Chapter 384 Disguise

Han Fei found the deal ridiculously informal.
If he were going to sell something precious like the Big Red Trunk, wouldn’t everybody around see it?

As if sensing Han Fei’s confusion, the faceless man on his opposite side said, “Don’t worry.
What can happen even if others see your treasure? Nobody knows who you are.
If you’re scared of stalkers, we offer back door service.
By paying a thousand mid-quality pearls, you can leave through a private chamber.
After that, nobody will be able to identify you.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“That’s only based on the presumption that the Specter is absolutely fair, right?”

The faceless man nodded.
“Whoever comes to the Specter trusts us.
Something may happen to you on the dragon boat in the level-three fishery, but nothing will ever happen on the Specter.”

Slightly relieved, Han Fei grabbed a Sea Swallowing Seashell and asked, “Please appraise this Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

The faceless man was dazed.
“Just one Sea Swallowing Seashell? The deals we make here can’t be lower than 500,000 mid-quality pearls.
I don’t think one Sea Swallowing Seashell will be enough.”

That being said, the man had picked up Han Fei’s Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Calculating with his right hand, he put the Sea Swallowing Seashell down gently thirty seconds later and said, “Most of the items inside are worthless.
This Sea Swallowing Seashell is worth 200,000 mid-quality pearls.
You will earn 100,000 mid-quality pearls if you sell it to us.
Do you have anything else?”

Han Fei looked around.
He didn’t think that anyone around would care about a Sea Swallowing Seashell.
In fact, none of the people doing business on the Specter seemed ordinary.
They all had their own treasures.

Han Fei took out another couple of Sea Swallowing Seashells and said, “Please appraise them too.”

One hour passed.

The faceless man on Han Fei’s opposite side was lost for words after he appraised the 80th Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Although there was nothing particularly attractive in those Sea Swallowing Seashells, they were of higher and higher qualities.
What Han Fei offered in the end even contained great magical materials and weapons.

After the faceless man put down the 83rd Sea Swallowing Seashell, he stared at Han Fei and said, “Now, the total price is 40,120,000 mid-quality pearls… Which means that you can earn 20,060,000 mid-quality pearls.”

Han Fei slightly grimaced in regret.
The loss was really huge!

However, he knew that it was for the best to sell the Sea Swallowing Seashells to the Specter, or he wouldn’t have much chance selling it to anyone else, because no guests in this place were short of Sea Swallowing Seashells.
They were here for treasures, not garbage.

Nodding with a smile, Han Fei said, “Deal! By the way, do you have any technique that can change your appearance?”

The faceless man thought a moment and replied, “Yes, but it’s only spirit-level.
It’s worth eight million.”


Han Fei almost slapped him.
I’ve only earned twenty million after selling more than eighty Sea Swallowing Seashells, and you’re charging eight million for a spirit-level technique?

The faceless man explained, “There are too many dangerous people on this ship.
Dozens of people ask for a technique that can change their look every day every time the Specter sets sail.
What I recommended is the best one to my knowledge.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“The best one is only spirit-level?”

The man said, “Face-changing techniques aren’t rare, but most of them can only disguise your face by altering your facial muscles or adding illusions.
They’re mediocre! What I recommended can modify your aura and make you a completely different person.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, I want something cheap.
Just give me any of the cheap products you have.”

“Huh? Are you sure?”

Han Fei nodded.
“I’m very positive.” Han Fei said to himself, I’m certainly not going to let you take back my hard-earned money! Besides, with sufficient spiritual energy, I can always deduce a cheap technique and make it an excellent one.
The faceless man said, “Okay.
You can accept any level of techniques?”

Han Fei nodded.

After the transactions were completed, the faceless man made a gesture, and someone immediately came close.
They talked a while, and the stuff was delivered in no more than five minutes.

When the deal was over, Han Fei couldn’t feel more comfortable.
He had finally disposed of all of his baggage.

