Chapter 334 Hunting

Han Fei was given not a new map but a well-worn one.
The wear and tear on the fish skin suggested that the map was made a long time ago.

He asked curiously, “Where did you get this map?”

The man hesitated and said, “Fr… From someone else.”

Han Fei nodded and asked, “You attacked me the moment you saw me, and your teamwork was not bad.
It couldn’t have been your first time.
So, are you in the ghost boat business?”


The man did not deny it.
Battles were anything but unusual for the pirates on ghost boats.
If Han Fei hadn’t killed two of them so quickly, there would have been a lot of ways for them to turn things around.

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Then why were you lurking here? Did you know that someone would drop by?”

The man nodded.
“Actually, the Seaborne Prairie is a place where ghost boats are gathered in the level-three fishery, because it’s very easy to hide in this place.
Anyone who wants to hunt us down might be killed first here.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow.
“So, there are a lot of pirates in this place?”


Han Fei asked, “How many are out there exactly?”

The man thought for a moment said, “There’s always a pirate team every hundred kilometers.
But they never press too deep into the Seaborne Prairie, which would be lethal even for us.”

Han Fei realized that the place was much livelier than he had expected.

According to what the man said, Han Fei would be hunted every hundred kilometers if he roamed at the edge of the Seaborne Prairie.

It was only logical.
After all, Han Fei was all by himself, and he was perfect prey as a beginner Dangling Fisher.

Han Fei asked, “What’s the furthest place you’ve been to?”

The man replied, “Three hundred kilometers.
We lost two men that time.”

Han Fei was rather surprised.
Two beginner Dangling Fishers were killed after only three hundred kilometers? That was a high casualty


Han Fei recalled the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold.

The man’s eyes were cramping.
He had never seen a spiritual beast with wings, and he knew that this young man couldn’t be anyone ordinary.
Those two powerful spiritual beasts told him that this young man was a monster.

When the man thought in fright that he would probably be killed, Han Fei suddenly said, “I said I wouldn’t kill you, and I won’t.
You can go now!”

Stunned and exhilarated, the man crawled into the mud and escaped.

But he was too busy running to see that Han Fei was shaking his head.

Han Fei shattered the treasure map into pieces with his spiritual energy because he knew that it was a fake one.
He might’ve been interested to explore it if the map was authentic.

Han Fei sneered.
You may have a chance of survival to run to other places in the forest, but why are you running outwardly?

During these days, Han Fei had been on thin ice himself because he knew that a lot of people must be searching the edge of the Seaborne Prairie.
He never showed up on the surface of the water even when he had to breathe.

This man would likely be interrogated when he was caught.
He might survive if he hadn’t seen Little Gold, but now that he had seen it, it was barely possible for him to survive.

But Han Fei did not consider it a big deal.
He dug in the mud and found the Sea Swallowing Seashell of the man his arrow killed.

There wasn’t a lot of good stuff in the Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Just a boat, a spiritual fruit, twenty thousand mid-quality pearls, and two low-quality spiritual blades.
They were not valuable, but Han Fei did not refuse them, not after his huge losses earlier.

Han Fei did not leave immediately.
He worked for a long time in a secret corner and established a Spirit Gathering Array as well as a few ancillary arrays.

The moment the Spirit Gathering Array took shape, spiritual energy was already flowing to this place from all directions.

Han Fei nodded in satisfaction.
The speed of the Spirit Gathering Array was almost as good as a Dangling Fisher cultivating in this place.

As he expected, after only several seconds, the Ponytail Algae stuck out their tongues, and the Beauty’s Beards were gathered.
Han Fei saw that crabs, snakes, and conchs were revealing themselves from the mud and the plants too.
Many Spirit Devouring Bugs were floating to this place too.

Han Fei casually put a tiny bottle here that contained a drop of the venom from the Green Arrow Venomous Frog.

He sneered and said, “Hey! Sun Family, this will be my gift for you.”

At the edge of the Seaborne Prairie…

Zhang Ming escaped crazily and did not stay in the Seaborne Prairie at all, because he would certainly be killed and robbed when he was spotted by other ghost boats in this place.

Ascending in his boat and unleashing his spiritual energy, he was finally relieved when he was hundreds of kilometers away from the Seaborne Prairie.
He swore that he would never get off from a dragon boat after he found one.

However, while he was looking forward to the future, three boats suddenly emerged from the clouds.

A moment later…

Zhang Ming almost burst into tears.
You’re peak Dangling Fishers! Why are you doing the ghost boat business too?

Now, Zhang Ming was on his knees on the deck, and one of the strangers asked him coldly, “Have you ever seen this young man?”

The second group of pirates that Han Fei encountered included five people.
Due to the restriction of the terrain, three of them escaped after the battle.

At this point, Han Fei was picking up the two Sea Swallowing Seashells and establishing arrays again.
Different from earlier, Han Fei established a stealth array and a spirit explosion array, which could heavily wound a peak Dangling Fisher if not kill them.
Han Fei had dropped the idea to save spiritual energy for arts deduction or to reach new levels.
This Seaborne Prairie was dangerous, and he should preserve his spiritual energy in case he needed it.

After three hundred kilometers, Han Fei found that a battle once took place here, as indicated by the broken algae and the bodies of the Spirit Devouring Bugs.

“It’s been three hundred kilometers!”

Han Fei frowned at the red wood before his eyes.
Was this the dangerous place that the people he saw referred to?

Earlier, the journal he retrieved from the Millennium Snapper stated that there was Big Red Trunk in the Seaborne Prairie.

However, he didn’t see any Big Red Trunk but a lot of Sea Red Wood.

The Sea Red Wood was almost an excellent material for boats, but it was definitely not the greatest treasure three hundred kilometers into the Seaborne Prairie could offer.

However, the traces of logging nearby implied that most people wandered in the Seaborne Prairie to chop the Sea Red Wood, which was the easiest thing for most adventurers in the level-three fishery.

Han Fei continued his exploration without staying.
When he was five hundred kilometers in, he saw a black fish swallowing the Spirit Devouring Bugs on the algae.


They’re the cleaners in the ocean that eat algae, moss, fish, bodies, and almost everything else.
It has hard armor and can barely be killed.
Its fins can be made into magic weapons.



1,826 Points

It will result in the chaos of spiritual energy when eaten.


Han Fei was rather stunned.
It was probably the first fish he had seen to cause negative effects when eaten.

At this point, the Scavenger had already seen Han Fei.
Immediately, its fins were opened up, and its head and tail rose like hard bones, making it look like a hedgehog.

Han Fei swam close and planned to observe it more carefully, and it simply crouched in the water without swimming away.

Clang, Clang…

Han Fei tapped it with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, and a crisp sound echoed in the sea.

I’ll spare you if you can take a full-strength attack from me.” Han Fei raised his dagger and slashed it down, gathering his spiritual energy and launching an attack.


“Huh? I didn’t even break its skin?”

Han Fei’s eyes widened.
He found that this creature was different from the Scavengers he knew in that it had nothing but skin and bones.

More importantly, its skin was half a foot thick.
Han Fei could barely tell whether it was skin or flesh.

He was lost for words, and also shocked, because it was the first fish that could resist a full-strength attack from him.
Its defense was unbelievable.

“Huh! Could my Indestructible Body be like this later?”

Han Fei shivered.
He decided that he might as well kill himself if his body was going to turn into such a wretched look.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes grew cold.
He sensed a vague quake below his feet and dropped his easiness.

“They’re coming faster than I expected, aren’t they?”

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