Chapter 283 Blown Up

The battle was going on, and Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were getting more and more brutal.

The power inside Xia Xiaochan suddenly burst out on a large scale, and the Giant Arowana appeared again.
However, instead of roaring like just now, it was fused with Xia Xiaochan.


Han Fei’s face changed greatly.
He shouted, “Fuse… Attach…”


It was the first time that everybody witnessed Xia Xiaochan fuse with the Giant Arowana.
Her daggers tore the air apart in appalling brightness.
Even the Nine-Star Chains were all flung away.

After a flash, Xia Xiaochan appeared before Han Fei and broke Han Fei’s spiritual energy protective cover and the clothes on his upper half body, causing dozens of wounds on Han Fei’s body that almost looked perfect.

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed greatly.
“Not good.
Let’s go together.”

Han Fei stepped back quickly and cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself.
In the meantime, he shouted, “Stay back!”

Han Fei could deal with the power of Little White and Little Black now.
Though there was craziness in his eyes, he still retained his rationality, knowing that Luo Xiaobai would only get herself killed if she joined the battle.

On the mountaintop, Wenren Yu just stepped out, when Han Fei suddenly roared, “Attach.”

Immediately, gold and red wings appeared, supporting Han Fei to fly into the sky.

“Huh? What kind of contractual spiritual beast is this?”

Old Bai, Wenren Yu, and Xiao Zhan were dumbfounded.
What was that?

Old Bai said, “Let’s wait a moment and see what’s what.”

On the other side, Le Renkuang was quite amazed.
“Yes, we should.
I didn’t quite see clearly what contractual spiritual beast Han Fei captured last time.”

Zhang Xuanyu said weirdly, “He can fly now!”

Next to him, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan were rigid, their eyes almost popping out.
You’re telling me that he’s a great fishing master? Does any great fishing master have wings?

Han Fei floated in midair, but he smiled bitterly when Xia Xiaochan appeared in the sky too after a flash.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

He blocked the dagger with the wings, raising dazzling sparks.
His only advantage was that Xia Xiaochan was incapable of flying and was not as agile as on the ground.

While Xia Xiaochan stayed airborne with the counterforce of her attacks, Han Fei found a chance to bump his head into Xia Xiaochan’s belly.


A hole was caused on the mountain, and Xia Xiaochan did not rise again.
The attachment of the Giant Arowana was canceled, and it was absorbed into Xia Xiaochan’s body.

Han Fei landed and cast the healing technique.
Soon, Xia Xiaochan said in a feeble voice, “Is your head… A spiritual weapon?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei took a long breath of relief, as Xia Xiaochan was fine, considering that she was still making jokes.

Old Bai heaved a long sigh.
“This is about enough.
She’ll be peaceful for a while.”

Wenren Yu and Xia Xiaochan looked at Old Bai weirdly.
Peaceful for a while? Is there no way to cure Xia Xiaochan for good?

Old Bai explained, “As she grows stronger, her suppression will be stronger too.
She’ll be fine for now.
After all, there’s still Han Fei who can fight her.”

Xiao Zhan asked, “What exactly is the power in her body?”

Old Bai said, “That’s exactly the question that I was going to ask you.”

At this point, Luo Xiaobai ran to Han Fei who was covered in blood.
Han Fei complained, “No, I feel that I’m drained.
Le Renkuang, why don’t you replace me?”

Le Renkuang’s face immediately darkened.
He would never accept such a request, because he would’ve probably been dead within ten seconds if he were Han Fei…

An hour passed.

Le Renkuang had left to prepare for a hotpot.
Since nobody was in the mood for training after the accident, they all gladly accepted his proposal.

Han Fei changed his clothes and covered his bald head again.
Looking at Xia Xiaochan who was waving her feet on a tree, he trembled.
“You’re not going to have another attack anytime soon, are you?”



Xia Xiaochan grinned.
“Don’t be scared.
It’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

Han Fei shook his head quickly.
“You won’t eat me, but I’m definitely positive that you’ll slash me.”

