Chapter 257 Surrender Or Die

Perhaps with the help of Little White, it was easier for Han Fei to find his way.
But this also led to other consequences.

In just half an hour, Han Fei was attacked twice.

The first was still a suicide charge of the Dark Water Rats, but these rats could not injure Han Fei.

And the second time, Han Fei was attacked by the Devil Fish itself.
It popped up from behind him, bit him hard, shattered his spiritual energy protective cover, and bit off a piece of his flesh.

This was the difference between mysterious and exotic creatures.
Han Fei was sure that if this Devil Fish was an exotic species, it wouldn’t have been able to bite through his skin.

Han Fei grunted and rushed forward with his rod sullenly.


When the palm-sized Psychedelic Starfishes shot at him like darts one after another, Han Fei’s face turned green.
Shit, Devil Fish, right? You’d better not be caught by me.
Otherwise, I’ll skin you alive!

Han Fei was quite certain that from the very beginning, all these troubles he had were caused by the Devil Fish.
Is this fish really a devil? Why can it control these rare creatures?

Pondering, he had twenty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers forming a round shield in front of him, rotating and guarding him.
Watching the starfishes being shredded one after another, Han Fei sneered.
Devil Fish, is this all you’ve got?

It suddenly occurred to Han Fei that he may have been attacked because this Devil Fish didn’t want him to go forward!

The more he thought about it, the more curious he was.
What secrets were there deep in the cave?

His spiritual energy was constantly being consumed, but Han Fei didn’t mind.
Compared to spiritual energy, neither the Dark Water Rat nor the Psychedelic Starfishes were unlimited in number.

After figuring it out, Han Fei swam faster.

The cave was getting more and more creepy.
In the end, whimpers came from the seawater, as if a woman was crying.
“Humph! Stupid!”

As Han Fei stretched out his hand, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow appeared in his hand, and he pulled the bow as round as a full moon.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Several spiritual energy arrows shot forward and blew up.
For a time, the cave was full of scattered spiritual energy and flying rocks.
Among the rocks, a human face smiled grimly at Han Fei.


The human-faced stone was blasted to pieces.
Han Fei smiled.
Dare you show up again?

But then, Han Fei lost trace of the Devil Fish, which seemed to vanish into thin air.
As led by Little White, Han Fei finally came to the depths of the cave, only to see a layer of bones on the floor.

And in the middle of the white bones, a light-cyan grass swayed.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
A grass? Mist Hidden Grass?

Data showed in front of his eyes.

Mist Hidden Grass

A decoy spiritual plant.
It can attract sea creatures to come and is usually used to cultivate exotic creatures.


Spiritual Plant

12,666 Points

One will have stealth ability after consuming it.

Han Fei’s face changed.
It was just as he expected.
He had read about this kind of spiritual grass in the “Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants”.
This kind of grass was usually used by strong masters as bait for breeding exotic species.
So, someone put this grass here intentionally?

A lot of questions popped into his mind.
There were so many bones on the ground, not only fish bones, but also human bones.
Therefore, this Mist Hidden Grass must have been there for many years.

But only people below Dangling Fishers could enter this secret realm.

Besides, these bones looked new!

If someone did it on purpose, was this mysterious mutant Devil Fish the one that the guy cultivated? Han Fei shivered slightly.
From this damn fish, he could tell how mysterious creatures were difficult to deal with.
For the first time, he was teased like this by a fish…

Han Fei pulled the bow immediately, and a spiritual energy arrow turned into a flying ray, shooting straight at the Mist Hidden Grass.
Since this thing was intentionally placed here, he certainly wouldn’t let it off!

Sure enough, when the spiritual energy arrow was about to hit the grass, a sapphire-colored circular energy hood suddenly appeared.


The spiritual energy arrow, comparable to a full-force attack of an advanced great fishing master was blocked, but the sapphire-colored hood was not shaken at all.

“Woo, Woo… Woo…”

While Han Fei was attacking the Mist Hidden Grass, the whimpering voice appeared again.
This time, Han Fei didn’t look back but secretly said, “Little Black, guard behind me.
If this thing dares to come up, bite it to death.”

Not only Little Black, but the nine-star chain was also slightly swaying behind Han Fei as if unable to wait to kill its enemy.

Han Fei raised his bow and shot again.
The War Soul Bow Art had nine arrows in total.
Just now, he was just figuring it out.




As Han Fei shot arrows, the whole cave was shaking.
The spiritual energy consumed became increasingly higher with each arrow he shot.
The first arrow only cost him 200 points of spiritual energy, the second 400, and the third 800…

Han Fei gritted his teeth.
When he shot the fourth arrow, his spiritual energy was exhausted.
Fortunately, he had enough reserved to last.
When he was about to shoot the fifth arrow, all the blue veins stood out on his arm.
This arrow almost exceeded his ability.

Around him, the seawater was oscillating.
Above his head, the rocks fell.
However, Han Fei ignored it.
This arrow cost as much as 3,200 points of spiritual energy.
Han Fei believed that even a junior Dangling Fisher would be crushed by this arrow instantly.
Because most Dangling Fishers didn’t have their upper limits of spiritual energy exceed 3,200!

Just when he was about to shoot this arrow, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.
At this moment, he smiled, leaned forward, and quickly turned around in mid-air.


A dazzling white light burst out and the whole cave was illuminated.
Han Fei even saw a lot of Psychedelic Starfishes entrenched on the top rock wall, but he didn’t care.

“Hey! I told you if you dare show up again, I’ll skin you alive!”

A large amount of rubble fell over from above his head, but Han Fei did not even take a look.
The nine-star chain smashed the rubble to one side.
And 20 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers instantly shot out.

This time, the rock wall collapsed in a wide area after being shot by this arrow, and the mutant Devil Fish was inlaid on the rock wall like a piece of skin.
This time, it failed to vanish into the rock.

Han Fei sneered, “Run! Keep running! Your soul has been crushed by me! Can you still escape?”

In fact, the target of Han Fei’s fifth arrow was not the Mist Hidden Grass but this fish because he knew it would take the chance to sneak attack him.

However, after this arrow, Han Fei’s arm was sore that he couldn’t even lift it.

“No, it seems that I need to practice archery


Little Black rushed up and bit the Devil Fish hard.
Then, he was stunned.
This fish is meatless!

Han Fei was also speechless.
Does this fish only have skin? It doesn’t even have a bone?

If it weren’t for the data in front of his eyes, Han Fei would think this thing was a fake fish or a piece of fish skin.

At this moment, the Devil Fish had only half of his skin left and was dying.

Han Fei flicked the fish skin with his fingers.
“Should I kill you? Gee…”

With that, Han Fei grabbed a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger and cut across the skin of the Devil Fish.
Wherever the knife cut through, it froze.

Finally, Han Fei saw horror in the eyes of the fish skin.
Just as he expected, it was still alive.
How could a mysterious creature so easily die? “Slash!”

Han Fei cut a gash in the fish skin.
“It seems that you can’t speak! Yeah, so far, I have only met two fish that can speak.
It seems that not all mysterious creatures can speak!”

Han Fei stared at it for a long while but got no response.

“That’s it.

However, it wasn’t collected into the Demon Purification Pot.
This damn fish was still resisting?

Slash… Slash…

Han Fei raised his dagger and left dozens of gashes on the body of this mutant Devil Fish, almost shredding the fish skin.

Han Fei said angrily, “Do you think you can say no? Surrender or die!”

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