Chapter 363 Cut Down the Tree Together

Others seemed to be wondering too, was this a dream or a real test of life and death?

However, the red light all over the sky had not dissipated yet.
In front of his eyes, there was actually a red fruit floating.

Only then did Han Fei see clearly what this fruit was.

Red Ball

The spiritual fruit that grows on a demonic tree can transform humans into demons.
Because the spiritual fruit is too low-leveled, the affected humans will lose their consciousness after being transformed into demons and can only develop their wisdom after long years of cultivation.



66,968 points

With it, humans can be transformed into demons and demons can enhance their bloodlines.

Han Fei was immediately stunned.
Humans transformed into demons, and humans become fish? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Han Fei felt someone was looking at him.
Turning his head to look, he saw Sun Mu and the others looking at him.

Han Fei just wanted to cry.
I was just chased by fish and now being hunted down by humans? Life is so hard!

However, before Sun Mu and the others took any action, all their subordinates suddenly knelt or lay on the ground.

Those lying on the ground were already dead, while the people who were kneeling on the ground were all glowing red and seemed to be in great pain.

Not only Sun Mu and his companions, but other cultivators also fell to the ground.

Yang Deyu’s face changed drastically and he scolded, “Get the f*ck up.
What’s going on here?”

Mo Feiyan frowned.
“They are already dead.
So this is not a dream but a trial?”

Sun Mu’s face turned pale.
“No, it’s not just a trial.
There are also problems with the fruit.
The fruit is not a chance.”

As Sun Mu spoke, the body of his subordinate named Sun Qi glowed redder and redder, then his flesh and blood began to melt, his hair began to burn, and his legs disappeared…


Sun Mu picked up a subordinate who wasn’t affected and flashed to the side.

Yang Deyu also escaped to the side, carrying one of his subordinates.

But Mo Feiyan’s three men were all kneeling on the ground.

“La, la…”

Just when everyone was staring at Sun Qi, they heard a beautiful song from his body.

All the people who were still standing, including Han Fei, trembled.
They seemed to have discovered a great secret.

“Shit… Will Sun Qi really change into a fish?”

Han Fei swallowed.
In his eyes, Sun Qi’s body was rapidly changing.
His back bulged high, his feet turned into fish tails, his head and body were fused together, and his arms became fish fins…


Han Fei looked around, only to find that not only Sun Qi, but a dozen people around him were also transforming and there was a singing sound in their bodies.

Han Fei swallowed nervously.

When he became a fish, he almost ate the Red Ball in front of him.


With a flash between his brows, Little Black and Little White wanted to go out.

Han Fei certainly wouldn’t stop them.
As soon as Little White came out, he gulped the Red Ball that was hanging in the water.

Han Fei was speechless.
Little White may also be a sea demon! To be precise, all marine creatures should be sea demons.

Little White ate happily and when they each swallowed a Red Ball, Little White and Little Black’s bodies glowed at the same time.

“Are you having a breakthrough?”

Han Fei’s eyes widened suddenly.
This Red Ball worked so well on Little White and Little Black?

Han Fei remembered what the seaweed monster in the seaweed city wall wanted him to bring to it was a Red Ball.

Then he saw Little White and Little Black were chasing Red Balls.
But for some reason, after they ate a Red Ball, they could no longer catch up with the second one.

Han Fei didn’t have the slightest interest in this damn fruit but his baby girl needed it!

Han Fei immediately started chasing the fruit in the red light.
Maybe because Han Fei was not a demon, he just grabbed casually and easily got a Red Ball in his hand.

Seeing it, Little White quickly swam over, looking at Han Fei eagerly.

Feeling that the Red Ball in his hand was struggling violently, Han Fei grinned.
“Can’t they eat a second fruit? This fruit is a bit interesting.
Unfortunately, my baby girl wants to eat you.

Han Fei opened his palm and Little White sucked the Red Ball into its mouth.
At this moment, Little White and Little Black’s bodies became shinier and shinier, and Han Fei actually felt that these two little guys had signs of breaking through again.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei thought, Since Little White and Little Black could eat the fruit, how about Nine Tails and Little Gold?

He immediately released Nine Tails but the shrimp gave no reaction to the Red Balls at all and had no intention to get one.

