Chapter 154: Take the Stage

In the forest, Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu helped Han Fei drag the box of Zhongpin pearls.

Unbearable to Han Fei, however, Zhang Xuanyu grabbed a handful of pearls from the box and put them in his pocket from time to time.
Soon, his pocket was full.

Han Fei looked at him helplessly, but Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
“Feifei, this box is so heavy! This labor cost is not much.”

Le Renkuang was speechless.
Why didn’t I find Zhang Xuanyu so shameless before? He used to steal the President’s vegetables in front of the President’s face, and now he was stealing Han Fei’s pearls under Han Fei’s eyes without even blushing.

Han Fei said, “Everyone can get 100 pearls and I need to buy knives with the remaining pearls.”

Le Renkuang pointed to Zhang Xuanyu.
“Look, his pocket is so full of pearls that they are falling out.”

Xia Xiaochan scoffed.
“You’re stupid.
We are shareholders! Do we still need to put the pearls in our pockets?”

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned for a while.
Yes! Xia Xiaochan was right! So he took out all the pearls in his pocket.
Anyway, he would have a lot of pearls in the coming future.

In the end, they couldn’t find a proper place to put these mid-quality pearls, so Han Fei just threw them under the treehouse.
And he went to the mountain to cultivate.

Han Fei avoided the crowd and could not wait to find a place to sit down.


50,000 points of spiritual energy disappeared in a blink of an eye.
Soon, new data came out.

Spirit-Absorbing War Body (Incomplete) (Spirit Level, Divine Quality)

A technique of body tempering, tempers the acupoints all over your body with pure spiritual energy to cast a spirit-absorbing war body, and can continuously gather spiritual energy from the void in combat.

Fuse: Fuse with the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing or not?

“Huh? Is that okay?”


Suddenly, the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing disappeared, and so did Spirit-Absorbing War Body.
Instead, a new body-tempering technique called 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies appeared.

108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies (Demon Level, Divine Quality)

The human body is like a funnel, having 108 branch acupoints and 36 main acupoints, all of which are fatal.
Once one tempers all these acupoints with pure spiritual energy using this art, a spirit-absorbing war body can be created, which can continuously gather spiritual energy from the void in combat.



Han Fei was not surprised.
Demon level? Shouldn’t it be at the venerable level? Fang Ze once said that the combat skill was used by venerable-level strong masters.

However, it was still higher than spirit level.
Unfortunately, it was not a heaven-level divine-quality art.
Otherwise, it would be an ideal technique for him.

Seeing that it required 1 million points of spiritual energy to deduce it again, Han Fei immediately gave up.
I don’t have that much spiritual energy now.
The ultra-quality spiritual stones should be used to upgrade my Void Fishing to the third level.
However, he needed to wait for a thunderstorm.
Otherwise, it would be too loud.
Except for the ultra-quality spiritual stones, he only had less than 100 pieces of low-quality spiritual stones left.
All the spiritual energy he had totalled less than 1 million points.

Han Fei did not stop as he continued to deduce War God Bow.
He didn’t even blink his eyes to spend the 100,000 points of spiritual energy required.

War Soul Bow (Heaven Level, High Quality)

The fully-developed nine-bow combat skill deduced from the War God Bow, shot two arrows each time, one of which attacks the enemy’s body and the other the enemy’s soul.
The nine arrows can fuse together.




Han Fei was speechless.
100,000 points of spiritual energy?! Seriously? Then will it be 10 million points required for the next deduction? Are you robbing me?

Han Fei was stunned.
He had thought that he could get a heaven-level, divine-quality art… Shit, a hundred thousand points of spiritual energy were wasted.

Suddenly, a large number of war bow techniques appeared in his mind.
This was a real trump-card combat skill.
Once he mastered it, who could stop him? Although it was not of divine quality, it was the second strongest combat skill after Indestructible Body.

As for the Million Knife Art, Han Fei temporarily gave up.
He didn’t have so many knives.
He needed at least one million points of spiritual energy to refine a million mortal-level knives.
Even if he would only refine a thousand knives, he had no place to store them.
The secret of the Demon Purification Pot couldn’t be exposed anyway.

Three days later.

Han Fei was panting on the ground, his body covered with a layer of dirt.

The 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies was much more powerful than the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing.
It took him three days to practice it, but the effect was great.
With its help, he broke his upper limit of spiritual energy.

