Chapter 189 Dragon Eel

Han Fei slightly shivered.
Sometimes, a surprising enemy was more scary than a strong enemy.
Han Fei was certainly scared by the creature that had swum past him quickly like a shadow.

Han Fei looked at his fishing pole.
It was the first time that the fishing line was cut off.
Was it because the pole was too lousy? No, his pole wasn’t the best product but was still one of mortal level, high quality.
Han Fei suspected that the creature in the sea was either very strong or had a sharp blade like a Blade Fish or Swordfish.


Han Fei decided to use the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, whose tails were highly sturdy.
Even if the creature in the water was as strong as a Dangling Fisher, it couldn’t cut the Seven Star Chain easily.

“Pu… Pu… Pu…”

The chain clutched the dragon head from seven directions, and Han Fei immediately felt chilled.
Why was the dragon head so cold?


The creature down below appeared again and passed the chain with a huge noise.
Han Fei even saw sparks in the water.

But he was glad to see that the Seven Star Chain could resist the attack of the monster in the water, which meant that the monster was not unimaginably strong, or at least not strong enough to overpower the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.

“Come here!”

Han Fei exerted all his strength and pulled the dragon head away from the coral, but the chain was frozen the moment the dragon head was moved.
Even Han Fei was covered in ice too.

That was not the end of it.
The agile monster appeared again.
Han Fei saw nothing but a widely-opened mouth, when electricity flowed through the ice and shocked Han Fei.

The high-voltage electricity crumbled the ice and flooded into Han Fei’s body, and Han Fei almost failed to weather through it.
He felt that he had just been hit by a lightning bolt.
Stiffened, he fell into the pool.

At this point, Han Fei finally saw the monster.

Dragon Eel

This is a demonic fish mixed with dragon blood.
They live on dragon bones and are highly resistant to coldness.
They have a sturdy body and high-voltage electricity.



2,064 Points

It can strengthen the bones and improve your look when eaten.


Han Fei fell into the water, but he still felt stiff and frozen.
He felt that a long tail was slapping him.


The whole cave was shaking, and Han Fei was blown dozens of meters away in the water and didn’t regain balance until a long time later.
The rigidity in his body was finally gone after the attack.

“What immense power!”

Han Fei’s nose and mouth were bleeding.
He was appalled by the monster’s power.
How could he defeat it when he had been hurt with his Indestructible Body?

This time, Han Fei did not release Little Black to bite it, because he was not sure that Little Black could withstand the monster’s discharge.

The monster came at him again as quickly as lightning, and Han Fei was knocked away again even though he had tried to dodge it.


Han Fei was stiffened again by another discharge and blown away in the next second.
This time, he bumped into the rocks above his head and rolled on the ground.


Han Fei spewed out blood and couldn’t have looked more awful.
He had never encountered a more formidable opponent or suffered such heavy wounds since he obtained the Indestructible Body Art.

Han Fei immediately drew out his blades.
When the Dragon Eel reached him, he unleashed his spiritual energy and the seven chains.


Han Fei was knocked away.
The Dragon Eel had swum past him before he was able to stab his blades into it, but he managed to lock the Dragon Eel with two chains.


The electricity was as powerful as before, but Han Fei merely gritted his teeth and wouldn’t let go of the chains even though he was bleeding.
He knew that he couldn’t be killed by electricity after the lightning strikes he endured at the mountain top.

But because of his stubbornness, Han Fei was now thrown into the rocks, whipped into the coral, and shocked by the Dragon Eel.

The Spiritual Energy Protective Cover on Han Fei was broken again and again.
He even felt that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp couldn’t sustain this much longer.
Five minutes later, Han Fei’s face became pale, as he had been shocked dozens of times and his skin had been shredded by the Dragon Eel.


Han Fei chose to fuse.
He knew that fusion wouldn’t help much.
He could see through the enemy’s attack more easily with the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, but they couldn’t help him avoid the discharge of the Dragon Eel at all.

However, after Han Fei became bloodthirsty, his attack and defense abilities were slightly improved, and while the Dragon Eel was not discharging, he bound the remaining chains to it and pulled the chains hard.
Finally, Han Fei caught the Dragon Eel in the middle of an electric shock.


Han Fei trembled when he grabbed the Dragon Eel.
He was so electrified that his soul almost left his body.

“Absorb now!”

Han Fei felt that he couldn’t endure it much longer.
He would die first if he couldn’t kill this Dragon Eel.

Thankfully, the Demon Purification Pot was glittering as if it were breathing, and the flow of electricity from the Dragon Eel was declining.
It was still hitting Han Fei crazily, but it was not as powerful as before.

“Huh? It can resist the absorption of the Demon Purification Pot?”

Han Fei clearly sensed the plummet of spiritual energy in the Dragon Eel, but it stopped dropping when it was reduced by half.

“Hiss… Collect the demon!”


Han Fei was slapped into the wall, and the first collection failed.

Han Fei stabbed the Dragon Eel with both blades, but he could barely penetrate its skin.
This creature was unimaginably tough.

“Keep absorbing! You little bastard, just behave and enter my calabash if you don’t want to die…”

“Collect the demon!”

After five minutes of trying, the Dragon Eel was finally absorbed into the calabash when it ran out of spiritual energy.

The moment the Dragon Eel was absorbed, Han Fei lay at the bottom of the ocean with all his limbs stretched out, feeling like crying.
He had dozens of wounds, and all his bones seemed broken.
He felt as though he had been crippled.

After a long time, Han Fei finally found an exit of the cave.
He surfaced and took a deep breath, before he sat cross-legged in the water.

“No, I have to make a breakthrough or I will be too heavily wounded to continue my exploration.”

Digging dozens of low-quality spiritual stones from the dragon’s head, Han Fei imposed the Divine Healing Technique on himself and chose to make a breakthrough.

Tremendous spiritual energy surged out from him.
A few minutes later, more than thirty low-quality spiritual stones had been broken, but they were not enough.
Han Fei’s wounds were healing, and spiritual energy was running in his body.

A moment later, another fifty spiritual stones were broken.
Han Fei’s wounds were healed and his internal organs were stabilized.
Spiritual energy was raging hotly in his body.


For a moment, Han Fei’s power and level were soaring significantly.

It was not until all the spiritual stones before him were broken that Han Fei finally stopped the absorption of spiritual energy.
He was rather shocked.
There was no telling whether it was because he was heavily wounded or because he made a three-level breakthrough in a row, but it cost him a million points of spiritual energy to go from the peak of a junior fishing master to the peak of an intermediate fishing master.

Han Fei knew that other people needed about seventy thousand points of spiritual energy for an advancement, so three levels would require no more than three hundred thousand points of spiritual energy.
However, he had just spent more than twice that.
How could he make more breakthroughs in the future?

He looked at his data.

Han Fei

26 (Mid-level Great Fishing Master)

6,466 (2,499)

Level-Four, Low-Quality (Upgradable)

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 23)

: Purple Bamboo Rod

Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)


The capacity of his spiritual energy had been increased by four hundred points? It meant a comprehensive improvement of his body.
However, Han Fei was still regretful because he only had 6,246 points of spiritual energy left, which was not enough for one battle.
The battle with the Dragon Eel, for example, had cost more than six thousand points of spiritual energy with all the Spiritual Energy Protective Covers.

Han Fei immediately looked at the dragon head, hoping that it wouldn’t be a disappointment.






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