Chapter 169 We Are Back

One game destroyed the confidence of countless people.

The host spluttered, “Too strong, so strong…”

Luo Xiaobai took a step forward and looked at the place where the teams of the three academies were sitting.
“Today, the Thug Academy will accept challenges from all the teams below the level of Dangling Fisher from the three academies, as well as teams of the entire Blue Sea Town below the level of Dangling Fisher.”

Han Fei also stepped forward.
“If any team can win against us, I’ll personally give each member 10,000 mid-quality pearls.”


Now nobody was mentioning the Thug Eliminator Team.
Everyone who had watched the battle was excited and felt their blood boiling.

Bao Jin clutched his chest, his eyes were frightened, and his voice was anxious.
“They are back.
They really are back.
The legendary academy is back.”

Those teams that were going to fight the Thugs all quitted.
They were not five children but five genuine thugs who were wild, irritable and people who slaughtered their enemies like killing fish.
They didn’t want to win the 10,000 mid-quality pearls! They just wanted to be alive.

The intermediate great fishing masters all quitted.
Nothing was more important than their lives.
Why bother since they knew they would only lose?

But the advanced and peak-level great fishing masters all rushed over to register.
They thought they could have a try.
Despite the suspicion of bullying the weak, they could earn a lot of money! So, the registration office was overcrowded.

Bao Jin rushed to the registration office and shouted, “Everyone, listen to me.
Form a team first.
And if you’re not strong enough, don’t sign up.
We only need the strong.
Do you hear me? We only need the strong…”

The boy from the First Academy sneered.
Are they being provocative? Ten thousand mid-quality pearls per person.
That’s a lot of money.

The boy said to the teacher next to him, “I’ll go back and choose my team members.
I’ll fight them for their 100th game.”

In a corner of the arena, there were three masked guys.

Wenren Yu asked, “Lao Bai, did these little guys go too far?”

Xiao Zhan smiled and said, “This is a manifestation of strength.
If a person has to hide his strength, then what is the point for him to become strong?”

Old Bai nodded.
“Yes! What Luo Xiaobai and Han Fei said stimulated too many people.
Now they need to be very careful in each following game.
This is no longer the same-level competition but a heightened competition.
Now their opponents will be peak-level great fishing masters.”

Wenren Yu questioned, “Can they even handle peak-level great fishing masters?”

Xiao Zhan grinned.
“Not necessarily.
These little guys are very strong.
I have no doubt that they can kill a Dangling Fisher if they use their trump-card combat skills.
And peak-level great fishing masters and Dangling Fisher are just like clouds and mud.”

Old Bai was excited.
“The top 100 list is going to be released.
The last 50 games were a good chance for them to collect combat experience.
Xiao Zhan, when they go back, tell them only to use 70% of their combat power in games unless they meet tough rivals.”

Xiao Zhan was surprised.
“70%? But their opponents will be advanced great fishing masters!”

Old Bai smiled.
“Their improvement will be better if squeezing them to the extreme.”

The entire Blue Sea Town knew that the Fourth Academy had come back, for five teenagers had declared war on all the strong masters below Dangling Fishers in the Blue Sea Town.

He Xiaoyu kept hearing people talking about the Thug Legend on her way to her school.

Wang Baiyu gave a wry smile.
“I used to think Tang Ge was the first genius in the Tianshui Village.
After all, he was selected by the angel and brought directly into the city.
But now, I am a little unsure.
Did Han Fei really reach where he is today because of the resources given to him by Tang Ge?”

Xia Wushuang sneered.
“Of course not! Think about it, what kind of resources can make you strong like this? How long has it been? We have been in the Blue Sea Town for less than a year and Han Fei for less than two months, but now he has declared war on peak-level great fishing masters?”

He Xiaoyu suddenly took a deep breath and said, “I have decided.”

Everyone: “???”

He Xiaoyu declared, “I choose to be a hunter.”

Everyone: “…”

Xiang Nan shouted, “Hey! Xiaoyu, calm down.
Xia Xiaochan is a hunter because her spiritual beast is a Shadow Shrimp.
But your spiritual beast is a Cardinal.
You’re suitable to be a soul warrior!”

