Chapter 177 Abduct A Girl

Han Fei was very excited.
Until today, he had a complete understanding of the relationship between realm, combat skills, and weapons.
He also understood why his combat power was the strongest, although the others had better spiritual heritage than him.
The only reason was that his combat skills were the strongest.

Old Bai said, “We just told you some information about the cultivation world; however, you don’t have to think about it too much because many things are still out of your reach.
Now let’s go back to the three questions.
I think now you know what the starting point is.
Those below Dangling Fishers are disposable.
As for the first and the second questions, you need to study them for yourselves.”

Luo Xiaobai asked, “President, but for the second question, if fishers don’t fish demonic fish, what do they fish?”

“It’s not that they don’t fish demonic fish but that they can also fish other things besides demonic fish.
In the infinite ocean hides countless treasures.
Why do you only catch fish every day but don’t hunt treasures?”

Old Bai looked at them speechlessly.
I’ve put it so clearly, why can’t you still understand?

Old Bai went away angrily.
Wenren Yu gave a strange smile and left too.

Xiao Zhan sighed and looked at them.
“I was just like you when I was young, thinking fishing was simply fishing demonic fish.
But in fact, it is not.
Let me ask you, if somewhere in the sea was full of spiritual energy, what would you do?”

Le Renkuang immediately replied, “There must be something good there! I’d jump down and hunt for treasure!”

Xiao Zhan said crossly, “Shut up.”

Luo Xiaobai wondered, “Would I resort to fishing?”

Xiao Zhan smiled.
When you enter the level-three fishery one day, do you think fishes will take the initiative to come to eat your hooks?”

Han Fei thought of Hexagon Starfish.
That bastard was very sly.
When he wanted Han Fei to save him, he tried to please him with all kinds of benefits.
As soon as he was liberated, however, he ran away with a swish.
What a damn fish!

Han Fei guessed, “So we can not only fish demonic fishes, but also treasures, right? Does it mean we can fish anything if we want?”

Xiao Zhan explained, “Only when you have enough strength.
Although your combat skills are different, different paths lead to the same destination.
For example, you practice True Spirit Fishing, so you must have learned the Water Control Technique.
Then you need to fish according to the direction of flowing water and the strength of spiritual energy.
You can have a try!”

Everyone was stunned.

Xia Xiaochan begged, “Teacher, can we go to sea?”

Do you still want to fight in the arena? But you should have a clear idea of your purpose.
It’s not for fishing for demonic fish, but for you to study your spiritual beasts and try to figure out the true meaning of fishing.”



“We can finally go to sea!”

Xia Xiaochan was overjoyed.
“Are we going now?”

Luo Xiaobai’s eyes brightened.
“No hurry.
Let’s see if there is anything to prepare.”

Zhang Xuanyu added, “Me, me, I need one day.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Me too.”

Le Renkuang said quickly, “Then I want one day too! You all have things to do, but I don’t.
I’ve decided to use the day to eat hot pot.”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes at Le Renkuang.
“It’s not like we’re not coming back…”

Le Renkuang clicked his tongue.
“I just want to eat hot pot.”

Xia Xiaochan was helpless.

That night.

Le Renkuang went to the hot pot restaurant.

Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai went shopping.

Han Fei locked himself in the cave and no one knew what he was doing.

Zhang Xuanyu disappeared with thousands of mid-quality pearls.
No one knew where he was going.

He Xiaoyu and Wang Baiyu were studying at the First Academy, the Blue Sea Academy.

At this moment, He Xiaoyu was practicing hard with Wang Baiyu as her sparring partner.
She had decided to become a hunter.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Wang Baiyu asked, “He Xiaoyu, why didn’t you just choose to become a soul warrior? According to your talent, you’re suitable for becoming a soul warrior.”

“No, I just want to be a hunter.”

He Xiaoyu’s attacks were all blocked by Wang Baiyu.
However, Wang Baiyu was surprised.
His talent was superior to hers, but why were He Xiaoyu’s attacks so powerful? It was completely beyond the power a girl should have.

Just when He Xiaoyu was sweating all over, a girl hurried over.
“Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, Han Fei from the Fourth Academy came to you.
It seems that he is having a conflict with the people in our school.”

He Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up.

She jumped up and ran off while muttering, “I’ll take a shower.”

“Why? Is it the first time you’ve seen him?”

He Xiaoyu snorted.
“It’s none of your business.”

At the gate of the First Academy.

A group of people surrounded Han Fei.

Someone shouted angrily, “Han Fei, what do you want? Are you coming to provoke us?”

“You’re not that important.
I came to see someone.”

