Chapter 350 Across A Sea of Worms

Traversing through the Sea Grassland, Han Fei only felt tired.
Why did he come across so many strange creatures along the way?

Now he finally encountered a group of adorable and harmless Lotus Fish, but they seemed to be trapped here by something.

Han Fei stroked the large Lotus Fish.
Regardless of whether the other party could understand him or not, he said, “Let me go.
I’m here to hunt for treasure and I can’t stay here.
Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll bring you disaster.”

Perhaps this Lotus Fish understood Han Fei’s meaning.
When he swam forward again, although there were still some Lotus Fish in front of him, they no longer stopped him…


Under the leadership of the big Lotus Fish, thousands of Lotus Fish swarmed around Han Fei and swam forward.

Han Fei smiled.
“Why are you here too? To bid my farewell? Thank you! But you don’t have to be so polite.”

Seeing that the Lotus Fishes still surrounded him, he didn’t say anymore.
Perhaps these Lotus Fish were innocent and hospitable by nature.

He still had a long way to swim.
Han Fei was not in a hurry anyway, so he swam forward while playing with the Lotus Fish.

For some reason, Han Fei felt very peaceful in his heart along the way.
In the shower of colorful dust, his spiritual power seemed to be increasing, and his spiritual perception range had obviously increased by several meters.

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at the Lotus Fish again, who looked so cute as if unaware of what happened.

“Huh! That’s weird.
Why has my spiritual power suddenly increased?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
Could it be possible that the colorful dust sprinkled by these Lotus Fish could increase spiritual power?

Suddenly, Han Fei sat cross-legged and small pieces of the “God scaring Painting” appeared in his mind.

But different from the past, the effect of meditating on the “God scaring Painting” this time was dozens of times more than before.
All kinds of complicated lines, graphics, and text seemed to be easier to remember.

After half a day, when a piece of the “God scaring Painting” was completely memorized by Han Fei, Han Fei was surprised to find that his spiritual perception range increased by 50 meters, and now it was 350 in total…

He opened his eyes and those Lotus Fish surrounded him, scattering a piece of glittering colored stardust from time to time.

“What a bunch of little cuties, haha…”

Han Fei looked at the colorful stardust on his body and couldn’t help closing his eyes again.
What is chance? This is a so-called chance.
Does any Dangling Fisher dare to say that he can increase his perception range by 50 meters in half a day?

Wenren Yu once said that a great fishing master can only try to learn spiritual perception.
Only after you become a Dangling Fisher would you gradually understand and acquire the ability of spiritual perception…

But in fact, among the people Han Fei had encountered so far, even advanced Dangling Fishers only had a spiritual perception range less than 100 meters.

Han Fei also wondered under what circumstances could this so-called spiritual perception be improved on a large scale? But probably not before he became a peak-level Dangling Fisher…

After another half-day, when Han Fei’s perception range reached 400 meters, he seemed to hit a bottleneck.
Although he could still improve, the speed was much slower than before.

“Um, interesting.
If I have enough time to stay here for a full month to forcefully meditate on the “God Scaring Painting”, my perception range would increase by more than a hundred meters more even if the speed has slowed down…”

However, Han Fei did not plan to spend this time.
It was impossible for him to waste a month of time in the Sea Grassland! The level-three fishery was so big and there were too many places he hadn’t been to…

Han Fei opened his eyes and then suddenly stood up.


To his surprise, he was covered by the stardust which consisted of thousands of colors…

At the moment he got up, the small stardust particles, like fine quicksand, fell from his body.
And the Lotus Fish around Han Fei wagged their tails from time to time and turned the lotus, causing the stardust to start flying…

Gradually, this area of surrounding water seemed to have changed into a colorful fairyland.

Han Fei touched the heads of the Lotus Fish that had come closer and smiled.
“This time, I really have to leave.
I will come again when I have a chance.”