He Xiaoyu shot back, “No, you forget how fast Little Red can be.”

He Xiaoyu had made up her mind.
Han Fei is so strong! She used to teach Han Fei Sweeping Stick.
At that time, Han Fei was no match for her at all.

But now? Even if Han Fei stood still and let her hit him, she wouldn’t be able to injure him.
She knew clearly how strong Yang Xiao was, but Han Fei crushed him so easily! And Zhang Xuanyu was also horribly strong.
Could she win against the two of them if she chose to be a soul warrior? That would be impossible, but she knew she had the talent of a hunter because she had Little Red and the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing…

The latter could strengthen her body and make her body more limber.
And with Little Red, it would be better for her to be a hunter than a soul warrior.

Today’s game was suspended.
The Blue Sea Arena urgently recruited the top strong masters below Dangling Fishers with exotic spiritual beasts, so intermediate great fishing masters would not be qualified.

Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant.

Le Renkuang gobbled his food.
“Oh, I’m disappointed.
They were so weak! We didn’t need to use all our strength at all!”

Zhang Xuanyu muttered, “Should I go to apologize to that girl? Why should a girl be a soul warrior? No, no, will anyone accompany me to the First Academy?”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Hey, hey! We were in a game! Don’t be such a Casanova, OK?”

Zhang Xuanyu looked down.
“I feel guilty!”

Han Fei winked.
“I’ll accompany you when we get a hundred-game winning streak.”


Han Fei nodded seriously.
“For your happiness, toast.”

Xia Xiaochan mocked, “Haha! You just want to go see your own girl, don’t you?”

Luo Xiaobai questioned, “Han Fei, is the Thunder Force invalid for you now?”

Han Fei laughed.
“This is no such thing called Thunder Force! It’s not a big deal.
It just paralyzed your body with instantaneous currents.
Spiritual energy will be able to suppress this force.”

At this time.

Li Gang sent some barbecue over.

Li Gang praised, “Young Master, you were awesome today!”

Han Fei smiled.
“Not just me.”

“Yes, yes, the other young masters and young ladies are also awesome.”

Li Gang was very grateful to Han Fei.
Less than a year ago, he was still a gangster who lay around every day, nibbling sea melon seeds and collecting protection fees everywhere.
But now he was the general manager of The Fish Dragons.

Luo Xiaobai stated, “Let’s finish eating and go back to cultivate.”

While they were eating hot pot happily, in the residence of the mayor of the Blue Sea Town, Old Bai was sitting lazily and the presidents and deputy-presidents of the other three academies were also there.

Old Bai looked around the room.
“The four-year period is over, and the top 100 competition is about to start again.
The Thug Academy has been quiet for more than thirty years.
Now we’ve come back.
We can join the competition, right?”

President of the Second Academy snorted.
“Humph! You were absent from the competition eight times in a row.
Why do we have to allow you to attend it again just because you want?”

The president of the First Academy added, “Old Bai, your academy only has the five little guys? What kind of academy only has five students?”

Old Bai ridiculed, “So what? Didn’t they crush your team? Even if there is only one student in our academy, we exist.
Do you look down upon our students? Believe it or not, they can destroy you First Academy.”

“Destroy the First Academy? In their current state?”

Old Bai nodded.
“Yes! The people of the Thug Academy have never lost, just like more than thirty years ago.”

The president of the Second Academy sneered.
“Never lost? Then how did you decline? The geniuses of your school either died or ran away… How do you have the cheek to brag here?”

Old Bai frowned.
“Xu Tianji, are you challenging me? I can beat the hell out of you guys alone!”

The two old men and the old woman blushed in anger.
But they had to suppress their inner anger.
Bai Congye was very strong.
Even the three of them and the mayor put together wouldn’t be able to beat him!

The mayor interjected, “Okay, okay, you can attend the competition.”

The other presidents’ faces changed.

The mayor waved his hand.
“Other than that what do you want? Now that the Fourth Academy has come back, it is qualified.
After all, the Fourth Academy was not abolished.
Aren’t you afraid that those five little monsters will smash your schools?”

Xu Tianji scoffed.
“I don’t think they can!”

Old Bai gave a light chuckle.
“So if my students can smash your school, you’ll allow them to do it?”





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