Han Fei walked out of the cultivation hall of The Fish Dragons.

 Two men, who had been guarding outside the door, immediately greeted him, “Young Master, have you finished your cultivation?”

 Han Fei replied, “Yes! I never felt this energetic before.
I think no one can beat me now.”

 The two guards: “…”

 One of them said, “Young Master, during these days, the village leader had sent for you twice, and they said they would come again today…”

 “Why? Are they afraid I ran away?”

 One guard answered, “No, the village leader just asked you to go to his home as soon as you finished your cultivation.”

 Han Fei nodded.
“Got it, I’m going to… Oh, by the way, how is it going with the hot pot restaurants?”

 Speaking of the hot pot restaurants, these two people immediately became excited.
“Young Master, you won’t be able to guess how many people visited the restaurants that day, from noon to late at night.
All the hot pot restaurants were so full of people who were full of praise for the food that they almost wanted to lick the hot pot clean!”

 Another person hurriedly said, “Young Master, the turnover of the opening day reached this number.”

 The man raised his open palm and showed five fingers.

 “500 mid-quality pearls?”

 The man exclaimed, “Young Master, you really are a god! It is exactly 500 mid-quality pearls and our brothers were all beside themselves with joy.”


 Han Fei slapped the head of the man.
“Just tell me how much it is next time.
Why did you ask me to guess? I almost thought it was 5000!”

 This person felt very aggrieved. How could it be 5000?! 5000 mid-quality pearls… That’s too much!


 Han Fei happily walked out of The Fish Dragons and seeing the sun outside, he felt refreshed and wondered if he should invite Old Jiang and Sister Qin to eat hot pot at a hot pot restaurant tonight.

 But then he gave up the idea.
Neither of them liked crowded places.
He might as well make a hot pot for them at home.


 The home of the village leader.

 “Grandpa Chief, here I am,” Han Fei announced.

 The village leader was looking at a piece of paper, and hearing Han Fei come in, he said, “Have you finally finished your cultivation?”

 “Yes! Now I’m ready for combat.”

 The village leader nodded with approval.
“OK! What a coincidence.
In one hour, you’ll be going together with three other fishing masters.”

 “Ah? Why so urgent?”

 “I didn’t plan to wait for you, but you happened to come here.
But it’s not bad.
You can’t be a weakling since you could kill Li Jue.
This time, three fishing masters from our Heavenly Water Village were killed in the level-one fishery and now we are preparing to support our men.”


 Han Fei was a little shocked. Were three fishing masters killed so easily?

 The village leader sighed.
“They were trapped.
Aren’t you going to the plantation to say goodbye to Old Jiang before you go?”

 Han Fei thought about it.
It seemed unnecessary.
He could imagine Old Jiang’s reaction.
He would just grunt as a response without even lifting his eyelids.

 “Forget it! But Grandpa Leader, shouldn’t you give my fishing boat back?”

 The village leader agreed, “Sure, they would have used your fishing boat even without you.”

 Han Fei: “…”

 In less than an hour, the village leader called the other three over and they immediately set off with Han Fei.

 After about fifteen minutes, the four of them were already in the sky.

 Han Fei’s white fishing boat was very fast, three times faster than ordinary ones, but only Han Fei knew that it could be over ten times faster than the fishing boats of the Heavenly Water Village.
A middle-aged man was steering the fishing boat.
The other two on the boat were a man and a woman who were both young people under 25 years old.

 At the moment, except for the middle-aged uncle, the other two were both looking at Han Fei.

 The girl exclaimed with a smiley face, “Wow! Are you Han Fei? A 12-year-old fishing master, you look so cute…”

 Han Fei: “???”

 Then she directly rubbed Han Fei’s head.

 Han Fei’s face immediately turned black.
“Young lady, please behave yourself.”


 “Are you afraid that I’ll eat you? It’s the first time I’ve seen a 12-year-old fishing master.
You’re really cool!”

 The young man was also looking at Han Fei up and down.
Seeing Han Fei’s helpless expression, he almost burst into laughter, but when he thought of the mission of this trip, he couldn’t laugh.

 Of course, no one took Han Fei as a weakling.
How could a weakling kill Li Jue, wipe out the Tigers, and kill a fishing master of the Tigers under the public eye?

