Chapter 210 No Bloodshed

Everybody in Han Fei’s team, including Luo Xiaobai, was infuriated.

The Stone Spirit Turtle was the most adorable turtle they had seen, and it gave them a hand.
So, they couldn’t allow it to end up as a contractual spiritual beast.

In the sky, a lot of people were talking to each other.

Someone was laughing.
“We’re going to be rich! A Stone Spirit Turtle above level forty! We’ll earn enough for money for the rest of our lives after we sell it!”

Someone remarked, “Thank God that it was still sleeping, or we might not have been able to catch it.”

Someone else shook their heads.”We have a dozen people here.
You think we couldn’t subdue a Stone Spirit Turtle?”

“Stop there, you people in the sky! Release the turtle!”

Han Fei was more than infuriated on the deck.
“Huh? A boat is after us?”

“Hehe! Do those kids want to get themselves killed? They’re chasing us?”

“Don’t be careless.
Kids who have come to a level-two fishery can’t be simple.”

“Nobody will know who they are after they’re dead.
Old Yang, go deal with them.
The remaining five boats are enough.”

Since the Stone Spirit Turtle was very heavy, the other five boats slightly dropped when one boat broke away, but they managed to support the Stone Spirit Turtle.

“Where are you from, kids? Do you want to


The moment their boats arrived, vines flew in the air and tied the boat up, weapons were unleashed from Le Renkuang’s box, and Xia Xiaochan simply appeared on their boat with a flash.

“What the f*ck…”.

The three people on the boat were all shocked.
What kind of weird abilities were those?

” Hum…”

Everybody knew that Xia Xiaochan was brutal, but the strangers didn’t.
One of the middle-aged men tried to resist her attacks, but Xia Xiaochan simply broke his spiritual energy protective cover from one side and stabbed deep into his abdomen.
The man was heavily wounded before he was able to fuse with his spiritual beast.

His two partners were stunned at the toughness of Xia Xiaochan.
Before they had the time to react, the Torrents of Knives and Swords were here, followed by Xia Xiaochan’s dual attacks.
They only had the time to roar, “Fuse,” before their spiritual energy protective covers were broken and they were brutalized.
Their spiritual beasts did not play a role at all.

Their boat fell from the sky, and Xia Xiaochan flashed to her own boat and Le Renkuang retreated his weapons.
The battle was over after no more than three seconds.

The people up there were completely dumbfounded.

Someone came back to himself and muttered, “Who are you? Don’t make any mistakes.
We’re from the Black River Chamber of Commerce of the Blue Sea Town.”

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “There are three chambers of commerce in the Blue Sea Town: Linglong, Colorful Clothes, and Black River… Those people are the great fishing masters hired by those organizations to acquire resources from the ocean.”

Zhang Xuanyu said in disdain, “Wherever they’re from, they can’t take Mr.
Turtle away.”

Han Fei shouted at them, “We can spare your life if you let go of the Stone Spirit Turtle!”

The people looked awful as Han Fei’s team was too strong.
They wondered which academy these youngsters were from, but whichever academy it was, they couldn’t give up such an invaluable Stone Spirit Turtle easily.

Seeing that Han Fei was approaching them, people of the Black River Chamber of Commerce were all anxious.

They shouted, “Don’t make any mistakes.
We found this Stone Spirit Turtle first.
If you rob us, you will be attacking the Black River Chamber of Commerce!”

Han Fei raised three fingers.
“I’ll give you three seconds to reconsider.
Are you letting the turtle go or not?” They all looked afraid.
After a brief discussion, they left one of them to sail the boats while the rest of them gathered on one boat to fight Han Fei’s team and protect the Stone Spirit Turtle that they had secured.


All kinds of shadows were emerging.
Bony Spur Fish, Iron-Head Fish, Mysterious Armored Turtle, and Lightning Crab… Twelve of them had fused with their spiritual beasts.

They sneered, “Boy, you think you can challenge us with only the five of you? You’re not going back alive after ruining our business today.”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan.
“Do we take action?”