Han Fei told him to get one, but Nine Tails didn’t move.

On the other side, looking at Han Fei’s behavior, Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan thought, Can spiritual beasts eat the fruit?

Yang Deyu immediately released his spiritual beast that was a scorpion with a shiny shell.
Yang Deyu grabbed a Red Ball in front of him and was about to stuff it into the scorpion’s mouth, but Mo Feiyan stopped him.

Mo Feiyan scolded, “Are you an idiot? Let your men try it first.”

Yang Deyu paused and then coldly looked at his only remaining subordinate, saying, “This fruit is not hiding from us.
Come on, feed one to your spiritual beast.”

Yang Deyu’s subordinate turned pale.
In his heart, he wished he could kill the damn woman Mo Feiyan.
Did he survive just to be their guinea pig?

Sun Mu shouted, “Isn’t there another person? Let that person try first.”

What Sun Mu was talking about was an outsider who had survived besides them and Han Fei.
That man was retreating quietly at this moment.
He was not stupid.
It was not easy for him to survive and he was no match for none of them, so he must run away as quickly as possible.

Seeing Yang Deyu’s subordinate chasing that man, Han Fei transmitted his voice to him, Come here.
I can work with you.

At the same time, he transmitted a message to Sun Mu and the others, Stop it.
Do you think that the matter here is over? Don’t forget this place is still sealed and our memories have not disappeared yet.

Sun Mu shouted at him, “I’d like to kill you first.”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Go to hell! I know how to go out without losing memory.
Let’s fight after getting out of this damn place,


Mo Feiyan immediately raised her hand to stop him.
“Stop… Han Fei, do you really know?”

Han Fei smiled.
“I’m different from you.
I’m only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
You are all peak-leveled Dangling Fishers.
Since I dare to come, I can get out.”

Yang Deyu immediately shouted to his subordinate, “Come back.”

The outsider, seeing Yang Deyu retreat, immediately swam to Han Fei.
As Han Fei said, he was too weak alone.
In front of a group of peak-level Dangling Fishers, he was only a vulnerable advanced Dangling Fisher.

Sun Mu and the others did not take an advanced Dangling Fisher seriously, so they didn’t stop him.

Yang Deyu stared at Han Fei fiercely.
“Now tell me how to get out!”

Han Fei took a look at them and got a sudden idea.
Then he said, “Cut down the tree.
This Big Red Trunk is the source of all problems.
As long as you cut it down, all problems will be solved.”


Mo Feiyan asked, “If the tree can be cut down, why is it still here? The people who came before us would have already cut it down!”

Yang Deyu scolded, “Are you stupid? How can you cut down such a thick tree? Hit it with your head?!”

Han Fei scoffed.
“You people, including those who died, know that there is a chance here.
Who will really cut the tree down? Which one of you even thought about it? The idea had just come to Han Fei just now.
After all, seeing such a huge tree, people would only be in awe and fear of it.

Most importantly, those who had gone out from here and lost their memories had almost all got a chance.

But now, Han Fei didn’t think he had gotten any special chances.
The Red Ball was not a chance at all.
When ordinary people ate it, they would become fish immediately, although it was a chance for spiritual beasts indeed!

This didn’t make any sense.

Therefore, Han Fei guessed that something must happen soon.
Unfortunately, he didn’t want the so-called ‘chance’ at all now.
Who wanted to lose his memory for nothing? It would be better to find a way to cut down this tree directly, which would be a real chance.

Sun Mu suddenly said, “I have a question.
Where is the eighth person among us?”

Yang Deyu looked around.
“The eighth person?”

Sun Mu glanced around.
“I remember 8 fishes survived.
However, there are only 7 people standing here.
Where is the other?”

Hearing what Sun Mu said, Han Fei was also taken aback.

However, Han Fei had a hunch that it must be Yang Ruoyun.
He looked around.
Sure enough, the woman had disappeared.

Then Yang Deyu said coldly, “The woman who rang the bell just now is gone.”

Sun Mu looked at Han Fei.
“That woman came with you, right?” Han Fei shrugged.
“Don’t ask me, I don’t know her well.
If I were in a group with her, I would have killed you long ago, right?”


While everyone was wondering, dozens of red leaves fell down from the Big Red Trunk and floated to those who had swallowed the Red Balls.