Le Renkuang was busy preparing the hotpot.
He looked at them and finally said to Xia Xiaochan, “Go to Han Fei next time.
You can’t kill him anyway.
Just feel free to attack him.”

Han Fei: “…”

Luo Xiaobai and Zhang Xuanyu each returned with a huge pile of ancient books from the library.
Noticing Han Fei, they said, “Let’s search the ancient classics for an answer.”

Xia Xiaochan sighed helplessly.
“That’s unnecessary.
I’ve read all the classics in this place.
However, I don’t think I’ll have another attack soon after this one.”

Han Fei was greatly relieved to hear that.
His arms limp, he remarked, “This is great.
I feel that the world is safe again.”

Xia Xiaochan: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu sat on the books and said, “Han Fei, what’s that spiritual beast of yours?”

Xia Xiaochan had resumed her delightfulness.
She asked, “Yes! I saw it too! It had wings…”

Han Fei did not intend to keep it a secret.
He had to introduce his Feather God Ray sooner or later, and the trip to the Fiery Mountain was a good excuse.

Immediately, Han Fei summoned the Feather God Ray on the ground.
The creature folded its wings and rubbed Han Fei, happy that it was finally set free.

Han Fei said, “It’s a mutated Feather God Ray, an exotic creature…”

Everybody gasped.
Luo Xiaobai stared at the Feather God Ray and asked, “Han Fei, are you sure that it’s exotic, not legendary?”.

Han Fei did not plan to tell them the truth.
He petted Little Gold and said, “It’s exotic, although it looks weird.
I found it in a treasure trove in the Fiery Mountain…”


“Take it back.”

When Han Fei was about to continue making up his story, someone slapped him in his head.

He looked back, only to see Old Bai, who said scornfully, “I hate liars like you most.
Why do you say it’s exotic when it’s apparently legendary? You don’t even have the common sense…”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Huh? What common sense?”

Glancing at the Feather God Ray, Old Bai said, “No contractual spiritual beasts that can fly before level thirty are exotic.”

Han Fei: “???”

Wenren Yu stood next to Xia Xiaochan and smiled.
“You were quite lucky.
Do you know why only Hidden Fishers can fly?”

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Why?”

Wenren Yu smiled.
“Because although human beings can’t fly, when you become a Dangling Fisher or a Hidden Fisher, you can hunt a special fish and acquire its wings, which will give you the ability to fly.”

Immediately, everybody looked at Han Fei and thought to themselves, just keep bragging

Han Fei was speechless for a long time.
He had thought that Hidden Fishers got their wings through cultivation.
He didn’t know that they were acquired from fish.

Han Fei couldn’t be more embarrassed.
Even the Hidden Fishers couldn’t fly without taking wings from the fish, but he was now already able to fly.
Wasn’t it humiliating for others?

At this point, the atmosphere became slightly weird.

Han Fei immediately slapped Little Gold’s head.
“You shouldn’t have lied to me.
I thought you were an exotic creature! Outrageous! This is too outrageous!”

Everyone: “…”

Little Gold was dumbfounded under Han Fei’s slap.
What’s happening? Why is he beating me?

Holding a spoon, Le Renkuang asked in a stunned voice, “So… This is a legendary creature?”

Zhang Xuanyu swallowed.
“So, you got the greatest treasure of the Fiery Mountain?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “There are still other things.”

Everybody remembered that even the experts of the Thousand Star City came for the Sea Token that Han Fei acquired.
They knew that it had to be an extraordinary item.

Old Bai looked at Han Fei as if he were an idiot.
“So, just keep it a secret, alright? Don’t let other people see it.
It’s best that you do not use it, but when you do, make sure that nobody notices it.”

Zhang Xuanyu mumbled and walked to the kitchen with Le Renkuang.
“We can’t mess with someone who has a legendary contractual spiritual beast…”

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