Chapter 276 You Even Attacked Yourself?!

Because Little Black and Little White were inseparable, if he summoned Little Black, Little White would also appear.

Seeing Little White, the masked man snorted coldly.
“Han Fei, I have given you enough respect.
Give me the thing you found, and I will let her go.
I’ll only give you five minutes to consider your choice.”

Han Fei responded coldly, “That thing is in the belly of my spiritual beast.”

With that, Han Fei asked Little White to open his mouth wide, he fumbled about inside and took out a token.
However, it was not the one he just obtained but the “Jail” token he found from the Hexagon Starfish’s stored treasure.

The masked man was very excited to see the token.
Sure enough, it was obtained by Han Fei.

The masked man instructed, “Give it to me.”

Han Fei held the token.
“Undo your Spirit Sealing Rope first.”

Of course, Han Fei did not expect the masked man to really undo it.
He said to the others through a voice transmission, Get ready to attack him.

Sure enough, the masked man didn’t listen to Han Fei.
Instead, he drew a knife and directly pierced Luo Little White’s back.
“I told you, give me the token.”

Seeing this scene, Han Fei gnashed his teeth and immediately threw the token to him.

At the moment when the masked man was about to take the token, Han Fei’s spiritual energy exploded.
“Little Black, kill him.”

The masked man never thought that there might be a fish lurking next to him, let alone that a fish could bite through his flesh.

The masked man suddenly loosened his hand and grabbed at his neck.

Han Fei ordered, “Attack.”

Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu, whose eyes had already turned red, darted out frantically.

Zhang Xuanyu, with bloodshot eyes, threw a powerful soul attack at the masked man.
Xia Xiaochan flashed and appeared in front of the masked man, blocking his knife and at the same time, wrapped her dagger with surging spiritual energy and launched a Supreme Stab at him.


Just as Zhang Xuanyu’s soul attack fell on the masked man’s mind, a barrier suddenly appeared, which blocked Zhang Xuanyu’s attack.

And Xia Xiaochan’s dagger, just as it was pierced into the body of the masked man, was shocked back by a huge force.
Fortunately, Xia Xiaochan grabbed Luo Little White and pulled her away from the masked man.

In the meantime, Han Fei had Little Gold attach to him.
With a golden light, the nine-star chain and the two wings of the Feather God Ray suddenly appeared.
In the blink of an eye, he reached Luo Little White’s side and sprinkled a shower of healing energy on her.

Everything happened so quickly.
Knowing that the other party had taken the upper hand, the masked man grabbed the token and tried to flee.

Han Fei immediately pursued him and at the same time glanced at Li Hanyi and the others not far away.
“If you dare to attack us, we’ll be enemies moving forward!”

Le Renkuang failed to play a role in the rescue operation just now.
That was because he did not have the special attack methods of Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan.
Therefore, at this moment, he held the armor box and looked at Li Hanyi and his teammates coldly.
“Hey, don’t be stupid.”

Li Hanyi frowned.
How dare this guy threaten him? However, the scene where Han Fei and the others saved Luo Little White stunned him.
Their tacit cooperation was simply perfect.

Only in the blink of an eye, Luo Little White was rescued.
Their speed was too fast! Moreover, Zhang Xuanyu seemed to be able to launch soul attacks.

But unfortunately, others were not as cautious as Li Hanyi.

Lin Shengmu ignored the threat of Le Renkuang and said, “Hand over your Fiery Mountain Tokens and we won’t do anything to you.”

Le Renkuang scoffed.
“What if we don’t?”

On Li Hanyi’s side, Zhong Yue, the hunter ranked fourth who had been silent, suddenly disappeared.

The battle began at the moment he disappeared.

Seeing that there was no room for turning back, Xiang Zuozuo also moved.

“Violent… War… Body.”

The skin of Le Renkuang, who was already a peak-level great fishing master, turned all red while his momentum soared and a huge amount of energy was gathered on his body.

