After he returned home, Han Fei did not rush to take the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid, which could only strengthen his muscles and bones and increase the odds of survival on the ocean.

Han Fei cut the yellow fish into many parts.
He intended to cook it, but there were no seasonings in the house except salt.

Fine, I’ll just steam it!

An hour later, he was full and energetic.

Void Fishing? I should be able to level it up now.
Let’s see how good you are.

Gold light burst out before his eyes.
Then, infinite sophisticated words popped up in his head.

Right when the art was completed, thunder rumbled in the sunny sky, followed by a huge storm that sprawled over ten thousand kilometers.

Almost at the same time, in a floating city ten thousand kilometers away, someone was calculating in the void.

“Huh? An unusual phenomenon in a village under my command?”

Then, the man stepped forward and wrote a decree in midair with his hand as the pen.

“From today on, the resource supply for all villages will be doubled.
All academies will pay attention to the talents.
Report if you find any…”

At that moment, Han Fei was too pale right now to care if it was raining.
When those sophisticated words popped up, Han Fei felt like a balloon that had just popped.
He clearly sensed that he had regressed into a level-two fisher.

Han Fei was almost crying. I have just upgraded an art.
Shouldn’t I be rising to the peak of my life? Why have my capabilities declined?

But it was not over yet.
After briefly staying as a level-two fisher, Han Fei continued weakening until he was no better than a five-year-old.

For a moment, Han Fei almost passed out in tears.

Huh! Wait, why do I feel that I’m stronger when my level has dropped?

Thunder was still rumbling.
Han Fei looked at the Demon Purification Pot.

It had dropped a level and there was only 104 spiritual energy left.

Han Fei gasped loudly when he saw the spiritual energy.
He remembered that his basic spiritual energy was sixty points when he was level three.
Why was it still sixty now that he was at level one?

However his arts had an additional Hook Kiss in Void Fishing.

Han Fei immediately sat up straight and began cultivating.

After another hour, Han Fei broke through.

In only two hours, he dropped from level three to level one and then returned to level three.
He seemed the same as before, but only he knew what he had grasped.

His body would be modified by natural spiritual energy as he got stronger.
Now that his veins and his body were solidified, it was a sign of another breakthrough.

However, is it really good to make continuous breakthroughs? The moment the idea popped up in his head, he sensed something from far, far away.

Immediately, he drank up the Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid.

A cool stream circulated through his body, soothing his heating skin.

After another quarter, another crack burst out from his body.
Han Fei had broken the barrier and become a level-four fisher easily.
For the first time in his life, he was an intermediate fisher.

Likewise, the Demon Purification Pot had reached level four—an intermediate level.
His spiritual energy had increased to 119.

Han Fei gasped loudly.
He had just reached the new level, and his own storage of spiritual energy was 119 points, which was 50 points more than usual.
Was he really going to rise to the peak of his life?

Huh? My Spiritual Heritage has become Level One, High Quality?

Han Fei was shocked.
Could his Spiritual Heritage benefit from the upgrade of his main art?

Opening his eyes, Han Fei immediately smelled the stench in the house.

He looked at his body, only to see all kinds of sticky dirt and mud.

Huh? Is this the legendary Body Cleansing?

Han Fei ran out.
It was still raining, so Han Fei took a shower in the rainwater.

After cleaning up everything, Han Fei boiled two clams and ate them, before he left for school in his hideous clothes.

Han Fei suspected that his clothes were made of fish skin.
Such clothes were extremely tight.

It would be fine for men, but if women were to wear such clothes…

Han Fei encountered Hu Kun on the road before he arrived at school.

Hu Kun was also stunned to see Han Fei.
His face was awful.
The guy had become famous after surviving the fish tide yesterday.
It was said that he also made a fortune by selling the fish.
It would be a waste not scamming him!

Hu Kun sneered, “Hey, isn’t this the level-two fisher who was dragged into the ocean by the green turtle?”

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