Chapter 405 Inferior Man-Fish

This time, Han Fei simply evoked all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and replaced the Water Dividing Seal with the Needle.


Han Fei laid the rod on the ground and hauled it forward step by step.
The noises when the Needle rubbed the floor was particularly ear-splitting in the quiet prison.

Han Fei heard the squeaks from the darkness clearly, but he didn’t care.
Those Undead Mermen weren’t strong.
He wouldn’t have pressed on if he had just come to the level-three fishery, but now that he had broken the obstacles in the Indestructible Body, Han Fei was not scared of the peak-level Dangling Fishers anymore.
Those Undead Mermen couldn’t be a problem for him at all.

As Han Fei pushed close, those Undead Merman finally charged at him.

When dozens of Undead Mermen charged at him, Han Fei tilted his head and snapped his fingers, sending forth the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers which cut the seawater apart magnificently.
Clank, Clank, Clank…

Those Undead Merman did not give in.
None of them were slow.
Some crawled on the floor and some on the wall while they resisted the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers with their sharp claws.

Some of them were shaking their tails.
The bone stings on their tails seemed even more powerful than the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.

However, while holding the Needle in one hand, Han Fei simply shot the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers back when they were flung away.

After no more than one minute, three Undead Merman had been chopped into pieces.


An Undead Merman leaped and jumped at Han Fei.
Smiling, Han Fei surrounded the Undead Merman with the nine-star chains in the blink of an eye.

As the nine-star chain was tightened, the Undead Merman was strangled under the surging spiritual energy.
All its bones were broken.

Han Fei slightly shook his head.
“Your level is not low, but you’re too bad at fighting.”

If all the Undead Mermen were as good as this, they could only compare to regular intermediate Dangling Fishers in terms of comprehensive combat ability.
They weren’t a challenge for Han Fei at all.

Enough fun.”

Han Fei suddenly waved the Needle, which was thickened dozens of times momentarily and almost filled up the whole aisle.


Han Fei hurled the rod forward, and an intense stink of blood spread out in the seawater after a few screams.

After Han Fei recalled the Needle, three Undead Mermen had been pushed into the wall on his opposite side.
He had killed four earlier, and three escaped.

But Han Fei didn’t care.
He was interested in what was in the depths of the prison.
If there was nothing but these Undead Mermen, he could deal with a hundred of them easily.

Han Fei accelerated and walked forward.

After many zigzagging aisles, Han Fei finally came to a gigantic prison cell.
To Han Fei’s surprise, though the prison cell was broken, there were six iron chains that were dangling in it as if they were still shackling something.

Han Fei lowered his head and saw bones all over the ground.
He couldn’t help but frown.
The bones did not just belong to human beings but also to the Undead Merman.

Apart from the bones, there was also a mess of shells and furs.

Altogether, the remains in this place suggested that those creatures had been eaten alive.

Han Fei was quite shocked by what he perceived.
Was it a merman, or a man-fish?

He saw a weirdo standing at the center of the prison cell that had legs and a tail.
But different from human beings, he had a fish face.
His eyeballs were so huge that they were popping out.
His feet had webs and only three toes.

The Hexagon Starfish said, “It’s a demon! The vibe of a sea demon… I remember it now.
The woman who was with you had this same vibe when she turned into a fish.”

Han Fei squinted.
A sea demon? He had run into a sea demon in this place?

Han Fei stepped forward and raised the lights, illuminating the person inside.

Han Fei subconsciously snorted when he saw the guy’s face.
It was really hideous even for a demon and not nearly like Yang Ruoyun, who was beautiful as a woman and as a fish.

This thing before Han Fei’s eyes had a fish head, but it had a mouth, eyes, and a nose.
His ears and nose were very small, and his mouth was exceptionally huge and nearly stretched out to its ears.

That might be acceptable if it was all.
After all, Han Fei had just seen the hideous Undead Mermen.
However, this creature here was greasily green.
Because it was slim, the scales on his body had mostly dropped, making him look like a dried fish.