At this moment, these people had almost completely become fish, or to be exact, become Millennium Snappers!

Han Fei, Sun Mu and the others were a bit scared.
People had become fish.
This was a change of species! How horrible was this!

Then they all looked at the Big Red Trunk, on which dense clusters of Millennium Snappers were singing.
This scene made their hair stand on end.

“Were these fish actually all humans?”

Mo Feiyan looked at her former subordinates not far away.
At this moment, they were flapping their tails and making a singing sound.
Mo Feiyan couldn’t help but take a step back.

Han Fei said via voice transmission, Master Hexagon, is there any other way to get out?

Han Fei was scared.
This was different from the Fish Avatar Technique.
With the Fish Avatar Technique, a human took an active attempt to become a fish and its ultimate goal was to allow humans to freely switch between human form and fish form.

But the Red Ball transformed humans into fish forcibly and irreversibly, or to be exact, transformed humans into Millennium Snappers.
So every single Millennium Snapper here was actually a human life!

Hexagon Starfish who hid somewhere responded to Han Fei, There is no way to get out! You can’t get out unless you are carried out by the fish.

“Carried out by the fish?”

Han Fei continued his voice transmission, Master Hexagon, can you help me collect a few more red fruits?

Hexagon Starfish drilled out of the ground and hung on Han Fei’s calf.
This is not difficult.
This kind of fruit is abundant here, but the fish don’t let me take it.
After eating one, I’m not allowed to take a second one.
But, if you really want to take some, you can go to the school of fish to pick it.
You can ask your little black fish to steal it…

Han Fei’s face changed slightly.
These Millennium Snappers are not weak and can control spiritual plants.
What if Little Black is discovered?

Hexagon Starfish said leisurely, Fish are stupid.
They just guard the fruit, but once the fruit is picked, they won’t chase you.
And your little black fish is not afraid of mental attacks.
What are you worried about?

Huh? How do you know Little Black is not afraid of mental attacks?

Han Fei was stunned.
I didn’t even know that.
How do you know it?

Hexagon Starfish replied, Your spiritual beasts are a bit strange.
They seem to share everything as if they are one.
If you don’t release the little white fish, the little black fish will come back to life even if he dies… Very strange spiritual beasts.

Han Fei was shocked.
What the starfish said was true.
If either Little Black or Little White was alive, the other wouldn’t die.
But Han Fei didn’t know that Little Black was not afraid of mental attacks.
This was not shown in the data.

Hexagon Starfish, this mysterious starfish, actually knew the secret between Little Black and Little White.
Was it because mysterious creatures had telepathy with each other?

Han Fei immediately asked Little Black to swim up to pick the fruit.
This Red Ball did no good to humans, but it seemed to be able to enhance the strength of spiritual beasts.

Yang Deyu’s subordinate remained silent at this moment for fear that his master would notice him and then order him to feed his spiritual beast the fruit.
After seeing the horrible scene of humans turning into fish, he didn’t want to take the risk at all.

Han Fei asked, “Hey, are you going to cut down the tree or not? Say something…”

Sun Mu took a deep look at Han Fei.
“We can cut down the tree even without you.
Why should we spare your life?” Han Fei sneered.
“Now, most of your subordinates have died.
Let’s not talk about whether you guys can kill me or not… Even if you can, I can guarantee that most of you won’t be able to survive.”

With that, more than forty spiritual weapons swooshed out of Han Fei’s body.
These were all the spiritual weapons he had and also one of his trump cards.
Han Fei sneered.
“See my spiritual weapons? Even if I blow them up, there won’t be any problem for me to kill one or two of you!”

Yang Deyu rubbed his head grumpily.
“F*ck, I knew the guy who could snatch the Sea Token would not be easy to deal with.
This guy is tough!”

Mo Feiyan exclaimed, “I like him more and more!”

Yang Deyu glanced at Mo Feiyan contemptuously, cursing, “Mo Feiyan, don’t be a disgrace!”

Mo Feiyan immediately turned purple in anger and hacked at Yang Deyu with the long sword in her hand that was entangled with frost.
“Say that again!”

Seeing this scene, Han Fei said with a smile, “Little beauty, slash him, slash him harder.”

