Chapter 407 Majestic Mystic Spell

Han Fei looked at the so-called art of reincarnation first.

Grand Soul Hosting Technique (Heaven-Level, Mid-Quality)

Note: This can shatter the enemy’s soul with overwhelming mental power and possess the enemy’s body.
If you don’t return to your own body in time, you will never be able to come back again, and you will die when the possessed dies.

Shortcoming: It requires tremendous spiritual power, or your soul may be crumbled, never to be restored again.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/20,000,000

Han Fei was quite surprised after reading the information.
It seemed really fancy, and could indeed enable someone to reincarnate in another body.

However, the technique did not mention if one could possess someone again after the first possession, or if the soul and the new body could be perfectly melted after the possession.

Also, the technique had a high demand on spiritual power, and one might be dead for good after one moment of carelessness.
Han Fei was not interested in it at all.
He wouldn’t have deduced it even if the cost was one million instead of twenty million.
Why would he possess anyone when his own body was excellent on its own?

Then, Han Fei looked at another technique.

Mystic Turtle Secret Technique (Demon-Level, High-Quality)

Note: This is a technique created based on the observation of turtles.
By consuming tremendous energy, it can trigger body potentials and temporarily increase combat ability.

Shortcoming: The body will be overly exhausted if the energy is consumed too much.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/5,000,000

Han Fei’s lips curled after he read the technique.
As he expected, it was impossible that a secret technique to improve combat ability didn’t have side effects.
That guy didn’t mention the over exhaustion to him.

But up until now, the Mystic Turtle Secret Technique was the best secret technique he had seen.
It could be used as long as he had abundant energy, and his body wouldn’t be really hurt.

Considering the Man-Fish’s level that had declined, Han Fei speculated that the man had exhausted the Man-Fish too many times, which resulted in the retrograde of the body.

Han Fei decided that he could cultivate this secret technique.
Unlike the Man-Fish who didn’t have any food, he had a ton of food in Forge the Universe.

For example, he never had a chance to finish the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber, a great food to replenish energy and build up the body.
He felt slightly hungry when he thought about it.
It seemed that he hadn’t enjoyed a meal for a long time!

He decided that he would definitely have to enjoy a good meal after rescuing Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei turned his head and looked at the two Undead Mermen that were hiding in a corner.
They seemed even more frightened after the Man-Fish died.

Han Fei shook his head.
“You wretched bastards should go to your next life now! If you have a next time, either become a fish or become a man.
Don’t be a creepy humanoid like this…”

Finishing off the two Undead Mermen, Han Fei and the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp began to dismantle the iron chains.

The iron chains were good items.
Han Fei suspected that the Man-Fish must’ve been of a high level before it was possessed, or it wouldn’t have been tied by such excellent chains.

After the Undersea City was abandoned, nobody came to the prison anymore, and the Man-Fish couldn’t escape, until it was possessed in the end.

It took Han Fei four hours to tear off the iron chains as well as the wall made of unknown materials that they were attached to.

After that, Han Fei glanced at the Mystic Turtle Secret Technique and decided to deduce it.
Since the technique could use energy to offset the side effects, there shouldn’t be a problem to deduce it.


Majestic Mystic Spell

Note: This is a secret technique created based on the observation of turtles.
By offering tremendous energy as sacrifice, you can summon the Mystic Turtle, which can multiply your combat ability according to your level.

Current Improvement: Five times

Shortcoming: The body will be overly exhausted if the energy is consumed too much.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/10,000,000 “Shoot…”

Han Fei was instantly stunned.
An improvement of 500%? That was unbelievable.

Though the name of the technique didn’t sound good, the improvement was really unbelievable.
Han Fei would’ve believed that it was a heaven-level, divine-quality technique.

Han Fei swallowed in shock.
He had never expected to find any treasures before he explored the prison.

If he hadn’t been curious after he saw the Undead Mermen, he would’ve left the place a long time ago.

This Mystic Turtle Secret Technique was merely a windfall.
So far, the Indestructible Body and the Big Red Trunk were the only treasures as valuable as that.
He couldn’t possibly imagine that he would run into it in a random treasure trove.