 The girl rubbed Han Fei’s head again and said, “My name is Chen Jia’er.
This brother’s name is Zhang Peng, and he is Uncle Cao.
He is very strong.”

 The middle-aged man turned his head and smiled.
“My name is Cao Fei.
Little Han Fei, this is the first time you have come to a level-one fishery.
You must follow us closely.
This is a place ten times more dangerous than the Fishing Trial.”

 Han Fei assured him, “Uncle, don’t worry about me.
My strength has improved greatly recently.
I’m confident I can defeat my enemies easily.”


 Cao Fei was speechless. You speak as if our enemies are a bunch of big Yellow Croakers.
Boy, you’re still young.
You still have time to kick the bad habit of bragging!

 Zhang Peng shook his head slightly. This kid is too confident.
He had no idea how cruel the level-one fishery was!

 This thousand mile-long journey would have taken them 6 hours, but with Han Fei’s fishing boat, it only took them less than 2 hours.

 When they landed on the level-one fishery, the other three were shocked.
The fishing boat gifted by the angel was really great!

 Cao Fei said solemnly, “Get ready for combat… Zhang Peng, release the Spirit Chasing Shrimp.”

 Seeing Han Fei’s puzzled look, Chen Jia’er explained it to him with a smile, “The Spirit Chasing Shrimp is Zhang Peng’s contractual spiritual beast.
It can find the location of any specific person according to his spiritual energy.”

 “He can track people? That’s amazing.”

 Han Fei was a bit shocked. Wow, fortunately, this shrimp is rare.
If everyone had one, would I be chased around if I offended someone?

 Cao Fei instructed, “Jia’er, please tell Han Fei about our respective skills and spiritual beasts.”

 Chen Jia’er turned serious.
“Han Fei, listen well! I’m a junior peak-level fishing master and my spiritual beast is a Crayfish.
After fusion, my combat strength barely reaches the intermediate peak.”

 With that, Chen Jia’er said, pointing to Zhang Peng, “Zhang Peng is also a junior peak-level fishing master.
His spiritual beast is a Lightning Crab.
It is extremely fast in combat and has strong attack power.
It is also the only spiritual beast with a combat skill of its own in the level-one fishery.
It can transform spiritual energy into a claw and then strike as fast as a bolt of lightning to kill the enemy in an instant, but it will consume a lot of spiritual energy.
Zhang Peng is stronger than me after fusion, but not by much.”

 Han Fei was surprised. Can a spiritual beast have its own combat skills? Transform spiritual energy into a claw? These people’s spiritual beasts are really excellent!

 In the end, Chen Jia’er introduced, “This is our captain, Cao Fei, an advanced fishing master, only one step away from the peak.
His spiritual beast is a Swordfish who has great attack power.
If you’re in danger in combat, you can run to the captain for help.
Of course, if the captain is fighting a master of the same level, you’d better not do it.”

 When she finished, all three looked at Han Fei.

 Han Fei blinked.
“Well, I, Han Fei… Um, I’m a junior peak-level fishing master.
My spiritual beast is Spirit Swallowing Fish, and my combat power won’t be increased after fusion.”

 “Huh? You’re already a junior peak-level fishing master?”

 Cao Fei looked back at Han Fei in surprise.

 Han Fei perked up.
“Yes! Peak level! If I give my strength to a full swing, my comprehensive combat power can equal that of an intermediate… Peak-level fishing master.”

 Everyone: “…”

 “Intermediate peak-level?”

 Zhang Peng was stunned.
“Han Fei, are you sure?”

 Cao Fei said seriously, “Han Fei, it’s a matter of life and death.
No kidding.”

 “I’m not kidding! My strength is very strong.
If I punch an intermediate peak-level fishing master, he may vomit at least three liters of blood…”

 Everyone: “???”

 They all went speechless.
Why three liters? Not more or less? But they were also relieved.
It was great that he wasn’t a burden.
Although they were shocked by Han Fei’s strength, they still needed to confirm it in actual combat.

 About half an hour later, Han Fei saw five fishing boats chasing each other in the distance.

 Cao Fei shouted, “Let’s get into battle and sprint at full speed.”

 At this very moment, however, Han Fei whispered, “Uncle Cao, can you tell which are the enemy’s boats? Just hit their boats with mine.
Don’t worry.
My boat won’t be damaged.”


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