Yang Deyu pointed at Han Fei with his ax.
“Are you looking for death?”

Han Fei grinned.
“I advise you to think about it quickly.
Kill me or cut down the tree? Don’t waste time… Something may happen again in a moment.
What if you guys become fish?”

Sun Mu said lightly, “Why don’t you try it first? The trunk of this tree is thick, nearly 50 meters.
Are you going to cut it with the knife in your hand? Don’t forget that this is the Big Red Trunk that has existed for tens of thousands of years is even harder than spiritual weapons.
How many inches can you cut through?”

Han Fei had early considered this problem.
“Hey, you… Your family has chased me down three times, so I guess you must know me a little bit.
Although I’m not talented, I’ve acquired some refining techniques.
It is not difficult for me to make a spiritual weapon that can chop down the tree.
As long as each of you gives me a spiritual fruit, I can make a good tool to cut down the tree in thirty minutes or so.”

Yang Deyu immediately cursed, “Brat, do you think we’re fools? You’re going to die and you’re still trying to swindle spiritual fruits from our hands? Are you out of your mind?”

Mo Feiyan did not speak but looked at Sun Mu.

Sun Mu frowned slightly, and then, to everyone’s surprise, he threw a spiritual fruit to Han Fei.

Yang Deyu was shocked.
“Are you crazy?”

Sun Mu looked at Han Fei deadpan.
“I’ll have a lot more time to kill you besides today.”

Sun Mu made this choice with a reason.
Not just because they were trapped in the seal of the Big Red Trunk, more importantly, Yang Deyu and Mo Feiyan were here.
Even if he killed Han Fei, it was doubtful whether he could get the Sea Token or not.

Mo Feiyan smiled and glanced at Sun Mu deeply.
Many people of the Sun Family died this time! However, Sun Mu chose to cooperate with Han Fei without a blink.
This was interesting!

Mo Feiyan also casually threw a spiritual fruit to Han Fei and said, “I am more and more curious about you.
Seriously, if you come to our Mo Family, you can keep the Sea Token and I will block Sun Mu for you.”

Han Fei grunted.
“You are beautiful.” Mo Feiyan giggled.
“Thank you for the compliment.” “But why are you so silly?”

Mo Feiyan: “…”

When Yang Deyu saw that Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan had both given a spiritual fruit to Han Fei, he reluctantly threw one to him and threatened, “If you don’t keep your word, one more person will hunt you down after today.”

Han Fei grabbed the three spiritual fruits and grinned.
“Wait for me for thirty minutes.”

After that, Han Fei looked at the advanced Dangling Fisher next to him and smiled.
“Brother, they won’t touch you right now.
Don’t worry!”

With that, Han Fei flashed into the leaves of the Big Red Trunk and disappeared.

After a moment.

In the outside world.

Yang Deyu said, “Sun Mu, this time, your family has suffered a heavy loss! But I don’t think you can get that guy!” Sun Mu coldly snorted.
“Why, the Yang Family wants to intervene?”

Yang Deyu looked rough, but in fact, he was not stupid.
He shot back, “Didn’t I already intervene? The Sea Token doesn’t belong to anyone.
I think I also have a chance to get it.”

Mo Feiyan interjected, “Don’t forget me.
We have an equal chance to get the token.”

Sun Mu remained expressionless and said lightly, “If he was so easy to catch, the Sun Family wouldn’t have lost so many people.
You can have a try.
Also, don’t forget that woman.
We still don’t know yet where she is.
That is a hidden danger.”

Yang Deyu said disdainfully, “The woman is very weak, incomparable to Han Fei.”

Sun Mu snorted.
“Idiot, people who can come here can’t be simple.
Don’t forget that the woman is only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
Isn’t it strange?”

Half an hour later.


A figure jumped out of the leaves.
It was Han Fei.

Han Fei waved his hand casually and several circles were tossed out.
Yang Deyu and Sun Mu’s men immediately shielded them behind and caught the circles.

It was a soft saw that was nearly 100 meters long with small barbed blades.
No one doubted this thing could easily cut off a spiritual weapon.

Han Fei pulled the ring on the other end of the soft saw and said, “This Big Red Trunk can’t be cut with knives and swords but a saw is different.
Now let’s have a try?”

