Chapter 179 Soul Ocean

Han Fei knew that Little White had another ability, which was looking for spiritual energy.
It had shown this ability when they were in that seabed mine, where Little White took him to find the spiritual stone.

Little White jumped into the water, and Little Black followed him.
Then, Little White took Han Fei to swim in one direction.

Is Little White leading me to a treasure or spiritual energy? Han Fei wondered.

After about half an hour, Little White stopped, spinning around on the spot.

Han Fei immediately took out his fishing rod.
Although Old Bai didn’t allow them to bring fishing bait this time, after injecting spiritual energy into the fishing rod, Han Fei could feel a small area under the water through the fishing rod.
This was an exclusive ability of Void Fishing Art.

The fishing rod went nearly two hundred meters deep.
Suddenly, Han Fei saw a golden squid fly past with a swish that disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Han Fei didn’t even know what kind of a squid it was, but judging from the speed at which it escaped and its reaction at that instant, it was definitely not an ordinary squid.

“Does Little White have the ability to find rare or even exotic creatures?”

Han Fei stared at Little White with shining eyes.
If Little White had this ability, he would be able to catch countless exotic creatures, then fuse them, and turn them into mysterious, legendary creatures, or even stronger creatures!

Han Fei said eagerly, “Little White, can you still find it?”

Han Fei’s eyes were shining.
Wow, I’m gonna make a fortune.
A scene of him leading a large army of legendary creatures popped up in his mind.
If it came to reality, he would literally dominate the ocean! When encountering enemies, he just needed to release hundreds of legendary creatures.
Who would be able to resist this?!

Little White hesitated for a long time and did not move.
Han Fei sensed that Little White couldn’t find the squid now.

Han Fei was frustrated! There was a creature that was at least an exotic kind in front of me, but I didn’t get the chance to do anything! I really regret that it ran away…

Unable to find the squid, Han Fei just practiced the Water Vein Technique for a while before putting away the fishing rod.

If the first and second levels of the Void Fishing taught people how to fish, then the third level of the Water Vein Technique was to teach people how to turn the fishing hook and fishing line into the pulsation of water.

In this case, the fishing hook could quietly approach fish and then directly capture them.
But Han Fei tried it a few times.
It seemed that the effect was not very good.
Perhaps he hadn’t mastered how to use it yet and would only succeed once every ten attempts.

Han Fei was not in the mood to practice it.
He repeatedly asked Little White whether he could find the squid again, but the damn squid seemed to have disappeared and couldn’t be found again.

Han Fei lay on the deck, facing up to the sky.
Doesn’t Little White have any other abilities?

As he thought this, his mind turned a bit chaotic.
He should have gone to dig up seabed treasure with Zhang Xuanyu.

Gradually, a wave of drowsiness came over him and he fell asleep on the deck.

Suddenly, Han Fei shivered and suddenly opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was startled.
The world in front of his eyes was grotesque and gaudy.
He saw a lot of strange planktons and many super-large fish swimming past him.

“What happened?”

Han Fei wanted to shout, only to spit out a string of bubbles.

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei wanted to turn his head, but he couldn’t feel his legs.
And a tail?! I even have a tail?!

“Shit! Little White?”

Han Fei saw Little White circle around him.
But Little White’s size became strangely large, and he didn’t look beautiful anymore.
His head had become so big…

Gosh… Have I become Little Black?

Han Fei was stunned.

This was a very special experience.
He had turned into a fish, swimming with his fins and tail, and the vision of his eyes changed, which was just like when he took a picture from the bottom up or from the top down!

Where am I?

Han Fei wagged his tail to swim and occasionally opened his mouth to take a sip of seawater.
Then, he opened his gills and slightly opened his scales to absorb oxygen from the water and then closed his mouth.

Han Fei was stunned and at a loss of what to do.
I became Little Black.
Then what happened to me?

Am I dreaming? But why would I have such a dream?

Han Fei was dumbfounded when a fish about his size swam past him.

Bony Spur Fish (Primitive spiritual beast)

Covered with bone spurs, with extremely strong attack power, and often attacks the enemy by surprise.

Level 13


152 Points


He felt as if his body was out of control as he rushed up to bite and tear it apart.
Not until he bit the innocent fish into pieces did Han Fei regain control of his body.

Damn… Can anyone explain to me what happened? What the hell is this? And what is a primitive spiritual beast?

Huh? Why do I feel stronger? Is it because I ate that fish?

There seemed to be no concept of time here.
Han Fei felt that he had been swimming for a long time and had eaten several fishes.
There were also some that he wanted to eat but they escaped.

Han Fei saw many unknown fish, shrimp, and crabs, and also familiar ones, such as Spirit Chasing Shrimp, Ice Flame Turtle, and Lightning Crabs… These were all f*cking primitive spiritual beasts…

Han Fei suddenly came up with an extremely shocking idea, This is not the level-two fishery here but the sea where Little Black and Little White came from!

Han Fei saw this sea in the Fishing Trial when there was a film between him and the sea, and there were countless kinds of fish that seemed to try to break through the film but in the end, only Little Black and Little White came through.

Yes, that’s the sea.
This must be the… Soul Ocean?

Having figured this out, Han Fei was stunned.
What happened? Why was he here? And why did he become Little Black? If this was the Soul Ocean, wouldn’t it mean that all the fishes in front of him were all spiritual beasts?

Han Fei swore that he had never seen so many spiritual beasts before.

Han Fei was a bit anxious.
If he became Little Black, then where was he? Or was Little Black possessed by his soul?

At this time, Han Fei saw a huge monster swimming past.
He took a close look.
What the heck is that? A Golden Dragon? An Arowana?

What the fuck! What the hell is this place?

Han Fei trembled in fright.
He just saw a giant Arowana swim past!

Gold Arowana (Primitive Spiritual beast)

It has a trace of golden dragon bloodline.
After awakening, its quality will change and it will possess extremely strong attack power.

Level 29


360 Points

This time, Little Black didn’t rush to bite it because he might get bitten instead.

Han Fei suddenly came up with an idea.
Could Little Black be eaten by other spiritual beasts in this damn place?

After observing for a while, Han Fei was relieved.
It turned out that under normal circumstances, these spiritual beasts would not attack each other.
But that was not for sure.
Han Fei saw a Mantis Shrimp knocking a spiritual beast to death and dragging it back into its hole as its food.

At this moment, countless thoughts flashed through his mind, If the spiritual beasts were in such an environment, would they die at any time? But in the real world, he had never heard of anyone’s spiritual beast suddenly dying!

“No, there must be a problem.”

Han Fei chose a Swordfish and came up to bite it.
The Swordfish felt the pain and immediately escaped, but it didn’t seem to have any intention to fight Little Black.

Then Han Fei ran to a Spirit Swallowing Fish and swirled around in front of its eyes but that fish didn’t seem to see him at all.

Han Fei immediately realized, Shit, I forgot Little Black had the ability of invisibility.
Can I possess Little White’s body?

With this thought, Han Fei suddenly felt dizzy, and then he saw Little Black in front of him.

Did I become Little White? Haha, interesting.
So I can switch between these two little guys!

Han Fei didn’t panic like before.
There must be a reason for him to be here.
After eating a few fish, Han Fei felt very energetic.
He controlled Little White’s body and swam to the Spirit Swallowing Fish.
And then, something unexpected happened.

This Spirit Swallowing Fish still couldn’t see him! It was understandable that it couldn’t see Little Black, because Little Black was invisible.
But why couldn’t it see Little White either?




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