“Haul it up! We’ll be rich if you get it up!”

Amidst the surging waves, Han Fei was shouting excitedly against the wind on his boat.

“Who knows, we might know what lies in store in that map today.”

Han Fei was a gold digger on the sea.
Seven years ago, he accidentally picked up an ancient treasure map while fishing.
The map captivated him and told him that there was a great secret, possibly a medieval shipwreck, in the marked spot on the map.
If he could claim the treasure, he would live the rest of his life without ever needing to worry about money.

Han Fei craned his head at the sea.
His boat had been surrounded by countless fish, including several hundred sharks, since it came here, or he would’ve dived in personally.


Suddenly, a sailor shouted, “Not good, boss! Something is dragging us down! It’s alive!”

Han Fei replied, “Alive my ass! How can anything be alive after hundreds of years?”


An enormous force broke the keel of the boat, throwing Han Fei and company to the rails heavily.

A sailor cried, “Hurry! Cut the rope!”

Han Fei yelled with bloodshot eyes, “F**k off! Pull it up! We’re going to die anyway! I would rather take a look at the treasure before that!”

Han Fei knew that he was doomed after he heard the crack.
So, he had turned completely crazy and was determined to see the treasure.

Another sailor cursed.
“F*ck you! I’m here to make money, not to get myself killed!”

Caught by the unexpected danger, everybody was stunned.

Waves were surging on the surface of the ocean.

Han Fei, however, noticed none of it—only a shadow below the water.
What was that?

A round item several meters long rose to the surface… Why did it look like a strange calabash?

As a professional fisherman, he knew the ocean as well as he knew his own house, and he was certain that it was not a calabash.
After all, no calabashes could remain unrotten after being soaked in seawater for so many years.
He believed that it was more likely to be a calabash-shaped wreck.


An enormous force surged again and flipped the boat over.
Han Fei fell into the ocean.

However, an accident happened the next second…

A thick pillar of water rose to the sky, and the boat was immediately elevated.

Flying to the sky in the water pillar, Han Fei panicked.

The most titanic fish head appeared in the water.

He swore that he had never seen a fish as large.
Its head alone was bigger than a boat.
Even the largest blue whale couldn’t compare to it.

Despite his dizziness, Han Fei felt that something was pulling him into the ocean.
He was both excited and scared when he thought of the bloodcurdling behemoth down there.

He saw a crab several meters long running to him when he was dying.

Huh? Isn’t it supposed to be a fish? Why is it a crab? Those were Han Fei’s last thoughts.

“Pu… Cough, cough…”

Somebody was calling him as if from a distance.
“Han Fei, wake up! Brother, wake up!”

After spewing out he didn’t know how much water, Han Fei finally woke up from unconsciousness.
His head was aching and full of thousands of strange pictures and memories that did not belong to him.

Opening his eyes, Han Fei gasped at the sky.

A boundless ocean stretched out to the horizon, illuminated by a crimson sun that covered half of the sky.
Scattered clouds dangled from the sky like long, uncombed hair.


“Where the hell am I? What’s that thing in the sky?”

Han Fei was appalled.
The enormous fish a moment ago and the unbelievably large sun right now were surreal to him.

However, they were not everything.


After an explosion, a middle-aged man emerged from the water on a giant crab with a fishing pole in his hand.

Han Fei was shocked.
The crab floated on the surface, and the middle-aged man stood on top of it.
As he stomped, ripples spread out on the ocean alongside an intimidating wind.

The water splashed upward, and a fish broke out of it.
The fish was two meters long, with fins that looked like wings.
It a

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