Chapter 410 This Is A Crazy Time

In a corner of the Undersea City, a group of teenage boys was chasing a girl.
The youngest was probably only ten and the oldest fifteen at most.

“Girl, I have participated in two big fish tides.
Will you marry me? I promise this time I won’t die.”

“Girl, don’t listen to him.
I have killed more than 30 Mess Swallowing Worms.
I am the strongest in terms of combat power.”

“Xia Xiaochan, marry me… I really love you…”

“Xiaochan, I am the most handsome.
In terms of appearance, they are all Iron-Headed Fish.”

“Girl, as long as you stay with me, I will never let you suffer any harm.”

“Girl…” Xia Xiaochan was going crazy! Since she came to this damn place, she had been pursued all the time.
No matter where she went or who she met, people seemed to have never met a woman before, insisting on marrying her.

She didn’t even know these people at all, but they just cheekily approached her, bragging about their strength or appearance.
Even boys as young as 8 years old and old men as old as 80 had proposed to her, covering almost all the ages.

Xia Xiaochan turned around and said angrily, “All of you, get lost! I won’t marry anyone.
I’m still young.”

Someone responded, “Girl, you are not young.
I have a cousin sister who has already given birth to three children at your age.”

Xia Xiaochan turned around and kicked the guy, sending him flying.
Is your cousin a pig? At the age of 15, she has given birth to three children? Then will she have 30 or 40 children by the time she is fifty?

The boy was not annoyed.
Instead, he said with a chuckle, “Haha, I like a girl like you, a bit spicy.”

Another boy seemed to try to prove his strength and was about to take Xia Xiaochan into his arms and take her home directly but ended up being stabbed twice in the stomach by Xia Xiaochan.
He lay on the ground and screamed, “Any spirit gatherers? Come on, heal me.”

However, behind Xia Xiaochan, several spirit gatherers looked contemptuous.
“Scum, how dare you hug her? Don’t you know how ugly you are?!”

A spirit gatherer even sneered, “You f*cking deserved it.”

Most people didn’t take it seriously.
This guy was out and then they would have one less competitor.

In the hearts of these people, it would be the happiest thing in this life to marry Xia Xiaochan.

Xia Xiaochan felt that she was going crazy.
These days, she almost went around the entire city but didn’t find any possibility of going out.


Xia Xiaochan flashed and appeared on the roof a hundred meters away, and watching the people behind her chasing her quickly, she couldn’t help but shout, “I don’t even know you! Go find someone else!”

Just as Xia Xiaochan was throwing her tantrum, her eyes suddenly widened and she was stunned.

In the sky at least dozens of miles away from her, a few big characters were floating.

“Xia Xiaochan, here I come.”

Xia Xiaochan was dumbfounded, so were the teenagers chasing her, and many people in the city.

At the moment, the one who was most shocked was the woman who sold fish skins to Han Fei.
She watched Han Fei stitch the fish skin into letter characters.

Each of these characters were at least 30 meters large.
Han Fei was afraid that if they weren’t big enough, Xia Xiaochan wouldn’t see them.

In fact, an ordinary person without a cultivation base might be unable to see these characters clearly indeed.

The woman asked Han Fei, “Did you buy my store just to make these characters?”

Han Fei had a cheeky grin.
“That’s right! If it weren’t for the fact that your fish skin wasn’t enough, I could make it bigger.”

The lady boss exclaimed, “You must like that girl very much, right?” Han Fei grinned.
“Her? Well… Kind of!”

Han Fei dragged the huge fish skin balloon with the nine-star chain and ran around the city for a long while.
Every once in a while he would be surrounded by many people.

Many people had been amazed by Han Fei’s creativity and commented on the balloon.
A man said solemnly, “This is a good method! No girl can resist such a hot confession of love!”

A woman pinched the arm of the man next to her.
“Look at him! And look at you!”

Someone sighed.
“It’s a pity that this boy already has someone he likes.
Otherwise, I would definitely marry my daughter to him.”

Someone sneered, “Are you kidding me? Your daughter is only 7.
Can she give birth to a baby?”

The originally bustling crowd and the nervous atmosphere were immediately diluted by Han Fei’s behavior.