A string of data appeared in front of Han Fei’s eyes.

Inferior Man-Fish (Lowly Sea Demon)

This is a sea demon who hasn’t matured yet.
It’s brutal and bloodthirsty.
Its inferiority makes it impossible to tell which creature it evolved from.
Because of the long-time imprisonment, its capabilities have significantly declined.

40 (Declined)


Level-Three, Low-Quality



Presumably possessed

Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh.
Hexagon Starfish, you call this a demon?”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its big eyes.
“Huh? It doesn’t seem too threatening.
But I really sensed danger a moment ago.”

Han Fei was deep in thought, Is there a tougher sea demon here? I could kill any demon of such a level easily.

Han Fei shook his head.
This creature’s level, demon heritage, and storage of spiritual energy suggested that it was just a weakling.

However, Han Fei did not ignore “presumably possessed”.
Possessed? Was there something inside this man-fish?

Bypassing the sea demon, Han Fei looked back and saw the Undead Mermen that had just escaped hiding in a corner, as if they were terrified of Han Fei.

Han Fei did not consider it a big deal.
The three lucky survivors were not a threat.
This sea demon, on the other hand, was shackled with its eyes closed.
So, it couldn’t be the danger that the Hexagon Starfish mentioned.

Suddenly, Han Fei heard a vague telepathic voice, Set it free, and I’ll give you treasures.

Han Fei looked around and saw nothing.
Eventually, he focused his eyes on the lowly sea demon again, “Were you talking?”

That voice did not respond.

But Han Fei suddenly laughed.
“So it was you.
Though I’m new here, I know that this thing is alive but dying.
Are you the one possessing it? Are you a human or a demon?”

After a long time, the voice replied, I’m a human.

Han Fei curled his lips.
“How can I trust you? What if you are a demon? I would be sorry for mankind if I set a demon free and let it do evil things, wouldn’t I?”

After a brief silence, the voice said, I can prove it.

Han Fei said with a smile, “Then prove it.
I’m really curious.
How did you possess this demon? That’s a weird technique.
Can you control this sea demon?”

The man seemed to have been shocked by Han Fei’s calmness.
He couldn’t help but ask, Are you not scared?


Han Fei said with a smile, “You think that thing can scare me? Is there something wrong with your head?”

The man asked, How did you know me?

Han Fei scoffed, “I found it weird that there’s nothing here when I was still outside.
It’s because this inferior sea demon needs food, and you can only survive in it if it has food, right?”

The man was silent, and Han Fei continued, “This city has been abandoned for I don’t know how many years, and you’re telling me that a mediocre sea demon has survived such a long time? You created a lot of sacrifices to look for food for you, didn’t you? Also, considering the human bones on the ground, you’re a cannibal too, aren’t you? I don’t want to talk to you anymore.
Give me a reason not to kill you.”

After witnessing Yang Ruoyun’s transformation, Han Fei believed that nothing was impossible in this world.
Maybe there were indeed mermen and mermaids in this world, but in this level-three fishery, the Man-Fish here could only count as an inferior demon.
Han Fei was not scared of it at all, not to mention that it was still tied up.

After a long time, seeing that Han Fei was about to attack, the man finally said, I have secret techniques of reincarnation.

Han Fei roared angrily, “Get lost! Like the one you’ve used? Don’t describe that piece of garbage like it’s a treasure.”

The man said, This is an art of reincarnation?

Han Fei sneered.
“Reincarnation? You just took someone else’s shell like a hermit crab.
But fine.
If you insist on offering it, I have no choice but to reluctantly accept it.
What else have you got?”

Han Fei didn’t know how frustrated the man inside the man-fish was.
He couldn’t feel great when the secret technique that he was so proud of was mocked.

The man said straightforwardly, The art of reincarnation is already the best treasure, as can be proved by this Man-Fish.

Han Fei said, “Why don’t I kill this Man-Fish, and you reincarnate yourself elsewhere? As it happens, there’s a couple of Undead Mermen back there.”

The man shouted, “Wait, wait!”

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