Xia Xiaochan flashed and disappeared.
The great fishing masters on the other boat all looked around, only to see nobody.
However, they heard a crack in the next second, as the rope that pulled the Stone Spirit Turtle was cut off, and the other four boats were all shivering under the weight.


Another rope was broken.

Xia Xiaochan was standing on the turtle shell.
But then she disappeared again and appeared on the boat where a guy was left to sail it.


The sailor was stabbed in the abdomen and fell into the ocean, and the other three boats couldn’t support the Stone Spirit Turtle anymore.
They began to collapse with the turtle.

Han Fei shouted, “Zhang Xuanyu, crash into them!”

“Okay! It’s been a long time since I fought a human.

In the eyes of the great fishing masters, Han Fei was crazy.
A crash from such a high altitude could easily hurt them even though they were great fishing masters, and if they were attacked by the fish in the level-two fishery, they might even be killed.

“Stop! Stop!”

They shouted nonstop, but Han Fei showed no intention of stopping.
Then, they shouted again, “Fight them!” Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Hooks were cast at Han Fei’s boat, but Han Fei simply waved a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger and cut all the fishing lines.

Standing at the head of the boat, Han Fei declared, “None of your fancy tricks will help you.
This Stone Spirit Turtle is ours now.”


When the two boats were only dozens of meters from each other, they all took action.
Han Fei had just shot out his seven chains, Le Renkuang had just released the weapon box, and Luo Xiaobai just sent out her vines, when they saw that the enemy’s boat trembled and Xia Xiaochan had boarded it.
She stabbed through the sailor and then destroyed the controller of the boat.

Before Han Fei and his pals attacked, their enemies had already been falling to the ocean.
Some attempted to jump on Han Fei’s boat, only to be blocked by Han Fei with his daggers.

Then, Xia Xiaochan appeared behind everybody casually.
“Are you silly? Why do you want to fight a dozen people the hard way when you can let them fall?”

Everyone: “…”

Le Renkuang murmured, “Isn’t this a little bit unscrupulous?”

Zhang Xuanyu was speechless.
“Has it never occurred to you that Xia Xiaochan is more terrifying than a dozen great fishing masters?”

Xia Xiaochan turned to look back at Zhang Xuanyu.
“What did you say?”.

I said that you were adorable… I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful and capable as you.”

Han Fei slapped his thigh.
“Right! Since when have I become a battle maniac? I have to change that bad habit.”

Han Fei remembered that he had planned to pursue a career in hidden weapons earlier, but he forgot after Jiang Qin’s teaching.
He was amazed by how Xia Xiaochan finished the enemy with no bloodshed.

Zhang Xuanyu sailed the boat down to the three boats that were slowly dropping.

Han Fei shouted at the sailors on the boats, “Land the boats now! Do you want me to give you a hand?”

The sailors on the boats couldn’t have looked more awful.
They had personally seen a dozen of their partners falling from the sky just now.
Thankfully, this altitude was not very high, and they wouldn’t be killed by the crash as great fishing masters.

However, they were a dozen great fishing masters, and they couldn’t defeat a bunch of kids?

The sailors dare not say anything at this point.
Having no advantages right now, their only option was to land and run as quickly as possible.

Han Fei was not hasty either.
At this point, Han Fei was knocking the turtle shell with a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger.

Clang, Clang, Clang…

Han Fei knocked for almost two minutes before he finally woke up the turtle.
“Who is it? I’m sleeping.” The great fishing masters on the three boats were all shocked.
What was the meaning of that? Why could this turtle talk?

Le Renkuang clicked his tongue.
Turtle probably doesn’t know that he has been flying in the sky.” Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
Turtle, you were almost captured.
Look at where you are right now.”

The Stone Spirit Turtle stretched its head out and immediately grew anxious.
“Where is the water and the coral?”

Han Fei’s eyes bulged.
Turtle, you almost end up as their contractual spiritual beast, did you know that?”






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