Han Fei was instigating them to cut down the tree.
This Big Red Trunk was home to those Millennium Snappers.
He himself didn’t know what would happen if they cut down the tree.

But Han Fei had to do this.
Otherwise, he would be in danger.

Sawing the tree might trigger a riot from the Millennium Snappers or other unexpected consequences, but no matter what, his first priority was to get rid of the five people on the opposite side.

If they were just five ordinary peak-level Dangling Fishers, he might have a try to see if he could kill them.

But Sun Mu and the other two were not ordinary Dangling Fishers.
Although he hadn’t fought them yet, he could be sure that with his current strength, he could only deal with one of the three at most.
If the three of them ganged up on him, he would definitely lose.

Although Han Fei was confident with his own strength, it depended on who he faced.
These people were from the most powerful families of the Thousand Star City.
He wasn’t sure how strong they were.
He still remembered last time, he was almost slaughtered by Sun Ye who used secret methods to improve his strength to the extreme.

Han Fei looked at Sun Mu and the others.
“Are you going to do it? If you are, do it quickly.” Yang Deyu pouted his lips at his subordinate, signaling him to go over.
“You, go with him…”

As he said this, he looked at Sun Mu.
“Hey, ask your underling to do it with them.”

Sun Mu nodded.
Regarding this point, he and Yang Deyu had the same thought.
They were not so stupid as really to go to saw the tree.
Now if there was a crisis, they would have a chance to react.

Han Fei seemed to have expected this result and looked at the man next to him.
“Brother, what is your name?”

This man was already in his early twenties and was not used to being called “Brother” by Han Fei.
But he knew well about what kind of situation he was in.
Since he had chosen to cooperate with Han Fei, he had to show his sincerity.

“Chen Zhe, a soul warrior.”

Han Fei nodded.
“OK, let’s saw the tree on this side.”

Sun Mu and Yang Deyu’s men took the other side and the four of them started to pull the soft saw.

Chug, Chug, Chug… The soft saw was pulled back and forth.
Since they used spiritual energy, the efficiency was quite high.

After a short while, a huge saw mark appeared on the trunk of the Big Red Trunk.

Soon, the soft saw had already gone deep into the Big Red Trunk.

Han Fei was speechless.
Why don’t you give me some reaction, you damn tree?! Do you have to wait until I cut you down?

After sawing for some time more, the singing sound came from the top of the tree.

Han Fei knew something was going to happen!

He quickly took Little Black back.

The others couldn’t see what happened on this side and Little Black spat out the fruits to Little White.
Only then did Han Fei find that Little Black stole 8 Red Balls in one go.

Han Fei immediately said to Little White through voice transmission, Leave two.

Suddenly, Yang Deyu waved his giant ax.
“Han Fei, what is your spiritual beast doing?”

Little White slowly swam out from behind the tree and Han Fei smiled.
“What can a Spirit Swallowing Fish do? It was just circling around the Big Red Trunk to see if the tree reacted…”

Yang Deyu shouted, “Put away your spiritual beasts.
Don’t try to play any tricks.
Otherwise, I can chop you to death first and then cut the tree.”

Han Fei sneered.
“You can have a try.
Believe it or not, if you dare to touch me, I will climb up the tree and send the Millennium Snappers down! Let me see how you guys can cut the tree.”

The two stared at each other.
In the end, Yang Deyu snorted and said nothing.

However, Yang Deyu secretly transmitted his voice to Mo Feiyan and Sun Mu.
I have a feeling that this guy is delaying time… Besides, they have cut the tree for so long.
Why doesn’t the tree have any reaction?

Sun Mu responded, It’s a bit strange.
Let’s wait and see.

“La, la…”

Just after Han Fei sawed the tree for about ten minutes, a very loud sound suddenly burst out from the height, and immediately afterward, the Big Red Trunk began to shake.

The tree was shaking itself as if it had come alive.
Just in a moment, red leaves were falling all over the sky and their flames covered dozens of miles in a radius, shrouding everyone.

Han Fei and the other three were the first to be affected.
They were close to the trunk and had nowhere to run.

Han Fei shouted, “Hey, do you guys still want to sit by and watch? If you have any trump cards, quickly use them to protect us.
At least we have to delay for an hour before we have the chance to cut down this giant tree.”

