Chapter 365 Make A Deal Again

At this time, there was a burst of red light from under the Big Red Trunk and red threads suddenly burst forth from the ground and entangled Sun Mu and the others.

Of course, Han Fei was also entangled, but he had a lot of daggers that were spinning wildly around him at this moment.

Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan used some secret method at the same time.
The strength of the two had risen sharply, and in Han Fei’s eyes, the two had broken through the realm of Dangling Fisher.

Han Fei cursed, “Damn, I knew these guys still had trump cards.”

On the other side, Yang Ruoyun said with disdain, “If it were elsewhere, this type of secret method may be useful.
But here, I have endless power.
What can you do?”

Han Fei tried to rush into the leaves again, but Yang Ruoyun seemed to have expected Han Fei’s actions.
She just smiled.
“Don’t waste your effort.
I won’t kill you.” Han Fei frowned.
“Then let me go!”

Yang Ruoyun ignored Han Fei and suddenly opened her mouth to the Sun Mu trio.

“La, la…”

The moment Yang Ruoyun opened her mouth, the sound wave gathered up countless leaves that shot at them like surging waves.

All the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers guarding Han Fei were blown away by the sound wave.

Sun Mu and the other two were bleeding from their noses and mouths and then were bound up by the red threads emerging from the ground.

Sun Mu’s eyes were bloodshot.
“If you kill us, you’ll have to die too.”


Yang Ruoyun caught a palm-sized starfish.
It was Hexagon Starfish!

Hexagon Starfish was terrified.
Han Fei, help me!

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
I’m still waiting for you to save me! How come you got caught in the blink of an eye?

The six tentacles of Hexagon Starfish danced randomly and he shouted to Yang Ruoyun, “Human, I carried you to this place! You owe me too.”

Yang Ruoyun smiled.

Then Han Fei saw the Sun Mu trio suddenly tremble and seem to lose their consciousness.
Even their protective jade didn’t work any longer.

Han Fei was also entangled by the red threads, but he was still conscious and quickly recalled the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.
Fortunately, he had learned the Saber Manipulation Art, so he was very good at controlling the knives now.
The dozens of daggers began to spin in the sea, like dozens of rotating flying knives and quickly cutting the red threads on Han Fei’s body.

Han Fei was just about to rush into the leaves when Yang Ruoyun said lightly, “If you go in, this starfish will die.”

Master Hexagon hurriedly called for help.
“Han Fei, help!”

Han Fei froze and thought, Master Hexagon, I’m so disappointed in you!

He said, “Then don’t let those red threads entangle me again.”

To Han Fei’s surprise, Yang Ruoyun nodded slightly and the red threads went underground and disappeared.

“Huh? Is this woman really going to let me off?”

Han Fei looked at the Sun Mu trio and thought to himself, These three are really dumbstruck.
They have so many trump cards but these trump cards are all useless in this damn place.
Now they’ve become fish on the cutting board.

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Did you kill them?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
“No, I don’t have to kill them.
I just deprived them of today’s memory.”


Han Fei’s eyes flickered.
“You can’t deprive me of my memory.
Otherwise, no matter how you threaten me, I’ll find a way to escape.”

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei indifferently.
“How about we make our last deal?”


Han Fei felt a headache.
Every time I make a deal with this woman I end up getting ripped off! Here it comes again…

Han Fei asked, “You are already a winner.
What else do you want?”

“Help me do three things and I’ll return this starfish to you, won’t take your memory, and even give you something special.” Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
“Can I ask why you always want to make trades with me? I am only an intermediate Dangling Fisher! You can cooperate with a peak-leveled Dangling Fisher, can’t you?”

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei earnestly.
“You have the smell of demons, or to be exact, you have something demonic on you.
No matter what, you have something to do with demons.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Are you kidding me? This is the first time I’ve learned of the existence of sea demons.
How can I have anything to do with demons?”.