In the next moment, thousands of swords and knives flew across the sky.

At this time, Le Renkuang took out a copper hammer from the armor box and swung it at Xiang Zuozuo.


The waves rippled over a thousand meters in an instant.
Xiang Zuozuo was hammered into the ground and Le Renkuang also crashed into the mountain, smashing a hole into its side.

But he immediately came back.
In his violent state, he could even fight Han Fei to a draw.
How could he be afraid of Xiang Zuozuo?


With a dragon howling, the Giant Arowana appeared.
The dragon roared like rumbling thunder and shook the seabed.
As Xia Xiaochan disappeared, dozens of her shadows flashed in different places on the seabed simultaneously.

When she reappeared, Zhong Yue was drenched with blood and was stabbed dozens of times by Xia Xiaochan.

On the other side, Su Yebai, Lin Shengmu, and Zhang Xuanyu vomited blood at the same time.
The invisible waves surged in the water, and Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
“Over my dead body.”

Xia Xiaochan said coldly, “Ranked in the top ten? So what? Let me teach you a good lesson!”

They exchanged blows as fast as bolts of lightning.
At this moment, Le Ren Kuang, Xia Xiaochan, and Zhang Xuanyu were like three walls.

This scene stunned Li Hanyi and his team members! So was this the Fourth Academy’s real strength?

At the same time, Han Fei had already started fighting the masked man.

Needless to say, the masked man was strong, very strong.
The nine-star chains danced wildly in the sky, the wings of the Feather God Ray burst out with mystic rays, and his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers formed a long snake.

But the masked man managed to dodge all the attacks with his weird footwork and strong physique.

Not only that, after Han Fei chased him for nearly a hundred miles, the masked man suddenly turned around and attacked Han Fei.
“Han Fei, you liar, give me the Sea Token or die.”

Han Fei sneered, “You wish! You wanna kill me? Come and try!”

Suddenly, the masked man’s spiritual energy soared and he changed from a peak-level great fishing master to an Intermediate Dangling Fisher.

He brandished his sword and the nine-star chain and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were all sent flying.
The long sword cut through the air and was thrust at Han Fei’s chest.

“Spiritual Energy Protective Cover.”

“Fury.” “Water-Stirring Seal Technique.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sword shattered Han Fei’s protective cover and the Water-Stirring Seal was hit flying.
The sword Qi hit Han Fei’s shoulder and pierced through it.

Han Fei was shocked.
Just now, he felt the Water-Stirring Seal crack.


Blocking another attack, Han Fei was enraged.

“You are not from the other three academies.
Did you conceal your strength and sneak into the Fiery Mountain just for this token? Well, you can’t have it, so there!”

The next second, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow appeared in his hand.

Without looking at the direction, he shot out one arrow after another…

He shot five arrows in a row and every arrow was more powerful than the last.
The spiritual energy the fifth arrow consumed was even more than all spiritual energy that an ordinary great fishing master could have.
At this moment, the five arrows danced, chasing the masked man frantically.

Han Fei pretended to be weak and staggered in the seawater.

The masked man was overjoyed and immediately rushed to Han Fei to kill him.
Just when he was about to reach Han Fei, he saw Han Fei suddenly raise his head, one eye black and one eye white, a very eerie scene.

Han Fei slightly moved his body and brushed past the long sword in the hand of the masked man.
And in his hand, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were boiling with spiritual energy.


The masked man was shocked to find that his defense was shattered.


However, at this moment, Han Fei felt that there was a force in this person to stop him, which was a force that didn’t belong to this young man.

But Han Fei waved his hand and fended off the force.
Then he buckled the masked man’s shoulder with his backhand, grinning ferociously.

In the air, five spiritual energy arrows arrived instantly.
The masked man was dumbfounded.
In order to keep me here, you even attacked yourself?


Arrows burst one after another.
As Han Fei saw the masked man being hit by the arrows, he slightly moved his body.

At the same time, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were inserted into the body of the masked man again.

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