Every time Han Fei took a step, stardust slipped off his body, making him look like a celestial being

But the more Han Fei got closer to the periphery of the waters, the more he could feel the tension of the Lotus Fish behind him.

Gradually, there were only a few hundred Lotus Fishes still following Han Fei.
And their number was still decreasing.

Han Fei knew that the danger was coming.

Especially, when there was only the biggest Lotus Fish left, he held his breath! He saw the silent sea ahead.

Like black and a white, where he was now was a prosperous and gorgeous sea of Lotus Fish, while a hundred meters in front of him was an icy, deserted wasteland with dull colors.

Han Fei shouted, “Go back!”

But the big Lotus Fish refused to leave and Han Fei could only let it.
He activated his spiritual perception and walked forward step by step.

After swimming about 500 meters, the big Lotus Fish also stopped and looked at Han Fei reluctantly behind.

At this moment, Han Fei was standing in the front, watching the scene in front of him and swallowing saliva.

In front of his eyes, there was a huge abyss, with no end in sight.

However, in this seemingly barren taboo place, there were still lives.
In the gully, there were dense schools of Worm Fish, which were palm-sized and resembled rotting worms, with a hole in their heads.
Half of their bodies were exposed outside their holes.

When Han Fei saw the information in his eyes, he felt a creepy sensation all over.
Worm Fish

The combination of worm and fish, a parasitic fish species.
Saprophagous, love to kill each other, ferocious and cruel, the filth of fish.
Its worm can act as a parasite outside its body and penetrate into the




4 points



“F*ck… What the hell is this damn place? How many unknown creatures are there in this damn sea?”

Although this Worm Fish was only at level-9, it made sense.
Marching Sea Leeches were also low-leveled and contained little spiritual energy, but if they targeted you, you would be in serious trouble!

The same went for the Worm Fish.
They seemed to be low-leveled, but they had incredible numbers.
As far as Han Fei could see, all he saw was a dense spread of Worm Fishes.

“F*ck…” Han Fei looked up at the sky where there were also scattered Worm Fish swimming in the dark.

Han Fei thought maybe he could swim past from a height, but as soon as he went to try, he felt something was pulling him behind.

Han Fei looked back and found that it was that big Lotus Fish.

Han Fei assured the fish, “Well! It’s okay.
If anything happens, I’ll be back.”

Then he swiftly swam to the top of this abyss.
On his back, two wings appeared and he drew a dazzling arc in the sea.

However, at the moment when Han Fei swam away, the abyss seemed to be in chaos.
Countless Worm Fish, like the storm of the doomsday, swept up.

Little Gold’s speed was fast enough.
However, no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t resist the densely packed Worm Fish in this sea area.


Han Fei’s face was all dark.
He waved and a water ball enveloped him, and at the same time, he activated a spiritual energy protective cover.
In the school of the Worm Fishes, he twisted and turned to avoid being caught.
In the quiet and dark waters, his figure was dazzling.

That scene was chaotic.
But only after a while, Han Fei had already lost his direction.
Because all he could perceive were Worm Fish and there was no gap in any direction.
Han Fei frowned, thinking about rushing out a way first and then choosing a direction.

But when Han Fei was murderously brandishing the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers, the Worm Fish around him suddenly gave way.
And behind them, a Lotus Fish was swimming over slowly.


The Lotus Fish’s lotus seat was spinning under it and a mass of colored light mist was scattered.
The Worm Fish immediately escaped when they saw it.

When the Lotus Fish swam in front of Han Fei, the lotus seat under it suddenly spun off automatically and fell at Han Fei’s feet.

Han Fei was surprised.
He knew that the Lotus Fish could repel filth, but he didn’t know it could be so magical.

The Lotus Fish was opening a way with the lotus seat.
Wherever it went, all fishes retreated.
This scene was simply shocking.

Han Fei almost couldn’t believe it.
Is there really such a good fish in the world? It has really helped me a lot! But I haven’t helped them much except by playing with them for a short while!

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