Instantly, Han Fei got excited.
He recalled the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and ran into Forge the Universe.

The first thing he did after entering Forge the Universe was to pick up a Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber and clean it up.

Han Fei was not in a rush to look for Xia Xiaochan.
The Undersea City was so huge with so many treasure troves and creatures that the hunters could find her easily even if they all got in.

At this moment, Han Fei found ginger and garlic.
Then, he cut the bamboo shoots and carrots from his stock into pieces.
Rolling all of them in a wok that contained boiling oil, he added vinegar and some cumin to increase the taste.

In the end, he cut the one-meter-long sea cucumber into sections and enshrouded them in flour, before he rolled them in the wok too.
Finally, he threw all the seasonings into the wok, and fragrance immediately spread out.

Han Fei was smiling.

One had to be careful when they were making sea cucumber! Many people often found it tasteless, but Han Fei knew how to add flavors to it.
The sauce was the key.

A moment later, the sea cucumber was cooked.

Sauced Sea Cucumber

This is a food made of the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber and the essence of many ingredients.
It tastes smooth and elastic and contains tremendous spiritual energy.
It’s a rarely-seen great food.


9,852 Points

This can provide massive energy and increase sturdiness by thirty percent for an hour.

It was one of the special, effective foods that Han Fei could make, mostly because the ingredients were great.
The effect would’ve been very different if he had it raw.

Han Fei bit the food, and juice immediately spurted out.
The food couldn’t have tasted better.

Han Fei was never more exhilarated since he came to the level-three fishery.

Eventually, Han Fei simply reached his hand for the food.
After half of the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber was eaten, he felt that he was brimming with spiritual energy.
His neck was also red as if he were drunk.

“Huh! The energy is really strong.”

Han Fei stopped eating.
This was different from swallowing the spiritual fruits.
The Demon Purification Pot could store the redundant spiritual energy, but not the nutrition!

Han Fei felt that he was almost exploding, as if he had just taken the Candle Dragon Blood.
He believed that he would probably be bloated if he were to finish the whole Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber.

I’d better not go too far.
I’ll just save it for the next meal.”

Han Fei’s body was boiling when he left Forge the Universe.
He felt great in the cool seawater.

He searched the prison for a while and didn’t find other creatures.
On the Man-Fish’s side, there were nothing but bones and shells.
He didn’t think he could find more treasures.

Those who had come in earlier probably all ended up as the food for the Man-Fish who was capable of a secret technique.

After they were out of the prison, Han Fei summoned Little White.
He turned his neck and stomped on the floor.
“Daughter, keep looking for Xia Xiaochan.
But let’s go straight this time.
I’m eager for a fight.”

Little White: “???”

There was no telling if Little White understood him, but after only several thousand meters, Han Fei ran into a sea serpent following Little White.
Then, to the Hexagon Starfish’s shock, Han Fei tore the sea serpent alive barehanded.

The Hexagon Starfish asked, “Where did you go after you left me aside just now? Why do I feel that something is wrong with you after you came out?”

Han Fei was too lazy to explain.
So he simply didn’t.
After all, the Hexagon Starfish had asked it many times.
“Don’t ask.
I’ll beat you up if you keep asking.”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

The Hexagon Starfish naturally didn’t have a chance to go to Forge the Universe, but it speculated that Han Fei had an independent space like its Six Gates.

It didn’t find it odd.
Why couldn’t Han Fei have his space if it had the Six gates?

On his way, Han Fei moved like an ADHD young man.
The most dreadful enemy he ran into was a level-38 exotic scorpion.

The scorpion was quite innocent.
It did not plan to fight anyone! However, it was plucked out from the soil by Han Fei.
It tried to poke Han Fei but failed.
Eventually, even its stinger was torn off.

Thankfully, it had broken its own tail and fled into its cave, or it would’ve been killed.

After another hour, Han Fei met three peak-level Dangling Fishers, but they squeezed their Flash Stones without thinking and fled quickly.

At this moment, standing before a cave, Han Fei remarked, “Another treasure trove?”

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