Chapter 319 A Striking Formation

Han Fei did not continue to wander around.

The dragon boat was so big that it would take him more than a month to wander all over it…

He was not in a hurry because he had planned to stay here for a period of time.

Now he was thinking about Yang Ruoyun’s suggestion.
She, who had stayed in the level-three fishery for a long time, must have been familiar with the common tricks here.

She wanted him to help her intercept and kill two intermediate Dangling Fishers.
But Han Fei knew that as his level improved, it was less and less likely for him to beat people at higher levels than him.

It should not be a big problem for Han Fei to beat an advanced Dangling Fisher.
However, it would not be easy for him to kill them unless he used some special tricks.

Although he easily beat Wang Ye and his partners, he would still be injured if he wanted to kill them.

Since Yang Ruoyun could kill the four of them, she couldn’t be weak, so the people she wanted him to help kill must be very strong.

What Han Fei was worried about was not the other party’s strength but whether there would be a trap…

According to Yang Ruoyun, these two people used to run a ghost boat and killed several of her friends.
However, this was only her one-sided story.
Yang Ruoyun was very cunning and he didn’t quite believe her.

But in the end, it was a matter of strength.
Strength was above all.

His current strength was recognized by Yang Ruoyun, but it was obvious that she didn’t seem to be afraid of him.
Was it because he wasn’t strong enough?

In the face of absolute strength, any plot was nothing but a paper tiger.
It seemed that he had not become a real tiger yet.

So Han Fei felt that he should cultivate harder.
After experiencing the White Mist Salt Marsh, he had a lot of things to digest.
He should take advantage of these ten or twenty days to digest his experiences.

The second floor of the dragon boat.

Han Fei was allowed to enter after showing his token.

When Han Fei found Room 9377, he was stunned.
He thought that it would be a high-end suite; however, there was nothing but a cultivation platform in the room.

“F*ck… Do I have to sleep on the floor?”

Han Fei was speechless.
Although theoretically, cultivators didn’t need to sleep, it didn’t mean that they didn’t want to sleep! This room was too disappointing.

The four walls of the room were paved with

evel ultra-quality spiritual wood.
He couldn’t help but gasp.
Wow! Mortal-level ultra-quality spiritual wood! Then how much would it cost for such a big ship?

Then Han Fei felt that the spiritual energy in the room was much denser than outside.
Spiritual energy seemed to be flowing from the seaweed carvings on the walls.

However, he didn’t pay much attention to it.
This amount of spiritual energy was even less than a spirit gathering formation.

Han Fei sat on the ground and dumped out the spiritual fruit that he had bought on the dragon boat and dug up in the White Mist Salt Marsh.

And then, he was shocked.

Thirty-seven spiritual fruits were bought from the dragon boat alone.

As for those he dug up from the White Mist Salt Marsh, some were thumb-sized, some fist-sized, some loofah-long, and some ball-shaped, plus there were three spiritual plants.
There were 21 spiritual fruits and three spirit grasses in total.

Among the 58 spiritual fruits, there were 39 physique and Qi enhancing fruit, 3 for spiritual power, 2 for poison resistance, and 1 for enhancing vision.

The rest were all simply to enhance one’s spiritual energy.
Among them, the best-quality one could enhance 102,062 points of spiritual energy, which was a lot.
The 58 spiritual fruits could provide him with nearly 4.68 million points of spiritual energy.

Han Fei took a deep breath.
Before, he always found it difficult to store spiritual energy.
Even if he kept searching around the level-three fishery, it would take at least several months to find fifty or sixty spiritual fruits.

But a trip to the White Mist Salt Marsh and boarding a dragon boat had got him so many spiritual fruits at once.

Han Fei had decided to change all the hundreds of thousands of mid-quality pearls he brought with him into spiritual fruits.
It was a good bargain to quickly improve his strength with money.

Han Fei regretted not bringing more money with him.
If he had known that spiritual fruit could be bought with money here, he would have taken half of the savings of The Fish Dragons with him this time.

