Chapter 315 The Guide, Lin Miaomiao

The crowd suddenly stopped and quickly looked back, only to find that Han Fei had chosen a girl who was only an advanced great fishing master.

Even the girl herself was taken aback.
Most of the time, her income was very small.
Only when there were many people boarding the dragon boat at the same time, would she have a chance.

However, Han Fei picked her from the crowd, which surprised her very much.

Someone said irreconcilably, “Brother, you’ve gotta look for a good guide! Not everyone can be a guide…”

Han Fei took a look at that man.
“Not everyone likes to find an uncle as a guide.
I prefer this little girl.”

Everyone: “???”

The girl: “…”

The others were speechless.
They lost just because they were not a child?

For Han Fei, 500 mid-quality pearls were nothing at all! This time he brought a total of 200,000 mid-quality pearls with him.
Even if he spent them all, he could just go to the sea to get some treasures… Hundreds or thousands of mid-quality pearls certainly wouldn’t be a problem for him! The crowd dispersed in half and some people still held up the fish-skin map and shouted, “Brother, now you have a guide, but you still need a plan of the dragon boat, right?”

Han Fei looked at the girl, who transmitted a voice to him, No need.

Han Fei said impatiently, “No, I have a good sense of direction.
Why do I need a plan of the dragon boat?”

“What about a route map?”

This time, the girl took the initiative to transmit a message to him, It’s fake.

Han Fei snorted.
“Go away.
I don’t want anything, I don’t care where I’m going.”

After dismissing these pimps, Han Fei looked at the girl and asked, “Do you have a Sea Swallowing Seashell? How shall I pay you?”

To Han Fei’s surprise, the girl nodded and said, “Everyone who can come to the level-three fishery has Sea Swallowing Seashells.
Similarly, they also all have their own fishing boats… I am not as poor as you think…”

Han Fei was a bit embarrassed.
It made sense… Otherwise, how could they come to explore the level-three fishery?

Han Fei waved and a fish-skin bag appeared with 500 mid-quality pearls in it.
Han Fei handed it over casually and said, “Hey, girl, what’s your name? Since you don’t need money, why do you want to be a guide?”

The girl received the money and then looked at Han Fei earnestly.
“My name is Lin Miaomiao.
I’ll only be responsible for explaining the knowledge about the dragon ship to you.
It will take about three days.
My price is… 500 mid-quality pearls per day.
And, I am not a young innocent girl.
I think I might be older than you.
In a few months, I will be 17… Besides, I don’t do anything other than explaining the dragon boat.
If you want a young girl, you… Should go to the negative layers below the deck…”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless.
Did I hire you or did you hire me?

Han Fei said crossly, “I am not interested in you.
Don’t take me wrong! But why do you charge so much?”

Lin Miaomiao replied earnestly, “My explanation includes the upper layers, which can prevent you from taking a lot of detours.
For example, those who sell maps just now are not credible.
As for the route map of the dragon boat, in fact, the dragon boat does not have a route but drifts at random.
As for the charts of dangerous places, those dangerous places have already been dug up by others.
Therefore, those are of no value…”

Lin Miaomiao kept talking.
Han Fei knew that her point was that those people were all liars.

Han Fei asked, “How are you going to take me around and show me the dragon boat? Are we just walking around… All eight floors? I’m afraid then you won’t be able to finish your job in three days.”

Lin Miaomiao said, “To be precise, there are 12 floors in total.
Generally speaking, the real Negative-One Floor is the trading area of the dragon boat, the Negative-Two floor is the food and beverage area, and the Negative-Three floor, which we usually call Negative-One Floor, is used for living.
Of course, each floor has a dining area, but the Negative-Two floor provides most kinds of food.
Below the living floor is the bottom of the dragon boat, which is the demonic fish breeding area.”

Han Fei was stunned.
The trading area takes up a whole floor! How big is it!

Lin Miaomiao continued, “I won’t take you through each district but only explain to you the precautions in this district to prevent you from being deceived by others.
Because… For all the transactions that happen on the dragon boat, you must check the money and product on the spot.”

