Chapter 180 Ate Someone’s Spiritual Beast

Han Fei suddenly got excited and a bold idea struck him: the spiritual beasts that had been summoned were invisible in the Soul Ocean and the primitive spiritual beasts in the Soul Ocean couldn’t see them at all!

In order to confirm this idea, Han Fei ran up to the Swordfish and nothing happened.

He gathered courage again and ran around in front of the Crayfish and nothing happened either.

In the end, he chased a Gold Arowana for a long while and it gave no reaction at all.
However, Han Fei’s tail accidentally touched its eyes and it waved its head and hit him away.

Haha! Great… Since other primitive spiritual beasts can’t see me, then maybe I can eat them!

Han Fei immediately returned to Little Black’s body.

This time, he began to bite any fish passing by.

At first, those primitive spiritual beasts that were gnawed at just fled in a hurry.
In the end, the sudden death of many spiritual beasts finally attracted the attention of other primitive spiritual beasts in this water.
Immediately, all the primitive spiritual beasts in this area began to panic.

But Han Fei didn’t feel it.
He just felt that his brain was suddenly flushed by cold water, and then he felt a great increase in strength, mainly his bite force.

Did I upgrade?

Han Fei was utterly excited.
In the past, he had to feed Little Black every day to help him upgrade, but he only upgraded by one level after a few months.
But now, in the Soul Ocean, he had upgraded by one level just after eating a few primitive spiritual beasts.
Then what if he continued to eat?

When Han Fei ate about 30 more primitive spiritual beasts until he upgraded again.

At this time, this area was in an uproar.
All primitive spiritual beasts were running in a panic.

But it didn’t affect Han Fei at all! Where can you go? I’m invisible to you but you’re visible to me.
How can you escape me?

This time, Han Fei began to bite the exotic and even rare spiritual beasts.

Pearl Fish, Spirit Chasing Shrimp, Sapphire Crab, and Lightning Squid…

Although it took a little longer to catch these rare spiritual beasts, he upgraded again after only eating 12.
Little Black and Little White had directly reached the 20th level.

And then, he continued…

He didn’t know how long it took.
When Little Black and Little White reached the 22nd level, Han Fei looked around, only to find there weren’t any fish.
All fish had escaped.

Han Fei wondered, There are too few primitive spiritual beasts in the Soul Ocean! Do I need to change spots?

After swimming for a long time, Han Fei suddenly saw a flash in front of his eyes and a squid with hook-like tentacles all over its body appeared in front of him.

Iron Hook Squid (Sun Yang’s Spiritual beast)

Its tentacles are like hooks, and the hooks are poisonous.
If caught by it, it will be difficult to escape.

Level 27


362 Points

Huh? Someone’s spiritual beast?

Han Fei was hesitating.
Shall I eat someone’s spiritual beast? Can I eat it? Why can I see it?! Does it mean that the spiritual beasts that were summoned here could see each other in the Soul Ocean?

Han Fei thought for a while.
Perhaps I can try taking a bite of it?

The Iron Hook Squid obviously saw Little White, and suddenly hit at him with its hook.

Han Fei was surprised.
What?! I am still thinking about whether to eat you or not, but you’ve taken the initiative to attack me?

Little White dodged quickly.
But Han Fei was angry.
I didn’t plan to eat you but you started


So Han Fei rushed up and bit off a squid tentacle.
While he was going to attack again, the spiritual beast swooshed away and escaped quickly.

Han Fei kept chasing him, but unfortunately, because the guy could see Little White, it ran extremely fast.

After a while, Han Fei gave up.
The summoned spiritual beast already had consciousness, otherwise, it wouldn’t have escaped so quickly.

After swimming for a while, when a lot of primitive spiritual beasts appeared around him again, he began to devour them like crazy again.
Han Fei felt that he might upgrade at any time.

Suddenly, he felt dizzy, and when he woke up again, he found that he was sleeping on the deck.

“Huh? Did I come out of the Soul Ocean? Why?”

At this moment, Han Fei suddenly bounced off the deck and threw out the double knives in his hand instantly.

“Who is it?!”

Han Fei dodged and an arrow was nailed to where he had just slept.

“Who? Who warned you?!”

A few dozen meters away, a fishing boat was approaching.
On the bow of the ship, one person held a longbow and shot three arrows again, intending to kill Han Fei.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The three arrows were easily blocked by Han Fei.
Han Fei twisted his wrist slightly.
An advanced great fishing master?

The man looked surprised.
This guy wasn’t killed by my sneak attack? Run…

Those who could come to the level-two fishery were at least great fishing masters.
The first idea the man came up with was to run away when his sneak attack failed.

“Now you want to escape? Do you think I’m dead?”

Han Fei walked through the air, waving his fishing rod, and bound this man with the fishing line in the blink of an eye.
Then the double knives in his hand swished out through the air, drawing a strange arc in the air.


The man raised his bow to block, but the next moment, the longbow that accompanied him for many years was cut in two directly.

“A magic weapon?”

The man exclaimed, pulling out his dagger, and trying to cut off the fishing line binding him.
However, the fishing line quickly loosened and was taken back by Han Fei.

The two knives flew back into his hand and Han Fei had stepped onto the man’s ship.

“Little brother, I’m sorry.
Please spare my life.
I will repay you.”

Han Fei grinned.


At the moment when Han Fei smiled, he moved again, and Han Fei saw a squid instantly fused with him.

Han Fei was surprised.
“Iron Hook Squid?”

Han Fei was sure that this was just that Iron Hook Squid he saw just now.


In mid-air, the phantom of a big seal fell down.
The Water-Stirring Seal appeared extremely quickly, shattering the cabin and smashing the man into the water.

Han Fei put away the Water-Stirring Seal.
He seemed to hit him too hard.
Was this man killed?

Han Fei stood on the boat and watched for a while.
After several minutes, a head suddenly popped out of the sea, his face covered with blood.

“Help, help me…”

Han Fei didn’t move.
Standing on the bow of the ship, he asked, “Are you called Sun Yang?”

“Yes, he, help…”

At the next moment, Sun Yang seemed to be dragged down by something in the water and he never came up again.

“I hate faithless people like you the most.”

Han Fei was not surprised.
After Su Yebai was hit by the Water-Stirring Seal, he fainted.
It was not easy for Sun Yang to persist underwater for too long.

However, his name was Sun Yang? It was no coincidence that he met him here.
He had just met his Iron Hook Squid in the Soul Ocean!

Han Fei felt that he had discovered a big secret, an extremely horrible secret.
When a person was close to him, then the distance between their spiritual beasts in the Soul Ocean was also very close.

But the point was, why could he enter the world where the spiritual beasts were? Since he could enter it, could others also enter it? If everyone could, wasn’t it unsafe for his spiritual beast in the soul ocean?

Regarding this issue, he decided to wait and try it out when the five of them met again three days later.

Then Han Fei tried to enter the soul ocean again but failed.
Whether he was lying down, asleep, or in a daze, he couldn’t get in.
Little Black and Little White didn’t understand his meaning at all.
Or they might not even know that they had just been possessed.

But Han Fei found that Little Black and Little White had already reached level 22.
How long did it take? It was only less than half an hour!

And before they could only upgrade by one level in a few months.

Han Fei was shocked.
In half an hour, they upgraded from level 17 to level 22 by eating.

How shocking was this upgrade speed?




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