3482 River of Eternal Darkness (4)

Another two months passed.

There was no need for Han Fei to attack the Fearful Undead, because the source of the dead was meaningless to him.

After Han Fei entered the River of Eternal Darkness for a year, he saw all kinds of dark creatures.
Most of them were different, but some were very similar.

For example, a faceless humanoid crawling monster bathed in black flames.
Han Fei named it the Slave of Flame.

For example, a kind of black mask that often appeared out of nowhere, the kind of mask that tried to put itself on Han Fei’s face.
Of course, they never succeeded.
Han Fei called it the Dark Mask.

For example, skeleton soldiers were relatively common.

For example, a kind of weird body with mixed limbs.
It was called Limb Monster by Han Fei.

After such a long time, Han Fei had discovered one of their special characteristics, which was that most of these creatures mastered the law of fear.
It was not that they should have mastered this law in the first place, but that the River of Eternal Darkness had given them this law.

Han Fei guessed that it might be some creatures that died under the law of fear.
Some part of their souls might be immersed in the River of Eternal Darkness, and then these souls entangled each other, giving birth to these monsters that were lifeless but could survive.

Therefore, the River of Eternal Darkness could actually be called the River of Fear.
Because he often interacted with these strange creatures, Han Fei had mastered the law of fear extremely well now.

Two years after entering the River of Eternal Darkness.

On this day, Han Fei activated his Original Great Dao as usual and traveled with the strength of a god.

Suddenly, he hit a huge object that looked like a mountain.
More importantly, it wasn’t shattered by his power.

When Han Fei scanned around with his perception, he immediately exclaimed, because he saw a huge fish head.
It was a big black fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth and two eyes like two stars.
With his perception range, he could only see half of the big fish head.

The big fish seemed to be a little puzzled.
It didn’t do anything but was suddenly hit.

When he saw Han Fei, he seemed to be interested.
He immediately opened his mouth and roared at Han Fei.
In an instant, infinite terrifying laws blew past Han Fei.

As for Han Fei, he protected himself with the Light of Purification and was not disturbed by this power.


Han Fei punched back, blasting a hole in the big fish’s head.
In the next moment, Han Fei saw dense small fish blowing bubbles in the fish’s head, repairing the hole in the blink of an eye.

“Sea Quelling God-level?”

Han Fei was shocked.
This was the first time in a year that he had encountered a Sea Quelling God-level Fear Undead in the River of Eternal Darkness.
However, this big fish seemed to be composed of countless small fish.

Han Fei immediately realized that this was another undead combination body.


Seeing that this person actually injured him, the big fish immediately roared.
Han Fei felt that his scalp was a little numb, as if some power was trying to shake his soul and invade his body.

In the next moment, Han Fei saw the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye appear beside him, the flowing Chaotic Nether River, and even a god-slaying-level ominous creature.


Han Fei immediately made a judgment.
It was fine if the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye and the Chaotic Nether River appeared, but what was with the ominous creatures? Could it be that the ominous had opened a channel in the River of Eternal Darkness? Wasn’t that asking for destruction? There were so many undead creatures here, and the law of fear was everywhere.
There must be something wrong with the ominous to come here to fight.
Therefore, Han Fei concluded that this was an illusion.

“Thunder Fire!”

With a swish, a thousand kilometers around Han Fei was instantly filled with thunder and fire.

The lightning had the ability to purify evil.
It was impossible for a mere illusion to resist the power of the Sea Quelling God-level lightning and fire.
In the lightning and fire, the Heavenly Dao Dharma Eye, the Nether River, and the ominous creature were overturned and instantly purified before they could attack.

A large number of holes were burnt on the big fish’s head by the lightning and fire, and countless small fish were annihilating inside.


The big fish opened its mouth, and millions of small fish formed a tide and surged out.
Although the lightning and fire were ferocious, they could only burn the outermost layer.

“World Destruction Fist.”

The Star Fist Technique was domineering and arrogant.
When the fish tide was about to submerge Han Fei, the fist smashed out, leaving a vacuum.

But in the next moment, Han Fei saw that the big fish’s mouth covered his perception.
It was trying to eat him!

“Sword Five, Shattering.”

“Time Arcane Technique.”

Swish, Swish ~

Two consecutive peak-level strikes cut open the fish head, and the slash marks extended out of his perception.
At the same time, thousands of lightning bolts burst out around Han Fei, crazily purifying the strange fish.

This time, the big fish was finally killed.
Han Fei couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, his peak combat power had been increased to 8 million, which had reached the standard of ordinary Sea Quelling Gods.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy to deal with.

Feeling the abnormality of the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage, the source of the dead entered Han Fei’s body.
Although it should be a lot, it couldn’t increase Han Fei’s strength.

“It seems that I have to reserve a certain amount of combat power for the rest of the way.
Otherwise, it will be difficult to encounter this monster again.”

Han Fei recovered a little and continued to set off.

Three years.

Five years.

Without Ximen Linglan’s precise location, Han Fei could only search slowly.

In the seventh year, Han Fei was already numb.
Every day, except for rushing, he experienced some trivial battles.
Of course, he also had to withstand the baptism and corrosion of the River of Eternal Darkness that was comparable to hellfire.

Seven years later.

Han Fei still rushed to the unknown area of the River of Eternal Darkness.


This was the umpteenth time Han Fei had bumped into something.
He instinctively prepared to enter combat mode.
However, when he took a closer look, he was surprised to see that this was a cage barrier completely made of the law of time.

Buzz ~

Han Fei was refreshed and overjoyed.
Had he finally found her?

Han Fei scanned around with his perception.
This Time Cage was very strong, but it didn’t block the tide of the River of Eternal Darkness.
This meant that the purpose of this barrier was just to get rid of some Fearful Undead.
With his time law, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to enter.

Just as Han Fei was trying to blend into the light ball cage, suddenly, in front of him, time intertwined and turned into a man in a green battle suit.

“Master Human Emperor, you’re finally here.”

“Who is it?”

Han Fei frowned slightly.

“Yuan Kong, the Third Master of the Time Temple, has been waiting for a long time.”

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