Chapter 127: Purple-Tailed Scorpion King

After more than half an hour, Han Fei had returned to the Scorpion Cave.
Without any hesitation, he threw out a few large masses of spiritual energy.


Bubbles appeared on the water from time to time.

Xia Wushuang looked around startled.
“What happened?”

Wang Baiyu observed, “It seems that something collapsed.”


Suddenly a figure jumped onto the boat from the water, breathing heavily.
Swimming 300 miles at a stretch, Han Fei was also exhausted.

He Xiaoyu opened her eyes wide.
“Han Fei, why did you come out from under the water?”

Han Fei shot back,”Don’t ask.
Everyone, go into the water.”

Everyone was stunned but still immediately dove in with Han Fei.

After a few minutes.

He Xiaoyu and the others just wanted to run away.
What did they see? Thousands or tens of thousands of water ants were fighting fiercely with sea scorpions, and their corpses were spread all over the seabed and there were scattered ant shells everywhere.

Han Fei kept injecting spiritual energy into the Scorpion Cave.
In just a few minutes, the seabed shook several times, and sea scorpions flowed out like lava.

Some of the timid people had already secretly swam back.

The others stared with their eyes wide open.
Did Han Fei go to attract water ants just now? How did this guy survive?

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Han Fei beckoned to them and then pointed to Xia Wushuang and his Human-Face Crab.

Xia Wushuang immediately created a small illusion of the surroundings, hiding their existence.

Han Fei made a fighting gesture to the crowd.
Everyone was nervous.
Did they really have to fight the sea scorpion? But now there were not only sea scorpions, but also countless water ants.

Han Fei smiled and snapped his fingers, and then a gigantic four-meter-long Mantis Shrimp suddenly appeared.

“What the f*ck…”

Everyone gaped.
Did Han Fei already have a contractual spiritual beast? And was it a Mantis Shrimp?

The Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp drilled down into the ground and shook its tail, and then a sea scorpion was hit to pieces.

Everyone was dumbfounded.
Han Fei was going to the depth of the Scorpion Cave! Shall we follow him or not?

While everyone was hesitating, He Xiaoyu had followed Han Fei into the cave.

The others exchanged a glance and followed them down, but some people swam back to the boat.
No way, I don’t want to die with Han Fei in this place!

Hu Kun looked up and down and found that there were already 5 people swimming back.
He gritted his teeth.
No, he wouldn’t be following them.
He didn’t want to risk his life.

The Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp was making a hole.
In fact, it was easy to make a hole here as there had been countless holes made by the sea scorpions.
He could easily make a hole with just one punch.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt as though someone behind him was patting his shoulder.

He looked back and Wang Baiyu nervously wrote in Han Fei’s hand.

Han Fei responded, “Don’t worry.”

When Han Fei saw some purple seawater, he quickly took out white seaweed, and then a lot of purple gas was absorbed into the white seaweed.

As they got deeper and deeper, more and more sea scorpions appeared.
Fortunately, the Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp had cleared the road ahead of them and they could easily kill the remaining sea scorpions.

Suddenly, Han Fei motioned for them to stop.
While others were wondering what happened, they saw that the Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp stopped suddenly and seemed to be ready to fight.


His six tails shot out and turned into a chain, immediately penetrating three connected caves in an instant.
There, a Purple-Tailed scorpion seven or eight meters long was knocked off by the Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp with two punches.

A string of data appeared in front of Han Fei’s eyes.

Purple-Tailed Scorpion King



340 Points


Purple-Tailed Scorpion Toxin

Han Fei smiled.
He didn’t care about the resource competition.
He had long wanted to catch this thing.
He could catch it himself, but it would be troublesome because there were too many small annoying scorpions.
Besides, the Nine-Tail Mantis Shrimp was only of level 18.
Although it was a legendary creature, it couldn’t overwhelm the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King yet.

Han Fei turned back and wrote in Wang Baiyu’s hands.
“All of you, fuse.
Buy me some time.”

Wang Baiyu’s face was all black.
Do you want us to help you hold off the huge scorpion? Seriously? Fortunately, Han Fei’s Mantis Shrimp helped them a lot.
Otherwise, they would have been knocked down in a minute even if they ganged up on the big scorpion.

Han Fei still held up the white seaweed, which was no longer white but had turned purple completely.
When Han Fei saw traces of purple gas coming out of a mud in the scorpion cave, he began to burrow on the spot.

