Chapter 133: A Life-Or-Death Battle

The next day.

Han Fei said seriously, “Now, let’s call the roll! Xia Wushuang, He Xiaoyu, Chen Zhou, Luo Chu, the four of you, follow me.”

Chen Zhou and Luo Chu were the two people who had betrayed them, but since Han Fei said that they would be given a chance, then they would be given one.
As for the other three people who had been knocked out by Xia Wushuang, they weren’t so lucky.
After going back, they would be severely punished or even have their spiritual heritage destroyed.

Xiang Nan quickly tugged on Han Fei’s arm.
“Hey, hey! Why don’t you count me in, Han Fei? I’ve recovered.
I can still fight.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him.
“Fight my ass.
Can’t you see the big cut on your belly? Your intestines might be punched out in combat.”

Wang Baiyu said hesitantly, “Actually…”

“No way.
You’re most seriously injured.
I bet you will be knocked out before you can even take out your weapon.”

Han Fei turned his eyes to Chen Qing and Jia Tong again, one of whom was limp and a hand of the other was bandaged!

Xia Wushuang smiled.
“Hey! Wait and watch me beat the hell out of these bastards!”

He Xiaoyu pouted.
“How I want to find a contractual spiritual beast… Then it can help me fight.”

Han Fei shook his head slightly.
“Become an advanced fishing master first.
Then, you will know that the rare spirit fish of the level-one fishery are not very useful.”

He Xiaoyu turned red.
“Humph! Don’t look down upon me.”

Han Fei picked He Xiaoyu because he knew that He Xiaoyu also cultivated the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing, so in combat, this girl couldn’t be weak.

The others were angry not to be chosen but could do nothing but sit with the spectators.

Xiang Bai tugged on Wang Baiyu’s arm.
“Wang Baiyu, you know what, if I’m fine, I alone can beat at least two.”

Wang Baiyu nodded absently.

Xiang Nan said crossly, “Don’t be so cold.
Jia Tong, do you think I can?”

Jia Tong was not in the mood to talk to him as he shrugged his shoulders.

Xiang Nan was speechless.
“What do you mean maybe? What do you think, Chen Qing?”

Chen Qing despised him.
“Come off it.
I remember that you once fought He Xiaoyu when you were in the town and ended up on your knees.”

Xiang Nan curled his lips.
“You know nothing! You’d have knelt too if it were you! In combat, she isn’t like a girl at all.”

Han Fei led them to the arena.
He looked at Chen Zhou and Luo Chu and said, “Your destiny is completely in your own hands.
My requirements are not high.
Each of you, will at least kill one person.
Even if you can’t kill your opponent, at least destroy his spiritual heritage.”

The players exchanged a glance with each other and nodded seriously.

In fact, they felt lucky.
After seeing the prosperity of the town, no one would want to go back to the village.
In this battle, they would have to risk their lives and fight till the death.

Soon, there was a sea of people in the spectator seats and the battles were to begin.

The referee drew out the list of fighting pairs by lot with great speed.

“Wei Huo from the Heavenly Fire Village V.S.
Xia Wushuang from the Heavenly Water Village.”


Many people were stunned.
Why was it the two of them at the very beginning? Everyone knew that Xia Wushuang was strong, and Wei Huo was the team leader of the Heavenly Fire Village.
Their strengths were neck and neck.

Xia Wushuang was very calm like an elegant young master.
He said calmly, “Wei Hu? Humph, I can beat him within three minutes.”

Han Fei suspected, “Are you sure?”

The referee continued to read.

“Shen Tong from the Heavenly Moon Village V.S.
Lv Yang from the Tianfeng Village.”

The audience burst into a cheer again, and many people were excited.
Great! A captain V.S.
a captain!

The referee also glanced at his own hand.
What a coincidence!

Then it was Wang Xiaoyu from the Heavenly Rain Village V.S.
Lin Yi from the Heavenly Sun Village.

Han Fei from the Heavenly Water Village V.S.
Qiu Shu from the Heavenly Heart Village.

Han Fei didn’t know this guy, so he didn’t take it seriously and turned his eyes to the arena.
Xia Wushuang was fighting against Wei Huo.
Han Fei watched the fight closely.
When Xia Wushuang was going to lose, he would remind him to admit defeat in time.

In the arena.

Wei Huo began taunting Xia Wushuang.
“I thought I would meet the fat man, but I didn’t expect to meet you.
We haven’t encountered one another in the town.
Instead, we meet here.
Fine, let me try my strength on you.”

“You should be glad to meet me.
If you were met with Han Fei and called him a fatty, I bet you would be killed on the spot.”

Wei Huo snorted.
With a flash between his eyebrows, he shouted, “Fuse.”

Xia Wushuang also shouted, “Fuse.”

In a flash, Wei Huo waved his hand and dozens of black spikes were shot out, and the speed was so fast that they whistled as they went through the air.

