Chapter 185 Mysterious Cave

They floated for six days on the ocean.

On the fourth day, Zhang Xuanyu finally got a Gold Water Cocoon, a speed-type exotic contractual spiritual beast that was even faster than the Gold Squid.
It was an insect that could fly extremely fast.
However, it did not have many advantages apart from its high speed.

Of course, not everybody got the exotic contractual spiritual beast that they wanted.
Luo Xiaobai, for example, only caught a stealthy jellyfish.
She offered it to Xia Xiaochan, but Xia Xiaochan said that she didn’t need it because she could go stealthy on her own, so Luo Xiaobai kept the jellyfish for herself.

A stealthy manipulator could be dreadful in battles when they performed crowd control invisibly, and the enemy would be frightened.

Xia Xiaochan was less fortunate.
She hadn’t encountered an exotic creature suitable for herself yet.

Holding Little White, Xia Xiaochan said, “Little White, please help me find one.
Don’t leave me aside now that you’ve found something for each and every one of them…”


Little White kissed Xia Xiaochan on the lips.

Xia Xiaochan giggled.
“Ah, goodbye.
When you find an exotic contractual spiritual beast for me, I’ll kiss you back.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Little White is a female.”

Xia Xiaochan glared at Han Fei.
“It’s none of your business.”

Luo Xiaobai proposed again, “Han Fei, you really should change its name.”

Han Fei said, “Should we call it Little Little White then?”

Luo Xiaobai was speechless.

While everybody was making fun of each other, Little White dashed into the ocean and swam north.

Xia Xiaochan immediately shouted at Zhang Xuanyu, “Sail the boat! Little Little White found something!”

Their teamwork had been honed in the past days, and they were certain that they could catch the contractual spiritual beast if they found it.
Everybody smiled as few people in the whole Blue Sea Town were as lucky as them to have so many exotic contractual spiritual beasts.

More than two hours later, they reached a desolate area.

Xia Xiaochan was still excited.

Luo Xiaobai, however, frowned.
“No, wait a moment… I think we’re out of the level-two fishery.”

Everybody hurried to gather around her.

Luo Xiaobai pointed at the map and said, “According to the map, we were here at the edge of the level-two fishery just now, and we’ve just sailed outward for more than seven hundred kilometers.
Our current location is not marked on the map.”

Le Renkuang was enjoying barbecue.
He said unconcernedly, “It doesn’t matter! We’re not too far away anyway.
Besides, isn’t it a mixed area outside of the level-two fishery? We can’t go to a level-three fishery without a portal.”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head.
It’s true that the area outside of the level-two fishery is a mixed area, but most of it hasn’t been explored yet.
We’ve already gone too far in these six days.
Although we took multiple turns, we’ve been sailing south in general.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Why didn’t you notice it earlier?”

Luo Xiaobai replied, “I thought that we were going east and only slightly down south, but I realized that the direction of the sun was not right when I checked the map.
We’re indeed going south.”

Han Fei asked with a smile, “Can you estimate how far away we’ve gone?”

Luo Xiaobai said gravely, “More than ten thousand kilometers, I’m afraid.”


Everybody gasped.
Ten thousand kilometers? They didn’t feel it at all, and they had been too busy playing with their new contractual spiritual beasts to care about their course.

Xia Xiaochan said without worries, “Let’s not be bothered.
We can’t stay here now that Little Little White has found a target.
It’s absolutely impossible.”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded.
“It’s just a mixed area.
There’s nothing to be scared of.”

Han Fei was not nervous either.
“Let’s just dive down and see.
The five of us can explore a level-three fishery, not to mention a mixed area next to the level-two fishery.”

Luo Xiaobai slightly nodded.
“Alright, we’ll return after we catch this one.
Then we’ll study the fishing skill that the president mentioned.”

Very soon, Zhang Xuanyu saw something through his second vision.
“It’s a lobster.
It’s red and half a meter long… Huh, it also has wings on its back.
I assume that it’s very fast.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “A lobster? Can’t be anything bad…”

In the water, the five people surrounded the target in a circle, with many more helpers than previous, including six spiritual beasts and four contractual spiritual beasts.

After the previous hunts, they had found that the exotic creatures were highly vigilant and would be alarmed whenever a battle started.
So, they simply showed all their strength and surrounded such creatures openly.

A moment later, Zhang Xuanyu whispered, “Le Renkuang, it’s going towards your direction.
Note that the lobster is fast and agile.”

Le Renkuang was waving thousands of blades and shouting, “However agile it might be, can it survive the Torrents of Knives and Swords made by me and the Thousand Blade Tortoise?”

Xia Xiaochan asked nervously, “Le Renkuang, be careful and don’t kill my contractual spiritual beast by accident!”

From their position, they suddenly saw that the lobster took a weird turn in the water and left a red track behind it.
When they approached, they found the red track to be flames that were burning in the ocean.

Not far away before Le Renkuang, the lobster flashed like a dancing sprite and passed through the dense blades, leaving a weird trajectory in the dark water.

Le Renkuang shouted, “Not good! I can’t stop it! It’s too great a runner!”

Xia Xiaochan was lost for words.
“You’re truly a useless fatty… Let’s go after it.”

They chased after the lobster crazily.
Thankfully, it was not as fast as they expected, and it was better at dodging than it was at swimming.
Since it left red flames behind, everybody was able to follow the creature easily.

Han Fei led the pursuit and attacked a few times, to no avail.
Suddenly, he saw an enormous trench ahead that looked like a cliff in the ocean.
It reminded him of the Boat Burying Pit in the general fishery.
It was also narrow and steep, but it was longer than the pit Han Fei remembered.

Han Fei said to his teammates, “Attention, it’s going down to a deep trench whose depth I can’t tell.
Also, there are few gregarious fish nearby.
Be careful.”

A moment later, everybody ran into the trench and descended for almost a thousand meters.
There were few fish around them now.

Luo Xiaobai came back to herself.
“Something is not right.
This place is weird.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I can probably endure only a little further before I have to go up for


Luo Xiaobai threw a vine and said, “Bite it.
There’s air in it.”

Everybody looked at Luo Xiaobai in surprise.
They did not know that the girl had so many tricks.

Le Renkuang said, “There’s a cave down there.
The lobster just ran into the cave.
Do we go after it?”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Of course, but be careful.”

Everybody barged into the cave.
Suddenly, Han Fei frowned as he sensed something wrong.

His eyebrow furrowed, Han Fei asked, “Do you feel that the temperature in the cave is too high?”

Luo Xiaobai said, “It’s indeed higher than normal, probably because of the fiery lobster.”

However, everybody came to a stop a minute later as they were shocked by what they saw.
In front of their eyes, an assortment of creatures of different colors had occupied this cave.
They could easily spot more than a thousand creatures.
However, all the creatures were lowly ones.
Even the sea anemones here were only regular ones.

The red lobster had nowhere to run to now.
It was dashing randomly in a corner of the cave.

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes glowed.
“You’re finally mine, my contractual spiritual beast.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “I’ll block its way, you will attack it, and Xiaochan will capture it.
This place is not right.
Let’s just catch it and leave as soon as possible.”




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