Chapter 374 Wanted List

Han Fei was very calm.

Holding his Water Dividing Seal, he smashed the ragged house inside the treasure trove and didn’t walk out with a smile until the house collapsed.

The Hexagon Starfish said, Human beings are really evil.

“Shut up.”

Han Fei was even more certain that Yang Ruoyun was a good liar, and that nothing that came out of her mouth could be trusted.

This place was just a wasteland.
The ragged house here was half broken with nothing but stones.
Not just treasures, there wasn’t even seaweed or crabs.

Han Fei was slightly surprised.
“What’s her purpose? Did she build this place just for her lie? Isn’t that too costly?

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes and said, Chances are that she had already been here earlier.

Han Fei nodded heavily.
Hexagon Starfish, let me tell you, don’t trust any woman who voluntarily works with you.”

How can I distinguish between men and women?

Han Fei was stunned.
“… Just forget it.”

Han Fei realized that the information of treasure troves from other people wasn’t always trustworthy.
Now that he had a Wind God Boat, he should find a place to cultivate alone and deduce his arts first.

When Han Fei was swimming to the surface, he ran into five strangers.

Han Fei intended to circumvent them, but they were too close.
He had met them before he could take a turn.

Han Fei was rather bummed.
Why did this keep happening to him?

The five strangers were obviously stunned too.
One of them took out a book and searched it.
Then he asked telepathically, Are you Han Fei?

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei asked in confusion, “You know me too? Who are you?”

The five strangers were all exhilarated.
“Kill him!”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was still stunned at the unexpected encounter.

However, he had no time to think at this moment.
The five strangers were coming fast, and they were a perfect combination with all the five professions.

Among them, the manipulator and the spirit gatherer were both women.
They were an advanced Dangling Fisher and an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
As for the rest, the soul warrior was an advanced Dangling Fisher, and the other two were also intermediate Dangling Fishers.

Han Fei’s heart palpitated.
Had Sun Mu already escaped and sent out more men after him?

This female manipulator was similar to Su Yebai.
She was also using a sea spider as her spiritual beast, which produced white webs and soon covered a large area in the water.

The soul warrior’s spiritual beast was actually the Mess Swallowing Worm.
He was using two sabers.
Cutting the water apart, he quickly showed up before Han Fei.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei could not back off at this point.
He summoned the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and counterattacked with his own daggers.

In the meantime, the nine-star chain burst out towards nothingness a hundred meters away.


The hunter agilely dodged the attack and spoke to everybody telepathically, the range of his senses is beyond a hundred meters.

They were all quite shocked.
Theoretically, a Dangling Fisher should be able to sense a hundred meters, but this required luck.
Most people could barely sense fifty meters away…


Thirty daggers appeared next to Han Fei simultaneously, and the soul warrior that was fighting him was shocked.

“How is it possible? You’re controlling thirty daggers?”

The man immediately retreated and spoke telepathically, Weapon box.

However, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers haunted the soul warrior like ghosts, soon breaking his spiritual energy protective cover and causing dozens of cuts.


When the torrents of weapons from the hostile armorist came close, Han Fei simply ignored them and continued chasing the soul warrior.

“Speak! How do you know me?”

The hostile manipulator tried to pull the soul warrior away and tie Han Fei up with the spider webs.
However, Han Fei simply rolled his daggers and cut the threads.


The Water Dividing Seal was expanded and smashed at the soul warrior, who tried to block it with the two sabers.
However, his sabers and his arms were all broken while he squirted out blood.

Behind, the hunter got rid of the nine-star chain and cut Han Fei’s neck with two daggers.
However, after a cold flash, an explosive saber aura burst out dozens of meters, cutting the hunter into halves.

“Fall back! Fall back! Fall back!”

Six turtle shell shields popped up in front of the armorist, while he shouted at everyone in fright.

However, the seal was launched again.

Four of the shields were shattered, and the armorist was slapped hundreds of meters away.

Terrified, the spirit gatherer and the manipulator intended to run.
They were too scared.
The hunter had been executed after one attack, the soul warrior was suppressed, and even the armorist, who had the strongest defense, couldn’t take one attack from Han Fei.

“What is this monster exactly?”

“You want to run? Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, set up the array.”

Six streams of purple light rose to the sky, and the two women simply crashed into the Six Gate Array.

In the next moment, all the strangers were tied up by the nine-star chain, unable to move anymore.
The whole battle had only lasted ten seconds.

