Chapter 108: I Am an Agile Fatty

Han Fei realized that the environment in each gate was different!

The bonefish in the first gate attacked his body, while the unknown liquid in the second gate made him suffer mentally.
For a moment, he even thought he was happy to die, but he couldn’t die.

Han Fei slept for another day.
He was only in the grotto for more than ten days or so, but he felt as if he had died countless times.

The Hexagon Starfish asked, Human, are you going to the third gate?

Master Hexagon, do you know that you owe me big? I don’t want to continue anymore.

The Hexagon Starfish was silent for a moment.
If you agree to enter the other two gates, I can give you more from the spiritual spring.

Han Fei was ready for this.
Give me now.

Do you want to cultivate for some time before entering the gate?

No, I have to get the spiritual spring first.
It makes me feel safe.

The next second, a spiritual spring appeared in front of Han Fei.
It didn’t seem like much, but Han Fei was still very happy to have it.
He gulped it like swallowing Spirit Swallowing Fish soup that he could drink more than thirty bowls at once.
However, unlike Spirit Swallowing Fish soup that would change into water in the stomach, spiritual spring would be converted into spiritual energy and stored.

In the end, Han Fei looked at his increased 50,000 points of spiritual energy and said reluctantly, Master Hexagon, you gave me too little, only a total of 50,000 points.

The Hexagon Starfish almost cried and thought to himself, Was this human a devil? Why was his stomach like a bottomless hole?

I have accumulated 300 years of spiritual energy, and 80 of those years have been used by you already.
If you want more, I will die.

Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
What? Is there still 220 years of saved spiritual energy left in this big guy? That’s great news!

Master Hexagon, do you really not know what’s inside the gate?

The Hexagon Starfish confessed, I haven’t been able to see the inside of these gates since 300 years ago.
They seem to be sealed.

I’m going to the third gate.

The Hexagon Starfish assured him, I am waiting for you outside, and I will reward you, human.

Good, so please provide me some more of the spiritual spring.

The Hexagon Starfish was silent at first.
You don’t seem to need it now.
Can you enter the gates first?

Han Fei’s eyes flashed, and he didn’t hesitate to choose the third gate.
He didn’t believe that there was another gate that could be more horrible than the second one.
More importantly, perhaps he would become thin in the third gate.


As soon as Han Fei went in, he felt a pain in the buttocks.
Looking back, he found a small glowing arrow inserted in his buttocks and then it gradually dissipated.
It turned out that it was condensed with spiritual energy.

Han Fei gritted his teeth and touched the buttocks, only to find his hands were covered with blood.

“Shit, help! I’ll be killed this time…”

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Han Fei was stunned.
He saw hundreds of glowing arrows shooting at him.

“Ren Tianfei, damn you! If I survive, I’m gonna beat your brains out… Ouch…”

Han Fei was really panicked.
In the first two gates, at least his defense worked, but this time, it was broken.
As soon as an arrow hit his body, blood spurted out right away.

“Dodge… Dodge… Ouch… Dodge… Ah!…”

Han Fei’s body was putting on various poses, but unfortunately, he was no longer the thin man half a month ago.
With this fat body, he felt it was simply torture to make each movement.

“Ren Tianfei, I wish you were beaten into a big Yellow Croaker by your enemies… Aw…”

The only thing that made Han Fei happy was that there seemed to be only a hundred of these glowing arrows, and each time he was hit their power was declining.

Three days later.

When there were only 30 or so arrows left, Han Fei simply stood there, letting the arrows cut his skin, and now he would not bleed much.
But Han Fei found a good way to lose weight: he could lose weight by shedding some blood.
He felt that he had lost at least 20 pounds.

Han Fei flew out of the gate, covered with blood.

Han Fei kept spitting blood.
Master Hexagon, hurry, hurry up… Spiritual spring, I feel I’m about to die.
Give me some of your spiritual spring as soon as possible.

However, the Hexagon Starfish froze for a moment.
Your breath is very strong.
I feel your vitality is even stronger than mine.

Han Fei cursed secretly and said feebly, No, my internal organs are badly injured.
Do you know what is in the gate? I was almost killed! Can’t you see I’m dripping with blood?

