Girlfriend of my imagination.

Chapter 7( I have a sister)

Arising all alone in the back yard fidgeting and bitting my nails relishing the view of the swimming pool and cool little chicks drenched in the pool abutted by a bunch of boys laughing and moving around when she strade into the pool and everyone perpetually staring at her wearing a pink monokini manifesting her long limbed suelte legs that gives off a lanky figure and everything on her was smashing .

My heart skipped abit , my breathing increased when she asked me to be her boyfriend before I could reply her when my mom shouted at me , ” Travor aren you waking up its already morning . ”

Oh no mom , I was in the middle of my dream but you have woke me up before I could utter anything .

”Are you ok ? ”asked his mom

Forget it mom I have to go to school before its late .

Sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes and stretching his hands and legs .

”Why was it a dream , how I wish it was real ! ”

My mom, Lola and I met the day I was born , she has unconditional love and affection towards me , she laughs when I laugh and cries when ever I cry .

shes the most caring person I have ever seen all my life . I was brought up by her alone without a dad , kids laughed but I cared less because she was always there for me .

”What a sweet dream ! ”he muttered while heading to the shower .

After coming out from the shower , rapped himself in a white bath lob heading to his room to get ready for school .

Looking around his room , left over pizza and dirty clothes lay strewn about the floor , looked for an outfit in his wardrobe .

He wore a black T-shirt and navy blue short jeans plus white sneakers , picked up his bag and briskly strade out of the house.

His mom asked if he wasn going to eat anything .

”I will eat at school, ” said Travor while running towards his bicycle .

Outside the house , the sun was brightly shining causing the light skin turn red , green grass turning yellowish brownish. Everyone was Carrying an umbrella .

At school I wasn popular , didn have friends except Joey Edams my childhood friend and my neighbor .

Though Joey was kinda popular at school , she never left my side, always cheers me up ,joke and play with me .

I always told her about my imaginary friend whom I called my girlfriend , she found it eerie but still she always held my hand .

One day I was walking in the hallow way to wards my locker when Cissy Marquez the meanest girl at school snatched my glasses away .

”Oh !!!!! I wondered ”

What did I offend to you this time ? I asked

She had a team of girls with her , started arguing with them because I couldn manage without glasses .

Please , can you return my glasses , i can see without them . give it back please begged Travor Evans .

Weirdo , can you see that we are still playing with them back off .

Is it fun to bully others , are you enjoying while hes suffering.

Return those glasses to him said Joey .

Who are you to order us on what to and what we shouldn do ? replied Cissy.

She then smashed the glasses into pieces while laughing with her meanions .

Joey running towards him , ”Travor are you ok ? ”

”Do I look okay to you , ” I can see anything he replied .

Its ok , everything is gonna be okay said Joey .

How is going to be okay when I can see and I don have a pair of glasses with me he said while sobbing .

Wait here , let me get other glasses for you give me a minute and she ran towards the exit door .

Thank God and your stars that she has saved you . We shall meet again said Cissy and walked away with her team .

” Who did I offend to diserve this? muttered Travor

Cissy is one of the most popular girls at school , beautiful but mean .

Shes the cheer leader , loves bullying and being mean to others .

She is in a team of four girls .

Linda Peters .

Shes in cheer leading , loves bullying and playing pranks on people .

One day she pranked a teacher by telling him , hes fired at work and he freaked out .

Lily Walker .

Also in cheer leading but abit different from all of them .

Shes abit kind and loves helping .She helped a girl who was bullied by Cissy .

Bianca Morgans .

Also in cheer leading but takes but takes studying serious .

Shes abit malicious and care free .

Morgan Hale .

Shes bossy , bitchy and always takes herself on top of others , she doesn want to know and I everything according to her own ways .

Loves designing herself from top to bottom .

(Sound of Walking person )

Hi , man why are you sitting on the floor said a voice from behind .

Am waiting for someone replied Travor .

Seems you haven eaten or drunk something saying that he spilled coffee all over him .

(Sobing )

Dude , I didn know that men cry , its fun anyway .

( sound of ringing bell )

Hi, Mark stop it .

Its time for class come on , lets go said his friend Steve .

Hi , take my jacket as yours is dirtened and am so sorry about his behaviors .

Ummm , since when you care replied Travor .

Just take this am leaving he said and handed him his black jacket .