Was Han Fei strong? Of course he was.

However, the enemies he had run into were all peak-level Dangling Fishers, who were much stronger than intermediate Dangling Fishers and advanced Dangling Fishers.

An advanced Dangling Fisher had to polish himself for a long time before they could reach the peak-level.
Even among the peak-level Dangling Fishers, those with resources were also significantly stronger than those without.

So, Han Fei simply ran without thinking when he was faced with Sun Mu and his team.

However, now that he was faced with this so-called perfect combination, Han Fei had carried out his explosive power and his abundant techniques.

Was the Saber Manipulation Art not powerful? It was.
But Han Fei could barely hit a peak-level Dangling Fisher with that.
This soul warrior, on the other hand, had been brutalized after only one attack with this art.

Han Fei stabbed all the four of them, hurting their internal organs and breaking their arms.

In the meantime, the manipulator tried to escape with a Flash Stone, but she bumped into the Six Gate Array.


Han Fei chuckled.
Those who bump into an array with a Flash Stone must’ve been caught in despair.
The manipulator was shocked and chilled too.
Han Fei was like a demon in her eyes.
She thought that only the descendants from the big families in the Thousand Star City could have such terrifying abilities.

A moment later…

Han Fei covered all of them with the Spirit Forbidding Net, making their heart’s cold.
They had only heard about the Spirit Forbidding Rope before, but this time, they had seen something even fancier, and it was used on them.

Sitting on the long chair in the cabin, Han Fei tilted his head and said, “You’ll answer what I ask you.
Firstly, how do you know that I’m Han Fei?”

The soul warrior smiled bitterly.
“You’re now on the wanted list of the level-three fishery.
Your bounty is a hundred spiritual fruits, a hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, a high-quality spiritual weapon, and a demon-level technique…”

Han Fei gasped hard.
“I’m so valuable now? Is that the book you read earlier?”

The soul warrior nodded and voluntarily submitted his Sea Swallowing Seashell.

Han Fei took it.
There were few treasures in the Sea Swallowing Seashell.
He was too lazy to scour it.

Finding the book, Han Fei browsed through it.

Page One.

First on the wanted list.

Name: Mo Qianshang

Gender: Male

Profession: Armorist

Spiritual beast: Gold Arowana

Contractual spiritual beasts: Mess Swallowing Worm, Phantom Jellyfish, Unknown

Specialties: Dagger Trap, Torrent of Shadow Swords

Bounty: Five million mid-quality pearls Other rewards: A thousand kilograms of spiritual spring energy, two high-quality demon-level arts, five high-quality spiritual weapons, a thousand spiritual fruits.

Remark: This is a highly dangerous person.
He killed 62 peak-level Dangling Fishers in the Thousand Smoke Valley, destroyed three treasure troves, and probably murdered more than a hundred people..

Note: This man is very vicious.
Nobody who saw his real face has survived.

Two portraits of Mo Qianshang were attached to the book.
One of them was wearing a fish skin, and the other was the speculated bottom half of his face.

Han Fei was lost for words.
That man’s bounty was much higher than his!

But he was rather impressed when he read the man’s remark.
How strong must this armorist be to kill 62 peak-level Dangling Fishers on his own?

As he read on, he found a very familiar name on page 32.

The 32rd place on the wanted list.

Name: Xia Xiaochan

Gender: Female

Profession: Hunter

Spiritual beast: Shadow Shrimp, unknown gigantic fish

Contractual spiritual beasts: Red Fire Tricky Lobster

Specialties: Shadow Kill, Shadow Stab, Supreme Stab (uncertain), Flash

Bounty: Three million mid-quality pearls

Other rewards: Three hundred kilograms of spiritual spring energy, one high-quality demon-level art, one high-quality spiritual weapon, and three hundred spiritual fruits.

Remark: Highly dangerous.
She killed 28 people in a role in the Cave of Death, including sixteen peak-level Dangling Fishers.
She’s extremely fast and good at her flash ability.
She has a second naturally-endowed spiritual beast.
Her strength is inestimable.

Note: This woman seems temperamental.
When she is on a rampage, she’s as strong as anyone on the top ten of the wanted list.
She was last spotted fifty kilometers away from the Undersea City.

In the end was a portrait of Xia Xiaochan who was expressionless.
But she was still beautiful and cute.


Han Fei swallowed.
Did Xia Xiaochan have another episode?

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