After running for about two hours, under the public stare, Han Fei finally met… A group of girls.
When a girl who was only eleven or twelve years old saw Han Fei, her eyes immediately lit up.
“So it’s you?”

Han Fei: “???”

The girl suddenly ran up, hugged Han Fei and said, “I can marry you.”

Han Fei: “???”

Before Han Fei spoke, two other girls ran over, each of them grabbing an arm of Han Fei.

“I’m better looking.
Pick me.”

“No, I’m prettier than you.
Me first.”

“You all get out of the way.
I am the hottest.
He is mine.”

“Get lost! I met him first.”

Han Fei hurriedly pushed the girls away.
“Girls, don’t touch me! I won’t marry you.”

However, the next moment, a girl shouted, “You don’t have to marry me! I just want to have children with you.”


Han Fei was dumbfounded.
What the hell are you talking about? How old are you? You’re still a kid and you said you were going to have a baby with me?! Are you serious?

But the onlookers laughed.
“Boy, are you overjoyed? But you can only pick one from these girls because you don’t have enough time.”

Someone laughed.
“For the sake of the fact that there is going to be a big battle today, you can choose up to three girls.” “Ohhhh…”

Han Fei immediately screamed, grabbed the balloon and ran wildly.

Damn you! These little girls are still under age! This is illegal!

Han Fei almost cried.
What kind of era is this? These people keep giving birth to children just because they have to fight? That’s ridiculous.
Living in this era is so f*cking…

However, Han Fei couldn’t run fast at all due to the huge balloon in his hand.
Before he ran out a hundred meters away, he was caught up by these girls behind him.

Some girls held his waist and some held his arms.

Han Fei said angrily, “Let go, let me go! I’m not interested in kids.”

Han Fei shook these girls away with spiritual energy.
And he hung on the balloon line and floated to the sky with the balloon.

However, before Han Fei floated 100 meters away, he found that his feet were caught by vines.

He looked down, only to see a tall girl standing holding her head high and pointing at him, saying, “I think you can be my man.”

Han Fei scoffed.
“But I don’t think you can be my woman.”

The girl frowned.
“Why? I am going to be a Hanging Fisher.
After this battle, I will definitely make a breakthrough.”

Han Fei grimaced in embarrassment.
“I, I, I… I already have someone I like.” The girl looked at the balloon in the sky and asked, “Is that Xia Xiaochan better than me?”

Before Han Fei answered, an agile figure jumped over from the roofs in the distance.
She flashed and flitted a few hundred meters, a kilometer in the blink of an eye.

Han Fei was overjoyed and said to the girl on the ground, “Look, the girl I’m waiting for has come.
Girl, let go!”

However, the girl stepped on the vines, stood in the air, and glanced at Xia Xiaochan.
“She is only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.”

Han Fei was helpless.
“I’m also an intermediate Dangling Fisher, so I should pair with an intermediate one also.”

A hundred meters away, Xia Xiaochan flashed and disappeared, and the next second, she suddenly appeared in front of Han Fei.

Xia Xiaochan was very excited.
The moment she saw Han Fei, she cried and laughed and tears flowed down from her face.

Xia Xiaochan hugged Han Fei with a jerk and tears and nasal mucus flowed down.

“Boohoo… I can’t find a way out! I thought I was going to be here forever!”

Han Fei spread his arms and looked at the girl standing on the ground who was still looking at him.
“Look, this is the one I’m waiting for.”

Han Fei hugged Xia Xiaochan with both hands and let go of the balloon line.
Then he tiptoed and landed on a roof.

Xia Xiaochan was still crying and laughing, but Han Fei saw the teenagers who ran after Xia Xiaochan.

Upon seeing this scene, the teenagers were furious.
“B*stard, let go of that girl.” A boy shouted in rage.
“Asshole, come at me if you can.
You’re really shameless to deceive such a little girl.”

Someone directly drew their sword.
“I want to challenge you.”

“What’s your name? Today, I will make you regret this…”

The group of teenagers all yelled and glared furiously at Han Fei.

Han Fei looked at the teenagers blankly and then at the girls who were staring at him.

Suddenly, he made a move.


Han Fei tilted his head and kissed Xia Xiaochan on the cheek.

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