Sun Mu and the other two were hesitating.
An hour? What kind of trump card could resist this endless flame for an hour?

But Han Fei kept shouting, “Now, we’re on the same boat.
This tree doesn’t care whether you’re from the powerful families of the Thousand Star City or not… Even if you hide away, you can’t escape the flying red leaves.
Why don’t you hide under the tree? As long as we hold on through this period of time, we will win.”

By Han Fei’s side, Chen Zhe said in fright, “I can’t hold on for that long.
I will be killed.”

Han Fei sneered.
“Now no one can run away.”

After that, Han Fei shouted to everyone, “Come on, use all your spiritual energy.
This is only a tree.”

While trying to persuade them, Han Fei kept pulling the soft saw.
This time, he did his best.
Surrounded with spiritual energy, he quickly pulled the soft saw, which forced the other two on the opposite side to speed up too.

However, soon a large number of sword-shaped red leaves flew at them and all they could hear was the singing sounds.

Han Fei shouted, “Come on, join us!”

Yang Deyu cursed and waved his ax to cut a red leaf.
“Fuck, give me a ring.”

Sun Mu hesitated for a while and followed Yang Deyu to grab a ring.

When Han Fei was refining this saw, only 4 rings were set on each side, so one from the other party must come to his side.

He had thought it would be one of their underlings.
Then he would not have to worry about being attacked.

However, a sword swept away the red leaves and Mo Feiyan appeared beside him.

Mo Feiyan took a look at Han Fei coldly.
“I know you wouldn’t be so kind.
You should have guessed this result long ago…”

Han Fei smiled.
“Didn’t you guess the result too? But you didn’t stop me.
This means that you are confident to survive these red leaves… Or to be exact, you are confident to block the attack of those Millennium Snappers.”

Mo Feiyan pulled up a ring and then responded, “Yes, we are only worried about the danger behind.
Since you said you could cut down the tree, why not let you have a try? Maybe you can solve the mystery of this Big Red Trunk, right?”

Han Fei smiled.
“However, to cut down the tree, I need a lot of spiritual energy.
If I run out of spiritual energy, you’ve gotta help me.
I just need a few spiritual fruits.”

Mo Feiyan snorted.
“Why should I help you? It’s you who proposed to cut the tree.
It’s your business if you can’t hold on.”

Han Fei just asked, “Do you want the Sea Token?”

Mo Feiyan paused.
“Will you give it to me?”

“As long as I keep the token, I’ll have to face your endless chase every day.
I am here looking for opportunities, not for death.
Instead of this, I might as well throw the token away and let you guys fight head over heels for it.
Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Giggle… Do you think I believe you?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“Whether you believe me or not, you’ll only lose a few spiritual fruits.
I want to give the token to you because you are the only girl among the three.
I really don’t like the other two bastards… But I’ll have to give you the token in the sight of the two of them.
Otherwise, if you deny it, I’ll still be hunted down by them.”

While pulling the soft saw, Mo Feiyan was thinking suspiciously, Would Han Fei really give up on the Sea Token? Mo Feiyan couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know what the Sea Token stands for?”

Han Fei sneered.
“No matter how great a chance it holds, it is not as important as my life.
As long as I’m alive, I’ll get chances sooner or later, but if I die, what’s the use of chances? However, I want to make it clear that just because I give the token to you does not mean that I will not take it back.
After I become stronger, I’ll try my best to take it back.”

Mo Feiyan tilted her head and looked deeply at Han Fei.
However, his face was blocked by the burning red leaves.

Mo Feiyan chuckled and said, “Okay, just a few spiritual fruits.
I can afford it.
But remember the Mo Family is no worse than the Sun Family.
If you dare to lie to me, you will never ever be able to appear in the level-three fishery again…”

“I don’t have to lie to you.
If you still dare to stay in the level-three fishery after getting the token, I can assure you that I will definitely come to you again…”

Han Fei smiled.
The strong couldn’t be idiots.

In the face of these people, conspiracies were meaningless.
He’d better just tell her clearly, which would work better.

After a short while, Chen Zhe, who was not far away, said in voice transmission, Do you have any spiritual fruit? Give me one.
I can’t stand it anymore.

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