Chapter 264 Sword Manipulation Art

Han Fei was so stunned that he couldn’t think as if an Iron-Headed Fish had just bumped into his head.

“How many?” Xia Xiaochan said, “37! Is it a big deal? Don’t be so surprised.” Han Fei was quite amazed by Xia Xiaochan’s speed.
How fast must she have been to loot 37 Fiery Mountain Tokens in only one day? That seemed a bit too outrageous!

Han Fei unwillingly responded, “27.
It’s too few… No, I think we can postpone our treasure hunting.
Why don’t we rob someone first?”

Han Fei had some guesses.
How many tokens had other people acquired if Xia Xiaochan had had 37?

For example, how many had Luo Xiaobai got? The girl was not talkative, but she was always ruthless and enthusiastic when she had a mission and a target.
How many had Le Renkuang got? That fatty was a foodie, but nobody could deny that he was a fierce fighter.

As for Zhang Xuanyu, Han Fei didn’t think that he could obtain too many.
The man would have to fight someone in a head-on battle for each of the Fiery Mountain Tokens he got, so he undoubtedly would have the fewest.

Han Fei took out the map and said, “Xia Xiaochan, do you remember the map from the box in Mr.

Xia Xiaochan exclaimed and asked, “Is it a map of the Fiery Mountain?”

Han Fei said, “You bet… Come and take a look.
How many places have you pillaged?”

Xia Xiaochan looked at the map and said, “I’ve been here, here, here, and here…”

Xia Xiaochan pointed at eight places in total, which dumbfounded Han Fei.

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Is there any place you haven’t been to?”.

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head and looked at the top of the mountain.
“I haven’t been there


Gloomily, Han Fei said, “Let’s go there then.”

He couldn’t count on the regular secret treasure troves now, as all the places marked on his treasure map had been raided on the very first day.
That was too outrageous! He had thought that plenty of treasures were still awaiting him.
He couldn’t be more wrong!

It eluded Han Fei that Mr.
Turtle’s childhood was hundreds of years earlier.
At that time, treasures were indeed everywhere on the Fiery Mountain, but they had been mostly found in the countless explorations since then.

The top of the mountain was actually only the middle part of it, because the higher altitudes had been forbidden.

More importantly, this place was not exactly a secret land.
Since this was a magnificent mountain, those who were capable of passing through the silver fish certainly wouldn’t hesitate to explore it.

Xia Xiaochan said, “I didn’t go there because I felt that the top of the mountain was dangerous.
But I can see that a lot of people are climbing it.
Should we wait for Xiaobai and the rest of them?”

Han Fei asked, “What if they’re already up there?”

Xia Xiaochan thought for a moment and realized that it did make sense, considering Luo Xiaobai’s personality, she probably would’ve climbed it without thinking.

Then, Han Fei said, “We need to be careful.
On my way here, I ran into five of the top ten experts of the three academies.
They’re a perfect combination and they’re very strong.” Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei in surprise.
“How strong?”

Han Fei said, “As strong as us.”

Xia Xiaochan was briefly stunned, because it meant that they were indeed strong.

On the mountain, thanks to his map, Han Fei soon found a place that had three protruding stones.
It was unattractive and there was not an entrance, but when Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were here, they found that the spiritual energy nearby was kind of messy.

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Is this really the place? Where’s the entrance?”

Han Fei said, “Don’t panic.
We can certainly go inside.
Besides, I have the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp that can dig tunnels.”

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp must’ve been traumatized to have been with such a master.

Han Fei wandered among the three stones and touched them.
Before he did anything, a dark entrance suddenly appeared and absorbed him and Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei felt surging hot waves coming at his face.
It was similar to his experience when he ran into the body in the Fire Cloud Cave.

“Huh? No water here?”

Hardly had Han Fei landed when he sensed dozens of people in the same place.
When he and Xia Xiaochan balanced themselves, they saw an enormous gate a hundred meters tall, with “Fiery Mountain” carved above as well as “Pick the Sky Fire” and “Fish the Seasons” on its two sides.

After a quick glimpse at the gate, Han Fei was in awe of the words written around it.

In front of the gate were 72 tables.
At this point, Han Fei saw that most of the tables had been occupied, and many people looked at Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan.
Xia Xiaochan said in surprise, “Xiaobai is here!”

Han Fei saw that Luo Xiaobai was seated at the table in the front.

Luo Xiaobai said to them in private, This is a weird place.
Don’t do anything.
Just sit at any table.

Han Fei frowned.
Xiaobai, what’s going on?

Luo Xiaobai replied, Every table is a barrier.
You can’t go down after you’ve climbed up on it.
We may have to wait until all the stone tables are occupied.
If you attack, you’ll be blown out of here.

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other, surprised at the rule that forbade fighting.
But it was in their favor.
After all, it was impossible for them to defeat 67 enemies at the same time.

Many of them were looking at Han Fei’s team weirdly, almost ready to attack them.
But they had to give up due to the weird barrier.

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan sat down at random tables.
The moment they climbed the tables, an invisible perimeter locked down the tables, Han Fei expended his hands, only to touch an invisible wall.
His fingers even left ripples on the wall when he touched it.

Having nothing to do, Han Fei focused on reading the calligraphy on the gate.
Actually, everybody had been watching those words, but some failed to continue after a quick glance.
Those words seemed to contain weird magic that prevented them from staring.

The words seemed to have been carved by swords and spears, which filled the words with ruthlessness.

After reading for five minutes, Han Fei couldn’t take it anymore and closed his eyes.

However, data popped up in the Demon Purification Pot.

Sword Manipulation Art (Heaven-Level, High-Quality)

Note: This is an extraordinary sword art for war.
When you perceive the vibe of this sword art, you’ll be picking it up; when you’re fluent with it, you will be melted with your sword.

Perception: 2/100

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Cost: 0/10,000,000

Han Fei was astonished.
Was it true? He had acquired a heaven-level technique after only appreciating calligraphy for five minutes? However, what surprised Han Fei was not the cost of ten million points of spiritual energy, but the perception level being 2/100.
What did it mean? He had perceived some of the art already?

“That can’t be right! I haven’t perceived anything yet, alright?”

Han Fei hurried to open his eyes and look at those words again.
This time, he observed them word by word and stroke by stroke carefully.

Another five minutes later, when Han Fei’s eyes were sore and he was almost shedding tears, he finally closed his eyes.

The information on the Demon Purification Pot had truly changed.

Sword Manipulation Art (Heaven-Level, High-Quality)

Note: This is an extraordinary sword art for war.
When you perceive the vibe of this sword art, you’ll be picking it up; when you’re fluent with it, you will be melted with your sword.

Perception: 5/100

Deduced Art: N/A

Deduction Cost: 0/8,000,000


Han Fei gasped hard.
After only a few minutes, the deduction cost had been reduced by two million points?

Han Fei couldn’t be more excited.
He didn’t need to look for treasures anymore, as the heaven-level technique was itself the best treasure.
He had to watch it more carefully before more people arrived.

Xia Xiaochan was sitting right next to Han Fei.
Seeing that he was excited, she couldn’t help but ask, Han Fei, what’s wrong?

Han Fei said in private, I’m fine.
There’s the spirit of a sword in those words.
It might be an opportunity.
Take a closer look at it.

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