Yang Ruoyun didn’t answer him but asked, “It’s up to you whether you make a deal with me or not.
I’ll only give you three minutes to consider.
Just as you said, I can trade with them too.”

At this time, Han Fei had no choice, so he nodded and said, “OK, which three things?”

Yang Ruoyun pointed to the Big Red Trunk.
“Aren’t you going to cut down the tree? Keep sawing!”


Han Fei was stunned.

Yang Ruoyun said that she hated this place.
Did she come here to destroy this place? No! Yang Ruoyun was weak before, and it was obvious that she had gotten her chance here.

Han Fei rolled his eyes.

He said, “Can you give me a hand? I can’t saw down the tree alone.”

Yang Ruoyun didn’t move but calmly said, “Use your Mantis Shrimp.”

Han Fei squinted.
What does she mean? She doesn’t trust me? And why does she want to cut down the tree? Could it be that this tree not only traps us, but also traps her?

But Han Fei didn’t say anything as he summoned Nine Tails and asked him to cut down the tree with him.

It would take some time to saw the rest of the way through the tree.
So while sawing the tree, Han Fei asked tentatively, “Hey! How are you going to deal with the three of them?”

Yang Ruoyun said bluntly, “After the tree is cut down, the seal will be automatically lifted.
Then, I won’t do anything to them.”

Han Fei asked, “How about handing the three of them to me?”

Yang Ruoyun chuckled.
“Do you want to kill them?”

Han Fei smiled.
“Can’t I?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head slightly.
“They not only have protective jade, but also life monuments.
Once they die, their family will know.
Do you still want to kill them now?”

Han Fei’s smile disappeared.
This was exactly the case after he killed Sun Ye.
The middle-aged man from the Thousand Star City appeared in the level-two fishery as soon as Sun Ye was killed.
If it weren’t for Teacher Xiao Zhan and Old Bai, he would have been killed at that time.

“F*ck, so these three people can’t be killed?”

Yang Ruoyun said indifferently, “If you want to kill them, then kill, but you’ll have to bear the consequences yourself.”

Han Fei sneered secretly.
I don’t want to bear any consequences! The level-three fishery is so far away from the Blue Sea Town.
If the ancestors of these three guys come to kill me, God knows who will come to rescue me? It will be too late when Old Bai shows up…

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Fine, I won’t kill them.
I’ll just cripple them!”

Yang Ruoyun shrugged.
“It has nothing to do with me.
It’s up to you.”

Han Fei lowered his head and focused on sawing the tree.
After a while, he asked, “Are the two Millennium Snappers around you your parents?”

Yang Ruoyun answered, “Yes.”

“Can you tell me your story? Why do you hate this place? Why do you hate fisheries?”

Yang Ruoyun’s eyes turned cold.
“Don’t you hate it? Here, life is worthless.
In this place, there are countless people like the twin brothers who hunted me down before.
And those dragon boats send people to explore dangerous places every day, which alone causes so many people to lose their lives!”

Han Fei shrugged.
“I’m here for the first time.
I don’t know much about it.”

Yang Ruoyun scoffed.
“Humph, it’s not that you don’t understand it, but that you enjoy it.
You have a lot of trump cards, so you don’t care.
Haven’t you ever thought why the ordinary fishery, level-one fishery, level-two fishery, level-three fishery… Why do these damn fisheries exist?”.

Han Fei grunted.
“Why? Nature is magic and can even create mountains and seas.
The billions of creatures in the ocean and countless dangerous places and secret realms are all natural phenomena.”

However, Yang Ruoyun scolded, “Nonsense! I never thought you’d be so stupid.
This fishery pattern is obviously arranged by the powerful behind the scene.
The purpose is to select the best talents.
All beings are nothing but pawns and our lives are at their hands.”

Han Fei smiled faintly.
“So, you want to jump out of the chess game? Do you think you can do that when you become a sea demon? If all living beings are pawns, why are sea demons the exception? Since you can become a demon here, how do you know it isn’t another way for the so-called powerful to control you?”

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