Han Fei grabbed a few spiritual fruits and ate them.
In a short while, he had eaten nearly 10 spiritual fruits and couldn’t take anymore.
It was good to increase spiritual energy with spiritual fruit, but because of the fruits’ different functions, just as Lin Miaomiao said, eating too much at once required cultivation.

However, even so, it was rare.
Who could eat 10 spiritual fruits at once?

In the room, Han Fei’s eyes glowed slightly, his mind was unusually sober, and his body was rapidly changing posture.

Now, although the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies could still provide support to him, the effect was far less than before.
Even the divine-quality technique had limitations.

Early the next morning.
At dawn, Han Fei heard a rapid knock on the door.

Han Fei, who had just stopped cultivating, frowned and opened the door, only to see that Lin Miaomiao was already standing outside.

“Why have you… Come so early?”

Lin Miaomiao was slightly taken back when she saw Han Fei.
For some reason, she felt that today’s Han Fei had changed somewhat from yesterday, but she couldn’t tell the exact difference.

Without thinking about Han Fei’s changes, Lin Miaomiao quickly said, “Come on, the feast begins.”

Han Fei wondered, “Feast? What feast?”

However, when Han Fei had just walked out, he found that many people had come out of their rooms and walked directly towards the outermost corridor.

Han Fei curiously asked, “What’s going on? Huh? how did you get on this floor?”

Lin Miaomiao took Han Fei’s hand.
“I paid for it! Please reimburse me.
You asked me to come to you yesterday.”

Han Fei shrugged.
It didn’t matter.
Dozens of mid-quality pearls were nothing to him.
When Han Fei arrived on the deck of the second floor, he found that it was already full of people.

There were even more people on the first floor, which was densely packed.

Han Fei said in surprise, “Oh! What kind of feast is this? Why are there so many people watching?”

Lin Miaomiao mysteriously said, “You will know right away.
You’re lucky to have me as your guide.
Other guides would not have brought you to see it.
Many newcomers don’t know that this feast is happening.”

Han Fei became more curious.
What kind of feast was it? It seems to be rather large!

Suddenly, Han Fei heard buzzing sounds from the dragon boat, which were spreading in all directions.



After three consecutive buzzes, many people widened their eyes, waiting eagerly.

Bang… Bang…

Han Fei was taken back for a moment, almost thinking that he had heard it wrong, but the banging sound became more and more intense.

The people around all cheered, and as this banging sound increased, the sky seemed to change color.

Seeing almost visible spiritual energy converging up from all directions in the sky, Han Fei was shocked.
“Spirit gathering formation…”

Han Fei suddenly remembered that when he landed on the dragon boat, he saw there were countless spirit gathering formations carved on the ship, which must have been activated now.

There was more and more spiritual energy, which gradually formed a storm of spiritual energy.

Perhaps the dragon boat attracted too much spiritual energy, which caused the sky to be distorted.
The sky wasn’t actually distorted but was covered up by the huge amount of spiritual energy.
Han Fei took a deep breath.
It was incredible! Even the sky was covered up by spiritual energy.
How much spiritual energy had gathered on the dragon boat?

The buzzing sound continued.

On the sea, various kinds of fish began to appear, including Humming Fish, Anti-Heaven Blade, Spiked-Armor Fish, Crescent-Moon Fish, Pearl Fish, Treasure Hunting Fish, squid, razor clams, spiritual turtles, and so on.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
This scene was like when he was practicing the Void Fishing Art on the sea, but it was grander and more striking.

Han Fei looked to the surface of the sea.
It was full of all kinds of marine lives, even including exotic creatures.

Lin Miaomiao said, “You can’t go out when the dragon boat is gathering spiritual energy.
Someone once rushed out of the dragon boat to catch the exotic creatures but ended up slaughtered by fish as soon as he touched the sea.
Even a peak-level Dangling Fisher was no exception.”

Han Fei smiled.
That was for sure! A man might be able to handle dozens or even hundreds of marine creatures, but what if there were thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions?

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