Chapter 331 Journal of Death

Han Fei bombarded the forest at the bottom of the ocean with his long bow.
His attacks were not exactly powerful.
By his estimation, each attack cost him about 800 points of spiritual energy, which was something that Han Fei could bear.

Han Fei had a high capacity of spiritual energy and a well-tempered body, but for this Millennium Snapper, it only had 2,500 points of spiritual energy in total.
It did not seem very good in terms of both defense and speed.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The spiritual plants all exploded, and tremendous leaves from the tree were shredded.
But to Han Fei’s surprise, the branches of the tree were absolutely fine.

In the chaos, Han Fei glanced at the tree and checked its data.

Big Red Trunk

This is a strange wood that is from the ocean forest but has been growing here for unknown reasons.
Because of malnutrition, it only has half its previous power.
It’s capable of sending forth a storm of swords.
Its red leaves can unleash tremendous heat.



6,668 Points


Big Red Wood

Han Fei suddenly remembered that it was the material for the main keel of the boat on the list that the old man gave him.

Then, Han Fei immediately realized that this Big Red Trunk was a mutated version that was of a worse quality.
Would it really be suitable as the main keel?

While it can’t serve as the main keel, it can definitely work as the side keel.”

Han Fei was rather delighted.
He had found one of the key materials for the boat even though he hadn’t been to the Seaborne Prairie yet.


Han Fei came back to himself because of the singing.
He saw that the Millennium Snapper flapped its fins and raised weird sound waves towards Han Fei.

“Humph! Break!” The fourth move of the War Soul Art was activated, and the soundwaves were immediately shattered.
The Millennium Snapper was blown away by the brunt force and broke a tree into halves.

The moment the fish was blown away, the attacks of the plants all came to a stop.



Han Fei dashed to the Millennium Snapper, which was still trying to run and sing.
But Han Fei simply took out his Water Dividing Seal and slapped it over.

This time, the fish had no strength to make a sound anymore.
Han Fei even saw that some of its intestines were flowing out.

Like a demon, Han Fei stood before the Millennium Snapper and declared, “Bend or die… Demon Purification Pot, take it.”

Seeing that nothing happened, Han Fei slapped the fish again and threw it away.

“Collect it!”

“You’re still refusing? Would you rather be killed?”



“If you want to die, I’ll satisfy your wish.”


After repeating many times, the previously charming Millennium Snapper had been disfigured into an Iron-Head Fish, with broken fins, tail, intestines, and a mouth…

At this point, Han Fei had stuck the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger in the belly of the fish and shouted, “If you can understand me, this is your last chance.
Go in…”

Han Fei never expected that he would threaten a fish someday! When he ran into the Dragon Eel, it struggled too but gave up when it was exhausted.

But this Millennium Snapper was rather weird.
It was weak and could only control the spiritual plants, but it was unwilling to surrender when it couldn’t make a sound anymore.

Thankfully, it finally yielded in the end.

However, after the Millennium Snapper gave up and was absorbed into the Demon Purification Pot, a shadow was left outside.

Han Fei was rather dumbfounded.

“Shoot… Who are you?”

Han Fei thought that he was having an illusion.
He saw the fuzzy image of a human being.
He could tell that it was a woman with a rather pretty face.

“Thank you…”

A weird voice popped up in Han Fei’s head.

Han Fei was greatly shocked.
“Who are you?”

The image did not reply to Han Fei but simply went on, “Don’t… Eat the fruits…” “Huh? What fruits? Hey, who are you?”

Her voice was rather intermittent.
“Don’t eat the fruits, or…”

“Or what? Please make yourself clear! Hey, can you hear me? Is the signal bad over there?”

However, the image grew dimmer and dimmer.
“Don’t… Eat the fish.”

Han Fei almost burst into tears.
“Wait… Sister, are you telling me not to eat the fruits or fish? What’s that supposed to mean? And who are you?”

But the image got vaguer and vaguer before Han Fei’s eyes, until he couldn’t hear her voice anymore.
The forest fell into silence.

“Where was she from? How is she related to the Millennium Snapper?”

Regretfully, nobody could answer Han Fei’s question anymore.
It was a mystery! But Han Fei remembered the woman’s warning not to eat the fruits or fish.

Han Fei did not quite understand why.
What was wrong with having fish? He had fish every day back when he was in the Thug Academy, but nothing happened!

After collecting the Millennium Snapper, Han Fei turned to the tree and chopped it.

The moment Han Fei took action, red leaves were already falling.

However, a lot of red leaves on the tree had been consumed earlier, and its branches were getting bare.

It took Han Fei more than four hours to chop the wood.
He separated the trunk from the branches and then threw all of them into Forge the Universe, which took up quite some space.

Even the root had been dug out by Han Fei.
It seemed like a perfect material to make a sculpture and definitely shouldn’t be wasted!

After it was done, Han Fei felt that his trip was totally worth it.
Not only had he collected a Millennium Snapper, but he had also found a side keel for his boat.

However, this place hadn’t been fully explored yet.
While the Millennium Snapper had been gathered, there could be more treasures here.

After pressing forward for a thousand meters, Han Fei was rather scared to see a few tombs.

Those tombs had no tombstones or epitaphs.
They were just seven piles of broken stones.

Han Fei was slightly surprised.
Were they established by the woman he saw just now?

Seven tombs meant seven dead people, but there should be another person who buried them!

Han Fei looked around and saw a stone table and a stone chair not far away.
Someone seemed to have lived here a long time ago.

He was rather surprised.
Who would live in the ocean? Did they not need to breathe?

He approached the table and found that it was covered in mud.
However, there seemed to be a fish skin under the mud.

Han Fei wiped the mud, and his eyes cramped.
It really was a fish skin! However, this fish skin was ragged and mostly lost.
Only a few words had been left on it.

“Half a month ago, the eight of us entered the Seaborne Prairie.
It’s said that the extraordinary spiritual fruits here can change people’s Spiritual Heritage.
It’s a miracle that I became a Dangling Fisher with level-one Spiritual Heritage, but it’s too hard for me to make further progress! However, if I can change my Spiritual Heritage, everything will be changed…”

Han Fei was greatly surprised after just reading the first paragraph.

How persistent must the man have been to become a Dangling Fisher with level-one Spiritual Heritage?

Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh.
It seemed that a lot of people in this world didn’t succumb to their fate.
The man was indeed extraordinary.

Han Fei continued reading.

The man wrote, “While the Seaborne Prairie is dangerous, the forest below the prairie is even more so.
One of us died before he was able to fight.
There were terrifying octopi, black lobsters that were heavily armored, and appalling shellfish… Until we ran into the Big Red Trunk.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
Big Red Trunk? Was the Big Red Trunk in this place brought from the Seaborne Prairie?

But then Han Fei realized that this place must be twenty hundred kilometers from the Seaborne Prairie, which would take a whole day even if they were at full speed on a boat… Why did all of them die in this place?

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