Chapter 335 Who’s the Prey?

Zhang Ming was dead.

His eyes were widened before his head.
Right in the place where Han Fei just set him free, he was tied up by countless Beauty’s Beards after he broke out of the soil and then was cut into two parts by a pair of gigantic pincers.

The guys who came with Zhang Ming were all shocked to see that.

This place had been enshrouded by the Beauty’s Beards as well as other lurkers.
The moment they emerged from the soil, a couple of snakes mauled them.

The few peak Dangling Fishers attacked simultaneously, mincing the Beauty’s Beards and wiping out the conchs, snakes, and crabs.
It’s definitely that boy.”

Someone said, “That guy is a genius.
He set up a Spirit Gathering Array here and attracted a lot of creatures.
It seems that he spared that guy intentionally.
He knew that we were after him.”

Another person replied, “He’s indeed something, or we wouldn’t have been deployed to catch him.
However, he still underestimated the peak-level Dangling Fishers.
He really thinks that the Beauty’s Beards and those regular creatures could kill


One of them sneered at the tiny bottle in the Spirit Gathering Array.
“The pivot of the array is here.
Humph… That little thief can’t be far away.”

He reached his hand for the bottle.
In his experience, good stuff was often placed at the pivot of the array to bait other creatures.

“Wait a moment.”

Someone had just reminded him when the bottle as well as the Spirit Gathering Array exploded, turning the whole place into a mess.

A huge crater was left on the ground after the explosion, and the seven people escaped rapidly, covered in dust.

“Fool, do you really think that the boy is an idiot? How could he have not set up traps?”

All of them looked awful.
It was really embarrassing that they were tricked by a boy when they were peak-level Dangling Fishers.
The guy holding the bottle was about to respond, but his face changed greatly.
His hands and his face quickly turned green, with blood of the same color running out.

“Not good! It’s the venom of the Green Arrow Venomous Frog!” The other six people all backed off, their faces changing greatly.
“Anti… dote…”

The poisoned man was frightened.
The skin all over his body had turned green after only one minute, and green blood was leaking nonstop.

“Who took the antidote for the Green Arrow Venomous Frog?”

One of the six guys asked with an awful expression.
However, his companions all shook their heads.
The Green Arrow Venomous Frogs lived on the surface of the water.
They never thought that the antidote to those frogs would be needed in the water.

One of them said, “Sun Qun, protect your heart with your spiritual energy.
Hang in there until we come back…”

Then, the six of them looked at each other and swam to the surface of the ocean simultaneously.

It was not difficult to find the antidote to the Green Arrow Venomous Frogs.
If Han Fei had searched the reeds, he would’ve found certain plain-looking fruits.

Though those fruits were unremarkable, they could resolve the venom of the Green Arrow Venomous Frogs.

Of course, the antidote was only needed because the victim was a peak-level Dangling Fisher.
If he were a beginner Dangling Fisher, he would’ve died already several seconds after he was poisoned.

After about half an hour, all of them returned, but they all looked very awful, as Sun Qun had already died.
He had turned completely green and black.
“Damn it!”

They couldn’t be angrier.
Sun Qun took the blast of the explosion first.
Although the explosion did not hurt him, it stimulated the spiritual energy in his body, and plus with the poison of the Green Arrow Venomous Frog, he had been killed as a peak-level Dangling Fisher.

“Let’s go after him! The boy can’t be far away since he lured us to come here.
I’m going to find out what a beginner Dangling Fisher can possibly do.”

Since the moment of the explosion, Han Fei had established a Spirit Gathering Array and a Spirit Explosion Array.
They were not meant to kill anyone.

Han Fei knew very well that even ten explosions might not be enough to kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher.

However, Han Fei needed the Spirit Gathering Array and the Spirit Explosion Array to navigate them and show them that he was here.

After setting up the arrays, Han Fei crept into the Sea Red Wood.
Starting from this moment, he would play an exciting game with the hunters.

Han Fei did not know what was ahead of him, but he was confident of his agility.
The Beauty’s Beards and the Spirit Devouring Bugs were no threat for him at all.

Instead of roaming the wood casually, Han Fei sped up.

There were a lot of dangers in the wood.
Han Fei personally saw that a long insect opened its mouth widely and bit him when he passed by.

Having seen it coming, Han Fei smashed it with his seal, breaking both the insect and the tree.

Sea spiders were floating among the leaves too.
Threads were everywhere when Han Fei passed.
He was caught in the spider threads many times and had to cut them with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.
Thanks to his speed, he avoided many dangers before they burst out.

After every dozen kilometers, Han Fei would drop a pack of spiritual energy behind him.


The water shivered again, and Han Fei smiled.
The second Spirit Explosion Array had been detonated, so the third one must be underway.
Game on.”

Several hundred kilometers behind Han Fei, the six-man team looked awful as they suffered another explosion.

“Damn it.
Did that boy think that he could kill us with such minor arrays? I really don’t know what’s on his mind.”

“Don’t be angry, the boy is luring us to go forward.
A thousand kilometers far is a boundary.
Let’s go there first and see if the boy dares to press further.”

Someone reminded them, “Be careful.
He is a spirit gatherer, and he must’ve left a lot of arrays on his way.
We’ll be in trouble if he creates arrays in the Sea Red Wood.”

“It doesn’t matter.
It isn’t so easy to create arrays in the Sea Red Wood.
The creatures there aren’t strong but huge in number.
He can’t create arrays and fight simultaneously, can he?”

Out of their expectation, that was exactly what Han Fei was doing.

At this point, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold, and Little Black were slaughtering the spiders in the Sea Red Wood crazily.
Those spiders were rare creatures that had extremely tensile threads.

But none of their threads could approach Han Fei.
The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, on the other hand, had almost been fully tied up.
It could not go stealthy, and its chains were not as sharp as Little Gold’s wings.
So, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was quite uncomfortable.

Han Fei said, “Almost there.
Don’t be hasty.
We’ll let them be tied up by spider threads.

Half an hour later…

Han Fei was standing outside of a purple bamboo wood.
Different from the bamboo wood in the Deep-Sea Jungle in the level-two fishery, this one seemed to be a barrier that separated the inner part of the Seaborne Prairie from the outer part.

Han Fei examined the purple bamboo carefully and found a lot of Walkingsticks that were almost identical to the bamboo.

Below his feet, Han Fei found a few insects that looked like earthworms.
They were smooth and footless, but they felt as dangerous as the Mess Swallowing Worms.

Even so, Han Fei did not pass the barrier recklessly, because neither the Walkingsticks nor the weird earthworms were strong, which was weird.

At this point, another earthquake came close, and Han Fei was rather surprised.
Those people had come to the Sea Red Wood already?

Immediately, Han Fei rushed into the purple bamboo wood without caring about anything else.

He could always hide in Forge the Universe when his life was at risk, but his pursuers certainly couldn’t.
He had decided to lead them to the most dangerous places.

Right after Han Fei passed the thousand-kilometer boundary, the hunters from the Sun Family were dumbfounded.
They had expected another Spirit Explosion Array, but they were caught in a Water Dungeon Array

“Damn it.
Break it now!”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

They were truly in a flurry, wondering how the horde of creatures they met every dozens of kilometers were gathered.
Here, as long as they were trapped in the Water Dungeon Array for a moment, they would be tied up by spider threads.

More importantly, even if they could break free, the tricks that Han Fei played were consuming too much of their spiritual energy.

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