemn look, only Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan held hands and strolled on the roofs like they were sauntering about the street.

But Xia Xiaochan felt a bit uncomfortable.

One of her hands was held by Han Fei and she held her dagger in the other, thinking, Why is he holding my hand?

However, Xia Xiaochan found that holding hands with him, she could swing her arms casually, which was quite interesting.

The number of people on the street was rapidly decreasing.
At this moment, a figure flew over their heads.


A figure fell from the sky.
It was a beautiful woman about 30 years old who was dressed in a red robe and seemed to be of high rank.

The beautiful woman glanced at Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan, then at their holding hands, and said leisurely, “Did you put the letters up in the sky?”

Seeing that she was a Hidden Fisher, Han Fei chuckled.
“Yes, yes.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Xia Xiaochan.
“What a pretty girl! Try to survive.”

With that, the beautiful woman spread her wings and flew away, saying, “Only by surviving can you be better able to fall in love.”

Xia Xiaochan sighed.
“She didn’t notice our difference?”

Han Fei nodded.
“Of course, we are real people and not fake.
They certainly won’t find anything wrong about us.”

Half an hour later, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were still walking leisurely on the empty streets.
On both sides of the street, people were standing in front of their houses.
They were not even Hanging Fishers, so they couldn’t go to the outer city to participate in the battle.

Although there were very few people left on the street at this moment, no one bothered Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei.

Many people even smiled at them and talked to them.

“Hey! Kids, come back alive.
Don’t die outside.”

“Boy, don’t be reckless in the outer city.
If you can’t beat the enemy, just retreat.

“Girl, don’t get separated from him! It won’t be easy to find him if you get separated in the outer city.”

Their blessings and exhortations made Han Fei feel very strange, yet warm at the same time.

This city was better than he thought! The people in the city didn’t have much internal strife.
Perhaps, they had no time or opportunity to fight internally.
When Han Fei saw the gate of the city, the gate guards immediately shouted to the two of them, “Hurry up! If you can survive, you will have tons of time to fall in love.
Get out of the city now!”

Although they were shouting at them, they didn’t rush them.
These guards seemed to be able to understand them.
Maybe this young couple would part forever this time, so they didn’t mind letting them spend more time together.

When Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan arrived in the outer city, the guards immediately said, “Come on, you two intermediate Dangling Fishers stay in the last batch, in the inner circle.”

As he said, the soldier looked at the two of them and said with a smile, “Don’t panic.
We have fought 186 times in this kind of war.
We could survive before, so can we this time.
Just stand there and stay beside the inner city wall.”

Both Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were at a loss and obediently followed their arrangement.
They had never seen such a scene before.

As far as their eyes could see, there was a sea of people.
Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan stood next to the inner city wall.
Even if they were going to fight, they would probably be the last batch to go out to fight, which was the special care for them.

Standing with them were mostly young couples or junior Dangling Fishers.

Including people in the front row and the front row of the front row.

In the sky, there were eight Hidden Fishers, all with wings on their backs.
Some were carrying armor boxes, some were carrying daggers, some were holding swords, and some were holding spears.
The beautiful lady in a red robe that Han Fei saw just now was one of them.

And in front of these people, there was a person in the sky farthest away.
The figure of that person looked conspicuous because there was no one in the front, back, left, or right of him.
It was very likely that he was even more powerful than Hidden Fishers.

Han Fei looked over, secretly took a deep breath, and said to Xia Xiaochan, “I don’t think this battle will be easy.
Stay by my side.”

Xia Xiaochan said impatiently, “I know, I know.
Cut the crap.”

A couple in front of them looked back with a smile.
“Hey, it’s okay.
We experienced it once last year.
At that time, we just went out of the city and came back shortly after.”

The girl of the couple was looking at Xia Xiaochan.
“Sister, you are so beautiful.”

Yes, the girl seemed even younger than Xia Xiaochan, and Han Fei estimated that she was 13 years old at most.


Xia Xiaochan looked a bit embarrassed.
“You are also pretty.” The girl said, “My name is Yinyin, Sun Yinyin.”

Xia Xiaochan took a look at Han Fei.
“Hello, my name is Xia Xiaochan.”