Xia Wushuang’s face changed slightly, and the rod in his hand was waved extremely fast.

Clang, Clang, Clang…


Xia Wushuang frowned, and black spikes grazed over his shoulders.
This guy’s spiritual beast was an exotic Ballfish.


As his eyes turned white, Wei Huo standing opposite to him staggered and shot dozens of black spikes in a row, but it wasn’t in Xia Wushuang’s direction at all.

Xia Wushuang quickly approached with his rod.


Wei Huo was sent flying immediately.


Wei Huo spat out a mouthful of blood.

He Xiaoyu shouted on the sidelines, “Great! Beat him! Kill him!”

In the juvenile team of the Heavenly Fire Village, the team members looked worried.
“Captain is in danger.
Xia Wushuang’s spiritual beast is an extremely rare Human-Face Crab that has the ability to create illusions.
Now he’s caught up in a bunch of illusions.”

Wei Huo suddenly jumped up from the ground and threw a string of black spikes.
Instead of blocking them, Xia Wushuang dodged and quickly approached him.

At this moment, Wei Huo shouted, “Explode…”

With Wei Huo as the center, hundreds of black spikes were shot in all directions.
Obviously this was beyond Xia Wushuang’s expectations.
Now it was too late for him to retreat.

Clang, Clang, Clang… Pu, Pu, Pu…


Xia Wushuang vomited a mouthful of blood.
There were at least five black spikes pierced in his body.
Now his face was ghastly pale and he seemed to fall down at any time.

“Well-done, Captain!”

“Illusion is not a big deal.
The Ballfish attacks in all directions.”

Xia Wushuang gritted his teeth.
I don’t believe you can keep doing this.

Immediately, a phantom of a Human-Face Crab appeared behind Xia Wushuang.
As the crab’s claws quivered, Wei Huo began to fight the air.
He kept hitting the air with his rod and shooting out black spikes…

Xia Wushuang got close to him again and suddenly hit his head with his rod.


A Ballfish appeared on Wei Huo’s head and it was sent flying with Wei Huo.

In mid-air, Wei Huo vomited blood while shooting hundreds of black spikes out in all directions again.

A few minutes later.

Xia Wushuang was covered in blood and could barely stand, while Wei Huo lay on the ground like a dead body.

Wei Huo gritted his teeth and said, “I admit defeat.”

Xia Wushuang cursed, “Damn, I almost killed him!”

With that, Xia Wushuang fell backward.

Han Fei went up and brought Xia Wushuang back.
He Xiaoyu quickly put medicine into Xia Wushuang’s mouth.

Wang Baiyu said quickly, “Anyway, you won, but unfortunately, this guy is too seriously injured.
I’m afraid he will admit defeat in the next battle.”

The battles went very fast, and most players from the three weak villages couldn’t hold out for more than five minutes.

At this time, Chen Zhou who sat beside Han Fei stood up.

The referee shouted, “Chen Zhou from the Heavenly Water Village V.S.
Liang Xia from the Heavenly Sun Village.”

Liang Xia smiled when both of them entered the arena.
“I had thought that even if I didn’t meet Wang Baiyu, at least I would meet Xiang Nan.
I didn’t expect it would be you, Chen Zhou.
You’re too weak for this game!”

Chen Zhou didn’t speak.
His spiritual beast was an Iron-Headed Fish whose only advantage was its sturdy body.
And the weapon he used was an axe.


Both of them roared and attacked the other party.


Liang Xia’s weapon was a rod.
He was not afraid of this kind of attack at all.
He roared and charged at Chen Zhou.


In an instant, a strong light broke out on the axe.
Liang Xia didn’t expect Chen Zhou to gather almost half of his spiritual energy on the axe and attack him like crazy.
What’s wrong with this guy?!

Liang Xia was shaken away and fell to the ground, and as soon as he got up, Chen Zhou swung his axe at him again.


Liang Xia sneered and his long rod was thrust at Chen Zhou like a sword.


The long rod directly penetrated Chen Zhou’s abdomen, and the latter’s eyes turned bloodshot and he shouted, “Chop!”

Liang Xia was shocked.
Do you want to die? How can you block my thorn with your own body? He hurriedly tried to dodge but the axe had come at him.


Caught off guard, Liang Xia couldn’t escape his attack and one of his arms was chopped off.


However, Chen Zhou still didn’t stop.
I can’t lose! I can’t lose! If I lose, Han Fei will destroy my spiritual heritage! Then I’ll be doomed!


Chen Zhou suddenly butted Liang Xia with his head and Liang Xia screamed in pain and looked at him in fright.
Then Chen Zhou swung his axe at him again, but a crayfish suddenly appeared on Liang Xia’s head, and the axe broke the crayfish’s shell into two.


Chen Zhou fell backward.
Unfortunately, he still couldn’t kill his opponent although he had tried his best.




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