The Hexagon Starfish was puzzled.
Your internal organs seem fine…

No! My internal organs were almost shattered.
I felt my source of spiritual energy was damaged and my soul fire was almost extinguished.
It’s a serious matter! I don’t think I can get up without 5 … Uh … No, 100,000 points of energy from the spiritual spring, Han Fei shouted through his mind.

If the Hexagon Starfish were a human, he would have shouted abuse.
He only thought to himself, How can you be so shameless? Your acting is terrible! I’ve already seen through your lie, OK?

The Hexagon Starfish simply stated, I don’t have much left of my spiritual spring left.

Nonsense, you still have the 220 years of savings left.

But I have also been consuming spiritual energy these three hundred years! I have given you half of…

I don’t care.
I don’t think I can survive the fourth gate without 100,000 points of spiritual energy… Master Hexagon, look at me, in order to get you out of here, I have become a fatty.
Doesn’t your conscience ache?

The Hexagon Starfish still didn’t give in.
Starfish have no heart.
I can’t feel the kind of pain you speak about.

Black-faced, Han Fei simply asked, Will you give it to me or not?

The Hexagon Starfish was helpless, and in the end, a mass of the spiritual spring appeared in front of Han Fei again.
Han Fei hurriedly bounced up from the ground and swallowed it.

But then Han Fei complained, Master Hexagon, why are there only 50,000 points? What about the other 50,000 points?

The Hexagon Starfish was silent for a while.
Although I don’t have a heart, I feel that my six legs are twitching uncontrollably.

Han Fei froze for a while and quickly said, You have to learn to control yourself.
Violence can’t solve any problems.
We humans usually convince people by reasoning…

However, then Han Fei saw this big starfish lift four of his legs.

Han Fei shouted, “Master Hexagon, I think the top priority now is to help you get rid of the restraining magic circle.
I’m going into the fourth gate so that you can leave here as soon as possible.”

Han Fei rushed into the fourth gate with a swoosh and his heart was pounding fast.

Oh, any trick will appear negligible before force! I have to hurry to grow stronger.
Yes, this bad starfish is only at level 36 after cultivating for 300 years.
That’s too slow.
His talent must be very bad.
Give me a few years and I’ll be able to cut his legs off, roast, and eat them.

Huh! There seems to be no danger in this gate? Is the danger over?

No, there it is.


Han Fei felt as if he was bumped into by a big mountain.
He only heard a bang and then he was sent flying.
Who the fuck gave me a sneak attack?

Han Fei looked back in the mid-air and immediately cursed.
He saw a gigantic Mantis Shrimp again.

Mutant Mantis Shrimp King



1,200 points

Its flesh is exceptionally delicious.
Eating its flesh can build up your body.
And eating Exotic Mantis Shrimp Beads can greatly strengthen your physical strength.

Mantis Shrimp Beads

Han Fei broke into a heavy, cold sweat.
Last time, he killed that Mantis Shrimp King by a fluke.
That Mantis Shrimp King was only at level 18, but what about this one?

“Little Black, Little Black, guard me!”

Han Fei kept calling Little Black, only to get no response.

“Not good, Little Black is not coming out.”


The Mantis Shrimp King suddenly rushed up to him like a bolt of lightning, punched his stomach hard, and knocked him hundreds of meters away.


Han Fei reached out and took out the Water-Stirring Seal.
Although this space seemed to be able to isolate his connection with his spiritual beast, the Demon Purification Pot seemed not subject to this restriction.
He decided to knock this shrimp to death with the Water-Stirring Seal.
Let’s see whether your claw or my Water-Stirring Seal is more powerful!

“Huh? Strange… I’m not injured?”

Han Fei patted his round belly.
Theoretically, no creature in level-one fisheries was able to stand the blow of the Mantis Shrimp King, not even the Armored Turtle, except for the legendary Stone Carrying Turtle.
But now after the Mantis Shrimp King punched his stomach so hard he was not injured at all?

Han Fei blinked and immediately took back the Water-Stirring Seal.

He clenched his fists.
“You’re nothing… I’m gonna make Mantis Shrimp soup today.”




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