Han Fei nodded.
“OK… Tell me first, why are these people fishing on the deck? I think they can only catch fish like Humming Fish and Crescent-Moon Fish, right?”.

Lin Miaomiao explained, “Most of the people who fish on the deck are Dangling Fishers.
The spending on the dragon boat is actually very high.
These people have run out of money, so they need to fish to make money…”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Is the cost of living here that high?”

Lin Miaomiao looked at Han Fei.
“You’ll only stay a few days in the dragon boat but you’ll spend 5,000 mid-quality pearls.
I will be your guide for three days, which will cost you 1,500 mid-quality pearls.
If you go to the trading area, perhaps you won’t have any money left when you come out… As for young girls, they’re also very expensive…”


Han Fei said with a dark face, “Girls? I just said that for fun.
My goal is the infinite ocean… Why would I want a young girl…” Han Fei was speechless.
This girl is too plain-spoken!

Lin Miaomiao tilted her head and glanced at Han Fei.
She was wondering about Han Fei’s identity.
There was a high probability that he was some heavenly talent from a rich or powerful family…

Of course, Lin Miaomiao didn’t know Han Fei’s earning power.
If she knew that Han Fei’s money was all earned by himself, she might have treated Han Fei with more respect.

While they were talking, someone caught a Black-Moon Sickle Fish and a huge sickle cut through the air.
The angler failed to block it and the sickle flew directly towards Han Fei.

Han Fei was shocked.
“Watch out!”

However, Han Fei calmly took out a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger.
With a flash of spiritual energy, he took the sickle barehanded.


The spiritual energy burst and air billows surged.
Lin Miaomiao’s face was a little pale.
She was hit by this force and almost injured.

However, she was even more surprised by Han Fei’s reaction speed and strength… The strength of the Black-Moon Sickle Fish should not be underestimated, but Han Fei caught the sickle so easily! Many Dangling Fishers who were fishing didn’t have this strength.

“Warning, warning…”

Just a few seconds later, a guard appeared in front of Han Fei.
He glanced at Han Fei.
“Are you all right?”

Han Fei smiled.
“I’m fine.”

The guard nodded and shouted to the angler, “Warning, you’re fined 500 mid-quality pearls…”

Han Fei was surprised.
“He is fined so much just because he failed to block the sickle?”

Lin Miaomiao said with a sigh of relief, “Since they are fishing, they have to bear corresponding responsibilities.
If anyone is hurt, he’ll be fined even more…”

Han Fei looked at the sighing angler and couldn’t help but ask, “How much is a Black-Moon Sickle Fish?”

Lin Miaomiao replied, “The market price is about 320 mid-quality pearls.
But the price changes every day, depending on the number of fish consumed on the dragon boat every day.
When it is high, it can reach 400.
When it is cheap, it is only 200 or so…”

Han Fei smiled.
So this poor guy had to pay 200 mid-quality pearls instead of earning any money? Sorry for him!

Suddenly, Lin Miaomiao asked, “Do you have any short-term goals? For example, to improve your strength, buy weapons, find treasures… Pick one and I can give you some information!”

Without hesitation, Han Fei asked, “I want to find some unexplored dangerous places.
Do you know any?”

Han Fei pondered… He’d better not mention the Abyssal Chasm.
While in the White Mist Salt Marsh, he discovered that the secret realms of the level-three fishery were not simple at all.

How long had he been here? And he had already met the White Mist Salt Marsh.
Then, the Abyssal Chasm should be much more dangerous than the White Mist Salt Marsh!

That being the case, in the first half of the year, he might as well find more dangerous places to explore to quickly improve his strength.

Lin Miaomiao answered, “I don’t know! You’ll have to find them on your own… If anyone finds an unexplored dangerous place, he can sell this news… But the price is not cheap! At least millions of mid-quality pearls and most people simply cannot afford it.”

Han Fei took a deep breath secretly.
That’s f*cking expensive, but it’s reasonable.
After all, it’s an unexplored secret realm.
And the clue about its location can be sold?

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