Chapter 110: Evil Human

Damn, when I become stronger in the future, I will find you and beat you up…

Han Fei still opened the letter.
He wanted to see what this guy would say.
It read:

“Huh? You’re still alive?”

Han Fei almost vomited blood.
What? Did you expect me to die?

The letter continued:

“My dear disciple, I’m surprised you are reading this letter.
I can’t imagine that someone from this kind of junk village could survive those Mantis Shrimp and get the Indestructible Body Art.
Of course, the most unexpected thing to me is that you actually passed the six gates of the Hexagon Starfish.
Such courage is commendable.
Ordinary people would have fled.
You’re really a worthy disciple of mine.”

Han Fei was shocked.
Hoho, who wants to be your disciple? I don’t admit it.
Sooner or later, I will beat your brains out.

Han Fei continued to read the letter.

“Yes, these six gates are the opportunities I left for you.
Among them, only the first two gates are life or death tests.
Once you pass the first two gates, the last two are just basic strength tests.
The fact that you’ve gotten here shows that you are not only talented, but also full of courage… But you are still too weak, so I won’t give you too many opportunities now.
Only when you officially embark on the path of cultivation do opportunities make sense to you.
As for when you can embark on the path of seeking Taoism, I’m not sure, but I think if you can get the treasure I left in the level-three fishery, you can consider it officially started… By the way, if you haven’t fully Young Mastered the Indestructible Body, you shall not go get the treasure in the level-three fishery.
Even if you were already a Dangling Fisher, you would definitely die…”

Reading this, Han Fei gnashed his teeth.
What the f*ck… If I hadn’t come to this seabed grotto, wouldn’t I have been killed? Why didn’t you tell me this at the Boat Burying Pit? Why did you put the letter here?

“My dear disciple, the opportunity here is just for you to lay the foundation… Oh! You should have become a big fatty by now.
It’s okay.
This is only temporary.
As long as you cultivate hard, you will still be thin in eight or ten years.
The power I left in your body is enough for you to Young Master the Indestructible Body Art.
But don’t forget to learn other physical training arts when practicing the Indestructible Body.
And don’t let anyone find out that you’re practicing it.
Although there won’t be many people who know it, even in the city, if you’re found practicing this art you will be in serious trouble.
Besides, let me remind you again not to mention my name, never ever…”

“Okay, that’s all, and how far you can go depends on you.
As for this Hexagon Starfish, he has been imprisoned here by me for many years and should be let go.
Crush the black stone on the table and the seal on this place will be unlocked.
There is a drop of the Hexagon Starfish’s essence blood in the white stone.
If he wants to kill you, just crush it.
Then he will be killed.
It works within a hundred miles.
Even without that, with your strength, you can easily kill him.”

Han Fei’s eyes immediately lit up.
Oh, this is good stuff!

No, wait a moment, the starfish looks very pitiful.
Is it too much if I extort him for his 100-year savings of spiritual energy? Well, let me ask him for 50-years of his savings first!

With this in mind, Han Fei happily trotted out.

When the Hexagon Starfish saw Han Fei coming out of the gate, his six big eyes quickly turned.
Is the seal unlocked? No, it isn’t.
I still can’t get out.
No way to lift the seal?

Then he saw Han Fei holding a black stone in his left hand and a white one in his right hand and that he was looking at them.

The Hexagon Starfish was panicked.
Human? What are you doing? Human, I can give you treasure!

Gee, Young Master Hexagon, I lifted the seal for you through hardships and dangers.
As you can see, I sacrificed myself.
I was such a handsome and attractive young man, but look at me now, I’ve become a meatball! This has caused severe trauma to my heart.
Won’t you show me some gratitude?

The Hexagon Starfish quickly stated, I can give you treasure.

A gentleman doesn’t take advantage of others.
Am I the kind of person who is greedy for treasure? No! A gentleman makes money by fair means.
Keep the treasure for yourself! But… Young Master Hexagon, how about giving me your 100-year savings of spiritual energy? Once you give it to me, I will crush the black stone immediately and lift the seal.

The Hexagon Starfish was appalled.
Oh my Sea God! I don’t even have 100-years of savings left! I only have about 50-years of energy left now! This is my survival spiritual spring… I can give you treasure instead.

Han Fei didn’t believe him.
I said I’m not that kind of greedy person! OK, I don’t want to make this hard for you.
Give me the 50 years of energy and I will let you go.

Ten years, at most.
Otherwise, I will be eaten when I go out.

Han Fei retorted*, Forty years.
As a mysterious creature, I believe that you have the means to survive.*

Human, at most 20 years.
You are depriving me of my chance of survival.

Then I will give you a chance to survive.
30 years, it can’t be any less! Deal?

Twenty-five years.
This is all I can afford.
The starfish was growing weary.

Han Fei fell silent for a while.
Thirty-five years.
This is my bottom line.

The Hexagon Starfish: “???”

The Hexagon Starfish just wanted to slap him.
Why is this man so sly? Didn’t he just say thirty years?! Why did he suddenly add 5 more years?

The Hexagon Starfish gave up.
Human, you win.
30 years, I’ll give it to you.
Now let me go.

Han Fei stated again.
Thirty-five years! This is my bottom line.

If it weren’t in the sea, the Hexagon Starfish would have cried.
Did I do anything wrong? Why have I met this demon? He is such a bully!

The Hexagon Starfish asked, You promise you’ll let me go, right?

Of course, I swear in the name of Sea God.
I’ll definitely let you go.

A big mass of spiritual energy suddenly appeared in front of Han Fei and he grinned from ear to ear.

Human, can you fulfill your promise now?

With a wave of Han Fei’s hand, the big mass of spiritual energy disappeared and the Hexagon Starfish’s six eyes twitched at the same time.
Does this guy have a space treasure?! This sly bastard!…


Han Fei casually crushed the black stone and said with a smile, “Young Master Hexagon, although the sea is endless, I hope we can meet again in the future…”


Muddy dust rose instantly in the big pit and the huge starfish turned palm-sized and swooshed away.

Han Fei: “…”

At the same time, the Hexagon Starfish’s voice rang in his head, You evil human, I will never meet you again, never ever…

Han Fei froze in place.
I haven’t finished my words yet.
Why did you run away so fast? Shit, is this the speed of a mysterious creature of level 36? I can’t keep up at all.

Not in a hurry at all, he was lying in the water, slowly absorbing the spiritual spring.
Half an hour later, Han Fei looked at his 690,006 points of spiritual energy and beamed with delight.
I’m rich! Sure enough, treasure hunting is the fastest way to get rich in this world.

But when he looked down at his ball-like figure, the smile on his face suddenly stiffened.

“Damn you, Ren Tianfei! Damn you!”

Han Fei could almost imagine how he would become the laughing stock of the villagers when he returned to the Heavenly Water Village.

In the evening, on the sea, many people put away their fishing rods and prepared to go home.

A white fishing boat appeared abruptly and a fatty holding his chin in one hand with a sad face, controlled the fishing boat to fly to the floating island with the other.

The Fish Dragons

Han Fei tried to clasp his hands behind his back to look more dignified, but when he realized he was too fat to do so, his face turned black.

“Stop, that fatty, this is the territory of The Fish Dragons.
Unauthorized persons are not allowed to break in.”

Han Fei raised his head with a jerk.
“Who do you call fat? Say it again?”

The man sneered, “Fatty, being fat is not your fault, but not obeying our rules is.
Do you know who our leader is? Our leader is…”


The man was sent flying through the air.

“How dare you! Brothers, Come here! Someone broke into our territory…”




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