In the end, he only got Camouflage, a mystic-level mid-quality technique.
He secretly complained about its price.
It cost him a million mid-quality pearls even though it was just a mystic-level mid-quality technique…

Han Fei thought that they had probably picked up this lowly technique from a random dumpster.

But even so, Han Fei had obtained 19,060,000 mid-quality pearls.
Together with the mid-quality pearls he looted from those Sea Swallowing Seashells, he was now rich with 25,600,000 mid-quality pearls.

You really need to come to the level-three fishery if you want to make a fortune!”

Han Fei had a lot of mixed feelings.
When he got to the dragon boat, someone laid their eyes on him after he just earned no more than a million mid-quality pearls.
But here, he had completed a ten-million pearl deal with a random trader on the Specter.
The dragon boat was now purely garbage in Han Fei’s eyes.

Of course, Han Fei also wondered who was behind the Specter.
If the man was powerful enough to resist the pressure from the dragon boat, why would he make a living in the level-three fishery?

Unable to find out the answer, Han Fei simply dropped it.
He had achieved the purpose for his visit to the Specter.
But since he had a truckload of money, he decided to go shopping and see what was available.
Apart from everything else, he had to prepare a few hundred Flash Stones for himself.

Though he already had dozens of Flash Stones in his Sea Swallowing Seashell, he couldn’t have too many lifesaving tools.
If he was caught in a place like the wall of seaweed again, the stones would be very useful.

Han Fei read the wall row by row, including the section of spiritual weapons.
He already had handy spiritual weapons, but he kept an open mind and checked if there was anything more suitable.

But after checking all of them, he did not find any spiritual weapon that suited him.

Still, he spotted many spiritual fruits that were being sold.
There were more than five hundred of them.

According to their function, the spiritual fruits could be classified as breakthrough spiritual fruits – which contained tremendous spiritual energy – antidote spiritual fruits, body-building spiritual fruits, etc.
Han Fei was rather surprised.
After having more than thirty spiritual fruits on the dragon boat, he found that spiritual fruits were not as useful as he imagined.

But still, spiritual fruits were still spiritual fruits! They could increase one’s spiritual energy, poison resistance, and other aspects after they were taken.

Here, most spiritual fruits could be purchased with mid-quality pearls.
Only the few rare spiritual fruits were for barter exclusively.

There was not a counter before this wall, but a few faceless men were standing next to the wall.
Whoever wanted to make a deal would talk to them.

Han Fei spoke to one of them, “I would like to buy all the spiritual fruits on the wall.” “Huh? All of them?”

Han Fei nodded.
The spiritual fruits here were worth around 1,500 mid-quality pearls apiece on average.
The better ones cost no more than five thousand, and there were only three with a price over ten thousand mid-quality pearls.

One of them was a Devil Barrier Fruit, which cost fifty thousand mid-quality pearls.
It was not expensive, because the spiritual fruit granted resistance against illusions, but Han Fei didn’t know how effective it would be.

Another one was the Poison Concentration Grass, worth eighty thousand mid-quality pearls.
It was technically not a spiritual fruit but an edible seaborne grass.
If anyone was poisoned, they could take the grass and concentrate the poison through it.
Then, if they were capable enough, they could discharge the concentrated poison.
This was for one-time usage.

The last one was the Heavenly Spirit Jujube, with a price of five hundred thousand mid-quality pearls.
It was the most expensive one of all spiritual fruits available, because it could permanently improve the spiritual power of the taker.
Han Fei didn’t know how much it could improve, but he would happily pay for anything that could increase his spiritual power.

But when Han Fei was about to pay, he found that the information of the Heavenly Spirit Jujube was wiped out.

He immediately shouted, “Hey! Hey! I ordered the Heavenly Spirit Jujube! Why is it gone?”

The faceless man said, “Someone was faster than you! The items that can permanently increase spiritual power are rare.
They’re usually sold within a hundred seconds after they’re listed.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow.
Who had just competed with him?

But he said in a hurry, “Then please hurry up! I would like all the other spiritual fruits!”

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