The man was angry.
“Bullshit! Last night, Zhang Xuanyu came and carried Hu Keren off with him.
Now you’ve come too.
Who are you going to abduct?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
What? Zhang Xuanyu had been here? And abducted a girl?

Han Fei thought about it and patted his thigh in chagrin.
Damn it, Zhang Xuanyu did come to see that girl? That bastard!

Han Fei pretended to be calm.
“I’m not like him.
I won’t abduct anyone.
I’m here to see He Xiaoyu.”

Dozens of people were angry at his remark.
So he came to abduct He Xiaoyu! Wasn’t He Xiaoyu a girl in our school? And she was a pretty girl.

Even girls were pissed off.
“You’re such a jerk! You’re in love with Xia Xiaochan.
How can you still hook up with another girl?”

Han Fei was helpless.
“What? He Xiaoyu was my classmate when I was in the Heavenly Water Village.
Can’t I see her?”

The girl responded, “No, now our whole school boycotts the Fourth Academy.”

A girl echoed, “Yes, we’re boycotting the thugs.”

A boy sneered, “Yes, we won’t give you the opportunity to two-time He Xiaoyu.”

Han Fei shot back, “My ass! If you don’t stop slandering me, I will hit you!”

The boy immediately grasped the long broadsword at his waist.
“As I expected, you harbor evil thoughts.
I knew you just came here to make trouble.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Get lost.
Now I know why the First Academy is so weak.
Look at you.
All you guys know is to boycott this and boycott that.”

“How dare you! That’s enough…”

A group of people rushed up, but no one dared to fight him.
They had watched the Thug Legend fighting in the arena.
Han Fei was very strong and almost slapped Su Yebai to death.
They were certainly not his matches, so they only dared scold him!

“Get out of the way.
What are you doing?”

He Xiaoyu came out of the crowd angrily.

A girl said, “He Xiaoyu, the Fourth Academy are our enemies.
Don’t be a traitor.”

A girl tugged at He Xiaoyu’s arm.
“Yes, he wants to two-time you.
Hu Keren was tricked out by Zhang Xuanyu last night and didn’t return overnight.
And today, Han Fei came to abduct you.”

He Xiaoyu scoffed.
“Come on! What are you talking about? Han Fei is my good friend and classmate.”

He Xiaoyu broke free from the girl’s hand and ran to Han Fei.
“What’s up? Why did you suddenly come to see me?”

“Let’s go.
Come with me.”

Behind him, the boys and girls of the First Academy thumped their feet in anger.
He Xiaoyu could not stand the temptation! They could only watch Han Fei abduct He Xiaoyu.

A girl suggested, “They came to our school to abduct people, and we can do it too! Which boy is willing to do it?”

The boys immediately fell into a heated discussion.

“Hey! I think my strength has improved recently.
Let’s have a fight and test our strength?”

“Huh? You do? I feel it too.
Let’s have a fight.”

“Well, I feel I’m making progress in stick technique.
When I make some more progress, I will try to enter the Fourth Academy.”

They talked and walked away, leaving the girls staring at one another stunned.

When those boys walked away, they muttered, “Abduct the violent Xia Xiaochan and the iceberg Luo Xiaobai? Are they out of their minds?”

After a moment.

A place where nobody was.

He Xiaoyu asked shyly, “Han Fei, what’s up?”

Han Fei looked serious.
He had a hunch that this trip was by no means simple, neither was finding the path of truth.

“He Xiaoyu, can you do me some favors?”

Looking at Han Fei’s solemn expression, He Xiaoyu couldn’t help but be a bit panicked.
“Is something wrong?”

Han Fei shook his head and did not intend to tell her.
“It’s okay.
I just came to ask you to do me some favors.”

He Xiaoyu: “???”

“The first is to teach the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body to Wang Baiyu, Xia Wushuang, and the others.”


Han Fei said with a smile, “It’s just a common combat skill.
Just teach it to them.
The second is, if you go back to the village soon, please go to the plantation and help Old Jiang clean it up.
I may not go back for a while.”

He Xiaoyu asked in worry, “Han Fei, is something wrong?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, but I’m going to attend secret training and won’t have time to go back.”

In the end, Han Fei hesitated but still handed over a jade slip to He Xiaoyu, saying solemnly, “If one day, being a great fishing master is no longer your life goal and you want to become stronger, you can take a look at this jade slip.”

He Xiaoyu took it in surprise and wanted to check it immediately, but the jade slip didn’t respond at all.

“You can’t open it now.
When you become a great fishing master, you’ll be able to open it… OK, I’m leaving…”




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