Wang Baiyu held a large shield in front of Han Fei, and Xia Wushuang, pale-faced, made his Human-Face Crab stand in front of them, trying to create an illusion for the Scorpion King.

The others clenched their rods nervously and fought the small scorpions around them.
The Purple-Tailed Scorpion King looked so scary and even the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had been stung several times.

They dared not imagine what if the Mantis Shrimp was killed by the Scorpion King.

Han Fei was digging a hole excitedly.
Fortunately, the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants given to him by Old Jiang clearly recorded that in the nest of the Purple-Tailed Scorpion, as toxins accumulated year by year, Exotic Poisonous Fruit would be produced.
This fruit seemed poisonous but it was actually not.
Even ordinary people could be immune to almost all mortal-level poisons after taking it.

Of course, this kind of fruit was not easy to get.
First of all, the strong toxins on the surface of the Exotic Poisonous Fruit would quickly invade the human body and kill the person.

And the white seaweed in Han Fei’s hands was certainly not ordinary seaweed, but Sea Poison Flower that Han Fei found from the poisonous jellyfish swarm in the ordinary fisheries early on.
It was a low-level spiritual plant and didn’t even reach the mortal level, but as they dwelled on the body of poisonous jellyfish, they had a very strong toxin-absorbing ability.

At this moment, the Sea Poisonous Flower had turned purple.
Han Fei took out several others in an instant and put the purpled Sea Poisonous Flower into the Forge the Universe.

Han Fei was digging very quickly, and soon he saw a cluster of Exotic Poisonous Fruits.
Han Fei was shocked.
There were hundreds of thumb-sized purple fruits in this cluster!

Han Fei quickly took out all the Sea Poisonous Flowers he had, which were turning purple at a rate visible to the naked eye.

One flower, two flowers …

This cluster of Exotic Poisonous Fruits could smear 23 strains of Sea Poisonous Flowers with poison.

Han Fei pulled up this cluster of Exotic Poisonous Fruits, but when he was about to leave, he suddenly saw a transparent egg slightly shaking.

Purple-Tailed Scorpion King



30 Points


Larvae of the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion, extremely poisonous after hatched.
After it fuses with its master, the latter will become a mobile poison source.
It can be domesticated.

Han Fei was stunned for a moment.
“Wow, look what I’ve got!”

Without hesitation, Han Fei quickly picked up the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion egg and hurried back.
However, Han Fei felt resistance as if the scorpion egg was connected to something, and then this layer of soil collapsed.

Han Fei appeared in front of the others, holding the Exotic Poisonous Fruits in one hand and the Mutant Purple-Tailed Scorpion egg in the other.


Outside, the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King suddenly went mad and let out a furious whine.
Then it threw a scorpion plier at the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp in a craze.


The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was not scared at all.
He rushed up and hammered at the scorpion king with its claws.
When they collided, the shrimp was sent flying, and the scorpion’s plier was crushed.
But the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King didn’t care as it pounced at Han Fei.

Wang Baiyu immediately raised his shield to block the way.


With a single blow, the shield shattered and Wang Baiyu was shaken away, spitting blood.

Han Fei threw the Exotic Poisonous Fruits at He Xiaoyu in an instant, then grabbed Wang Baiyu and threw him to Xia Wushuang.



With a loud thud, something exploded underwater, and Han Fei was sent flying through the air, and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Seeing his master was injured, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp immediately hit the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King with his tail and the latter did the same.
The two big bugs were sent flying at the same time.


Han Fei waved at the others and opened their mouths, spitting a string of bubbles.

Xia Wushuang tugged at He Xiaoyu’s arm and they quickly retreated.

Xiang Nan, Chen Qing and Jia Tong were pale.
As the Purple-Tailed Scorpion King screamed just now, a large number of scorpions came out.
They were opening a way with difficulty, and broken shells scattered all over the ground in the cave.

Han Fei lifted his rod in his hand and activated all his skills, shouting, “Fuse.”

At this time, Han Fei had no choice but to reveal his real strength.
Jiang Qin had trained him for half a year.
Although she had been teaching him combat skills, she didn’t know that Han Fei had spent nearly 300,000 points of spiritual energy to become a peak-level fishing master.

One person, one scorpion, and one shrimp were suddenly in a fierce melee.




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