And the boy quietly gave Han Fei a thumbs up, seeming to say, “Buddy, you’re awesome to have such a beautiful wife!”

Han Fei tilted his head slightly, quietly gave the boy a triumphant smile, and then asked, “Bro, what’s a big fish tide like? We haven’t seen it before.” The boy shrugged.
“We haven’t seen it either! I guess only the people in the front line can see it.
It’s said that blood can almost envelop our Heavenly Desolate City.
I don’t know whether it is true or not.
However, when I went out last time, the smell of blood was really strong and many people didn’t come back.”

Han Fei’s mouth hung open.
This description is a bit exaggerated! Blood can almost envelop this city?! Then how many people have died?

A boy not far from the side snorted.
“It’s too late when you see it.
All four of my brothers died in the front.
I didn’t find a girlfriend this year because I didn’t want to have a child given that he will die sooner or later.”

Everyone was silent, a little embarrassed.

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other and couldn’t help feeling a bit sad.
The fate of these people is really tragic!

Everyone was waiting, but no one was impatient.
Han Fei believed that if possible, everyone here hoped that the big fish tide could ebb away, and then they could return to the inner city with peace of mind and do what they usually liked to do.
After waiting for a full hour or so, Han Fei suddenly heard the “toot” sound again, and the conch shell trumpet began to blare one after another, more and more loudly, lasting longer and longer.

On the remote city wall, the fish-skin drum thundered.

The lonely figure in the front suddenly shouted, “Attention, Team One to Team Ten, prepare to leave the city.”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

In the blood-boiling sound waves, two Hidden Fishers suddenly flew forward as if going to leave the city with the others.

However, as soon as the two Hidden Fishers left, Han Fei saw another two Hidden Fishers fly over, replenishing their positions.

Xia Xiaochan squeezed Han Fei’s hand nervously, almost breaking the bone of his hand.

Han Fei soothed her, “Don’t panic.
It’s not our turn yet!”

The distance from the inner city wall to the outer city wall was not close and there were many obstacles along the way, so Han Fei was not sure what was happening in the front.

However, Hexagon Starfish suddenly said via voice transmission, I feel a dangerous breath.
Han Fei responded, You’re telling me.
Everyone in the city has come out to prepare for the battle.
Of course, it’s dangerous! BAM! BAM! BAM!





After the first few teams left the city, the sounds had never stopped.
The battle was fierce! The sound of fighting had even crossed the outer city wall and reached inside.

Another Hidden Fisher in the sky left the team and flew outside the city.
It could be seen that there was definitely a pitched battle outside.

Han Fei had seen how Xiao Zhan fought.
In Han Fei’s eyes, Xiao Zhan alone could be worth a thousand troops.

However, three masters at this level had joined the battle in such a short time.

The sound of fish skin drums never stopped and the trumpets blared ceaselessly.

The battle lasted for about an hour, and the man’s voice came from the sky again, “The 20 teams in front go out of the city and fill in 50,000 people.”

Han Fei heard the guards not far away said in astonishment, “50,000 people more? So quickly? This year’s war is fierce!”

Han Fei guessed that there were probably around 50,000 people in the 20 teams just now.
Then, the 10 teams that had gone out of the city should include at least 20,000 people or more.

20,000 people, after an hour, and another 50,000 people went out? Han Fei was a bit stunned.
What kind of damn war is this?

This time, three Hidden Fishers left but only 2 Hidden Fishers came out and replenished their positions, so there were only 6 Hidden Fishers in the sky now.

Xia Xiaochan shivered.
“There must be a tough war outside.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Don’t worry.
We’re different from them.”

In fact, Han Fei was not sure.
If he died here, wouldn’t he also become a ghost?

It was getting dark, but everyone was staring nervously ahead, although nothing could be seen.
There were still people chatting and talking just now, but now everyone was silent.

Two hours later.

A loud bang resounded through the entire outer city.
But after this loud noise, there was another thud after less than two minutes.

“The 30 teams in front, out of the city.
Hurry up.”

Above the sky, another three Hidden Fishers left.
And this time, only one person filled up the position, resulting in only 4 Hidden Fishers in the sky.

Han Fei’s expression became even more solemn.
“Seventy to eighty thousand people went out again?”

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