He didn’t continue to practice the art.
Body tempering was the most time-consuming.
These days, Han Fei felt more than once that someone was sneaking up on him.
Needless to say, it was definitely Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei wanted to refine a longbow, but he had no material.
There was only one purple bone left of the stuff that he got from the Hexagon Starfish.
He couldn’t make a bow only with it.
A bow should at least have a string.


Suddenly, Han Fei pulled out his double knives, and the next moment, Xia Xiaochan rushed up.


Han Fei did not make the effort to dodge the attack and he was stabbed in the shoulder by Xia Xiaochan.
Xia Xiaochan came up and stared at his shoulder.

Xia Xiaochan was curious.
“How is it? Has it bled?”

Han Fei tore the clothes a little, only to see red blood.
He was slightly shocked.
“You broke my defense?”

Xia Xiaochan immediately laughed happily.
“Haha! I made it…”

Han Fei was a little speechless, So you just took me as a human shield?

It turned out that the Indestructible Body was not sturdy enough! He still had to cultivate harder.

Han Fei was frustrated.
“What’s your combat skill called?”

Xia Xiaochan said proudly, “Supreme Stab.
It is said that with this combat skill, one once successfully stabbed one of the Venerable… Unfortunately, it is not clear what level the Venerable was at.
But he was probably very strong.”

Han Fei was very upset.
Why did he become the new human shield in the place of Le Renkuang? He didn’t want it!

“Where are the others?”

Xia Xiaochan put away her daggers.
“Kuangkuang’s Armor Art is a weapon control technique.
It can both attack and defend.
Now he has almost finished practicing it, so he is eating hot pot under the mountain.
Xiaobai has mastered her Death Replacement Art in one day.
As for Zhang Xuanyu, well, his Mystic Fatal Rod is a bit weird.
With this art, his rod will have a shadow that can directly attack the enemy’s soul.
Its attack power is not strong, but can make people lose their minds for a while, but it doesn’t work on me.”

“Are you showing off to me?” Han Fei questioned.

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei up and down.
“Yes! What about you? Didn’t you take the Million Knife Art? Why have you been tempering your body these past few days?”

Han Fei pointed his finger at her.
“I knew it was you! But I don’t have enough knives yet!”

Xia Xiaochan sneered.
“Aren’t you rich? Buy them! You can buy at least 100 knives in Linglong Tower.”

Han Fei raised his hand to smell himself and said a bit disgustedly, “The Million Knife Art is my trump-card combat skill.
I don’t think I need to use it in the Blue Sea Arena.
So, I can practice it later.
I’m going to take a shower.
Would you like to do it together with me?”

A cold light instantly shot at him and Han Fei ran away, muttering, “OK, OK, I’m sorry! Mind your manners.”

Xia Xiaochan was very angry.
She liked teasing others but had never been teased by others before meeting Han Fei! How dare him?! When she becomes stronger, she would teach this guy a good lesson.

Half an hour later.

Han Fei appeared at the dinner table.
He picked a piece of mushroom up and threw it in his mouth.

Le Renkuang pointed at him angrily.
“Why are you thinner again?”

Han Fei was elated.
“I told you that my being fat was only temporary.
I was actually thin and handsome.”

Zhang Xuanyu stuck his head over.
“Were you as handsome as me?”

“Get lost!”

Luo Xiaobai shushed them.
“Okay, everyone is here.
Let’s go to the Blue Sea Arena after the meal!”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Why the rush?”

Luo Xiaobai said flatly, “The 100-game winning streak in the Blue Sea Arena is just the first step.
Don’t doubt that the second brocade sachet must be about the sea or even the level-three fishery.
That’s where we should go.”

Le Renkuang ate a piece of meat.
“Level-three fishery? I haven’t even been to the level-two fishery.”

Zhang Xuanyu said lazily, “Then go to the level-two fishery to have a look.
If you can handle it, then go to the level-three fishery.”

After the meal.

The five of them marched out of the school energetically.
This was the first time they had gone out of school and gone to the stage.
What they represent was not themselves, but the school behind them.

Behind them.

Xiao Zhan looked at their receding figures.
“Old Bai, guess how long it will take them to win a hundred games?”

Old Bai mumbled, “Three months.”

“I don’t think so.
Although they are not yet proficient in wielding their spiritual beasts, it will take them at most two months.”



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