Steve seems to not enjoy what his friend does

but theres no way he can stop him .

Mark Roberts is a total jerk and popular at school who always finds it funny in bullying others and hes the football team leader .

”Many girls like him but I ask myself why ? ”

Travor are you ok , and what happened to your clothes asked Joey .

Seems I wasn that lucky today because everyone enjoyed bullying me he replied while tears streamed down his face .

Am so sorry but I have got the glasses , try them out said Joey .

Don look at me with sympatic eyes and thank you for your kindness , I will always remember

it saying that he picked up his bag and matched to class .

Being in the same class as Mark and Cissy was one of my biggest problem .

Not only Mark is mean to boys but also to girls and it turns out Mark Roberts is Cissys boyfriend.

Like boyfriend like girl friend, no wonder they are all mean !!

One of the girls in our class called Selena Savage loved him so much , one day she decided to confess her feelings towards him .

Using her feelings for him , Mark made her do all his homework , she cared less thinking that he loves her until one day she found him and his friends talking about her .

Charles .

Hi , Mark how are you and your new girlfriend .

Does Cissy know about her ?

Mark .

Oh are you talking about that ugly weirdo Selena ?

( laughing )

Moses .

We thought you loved her!

Mark . How can a handsome man like me love that ugly duckling .

Rajab : So whats all this about ?

You better tell Selena you don love her than giving her false hopes .

Mark : Come on man , who will do my homework then ?

You know I hate those things of studying .

All the boys : No wonder your getting As ———-before they finish they were interrupted by foot steps .

”Oh Selena , ” here you are .

I was looking for you and this is Charles , Moses and Rajab my teammates .

Why would you look for an ugly person like me , need your homework replied Selena .

Mark , lets go first we have something to do .

You can stay said Selena and continued I can believe you have been taking advantage of me all this time , I really loved you Mark .

I did what ever you asked me to do —- oh I nearly forgot you can love someone like me — ugly and weird .

What nonsense are you talking about ? asked Mark

I had each and every word you said with your friends , I was foolish enough to believe in your lies saying that while tears welling up in her eyes and ray towards the washroom .

” Aren you going after her ? ” asked his teammates .

Why should I ? asked Mark loudly .

Make sure you won regret it man said his friends and left the place .

Feeling like her heart is ripped out , someone has slapped her in the face , lost and barely sees a hope for happiness , sobbing and and feeling like her throat is closing up when someone knocked and asked ———– ” Are you ok inside there or you need some help . ”

Yes am ok and thanks for asking replied Selena and continued I can let him win , I have to make revenge on him .

I may not be a one in a million kind of girl, am a once in a lifetime kind of woman .

She gathered all her courage and came out of the washroom heading to her class .

As soon as she entered , she could feel like a thousand eyes on her .

Well isn that Selena Savage the one that Mark fooled ? asked Linda

I can believe she had fallen for his lies ! said Lily .

So , she isn the only one that has been used by Mark to get As ? asked Bianca

Well —— yeah , they are many girls who have been used by that jerk , he doesn care about others feelings , replied Lily .

Hey —– have you just called my boyfriend a jerk ? asked Cissy .

What else can I call him ? replied Lily .

Never call him a jerk again said Cissy

What if I do , what are you gonna do ? replied Lily .

Don taste my patience Lily .

You think bullying and using others is funny , anyway birds of the same feathers flock together , I don see why am wasting my time on another jerk she said and walked away .

She turned back and said wait before I leave

let me make this clear from now we are enemies , I quit each and every activity you participate in , theres nothing between me and you!

Lets behave like weve never met , Bianca joined her and they walked away .

Sitting on her chair , bending her head on a desk , sobbing unable to believe her fate .

Why do I have to suffer like this ? Who did I offend to deserve all this , just because I loved you Mark , you decided to use to get good grades muttered to herself .

( sound of foot steps )

Are you ok Selena ? asked Travor .

Are you here to mock and laugh at me , go ahead replied Selena .

Seems we are in the same boat , theres no reason for me to laugh at you .

”Travor Smirking ”

I don know if they enjoy it, he added .

I don feel like attending class , let me use the library instead , she carried her bag and stormed off .

Feeling pain immersed in his heart , could understand what Selena was going through

since he was one of the victims but had nothing to do about it other than watching the space .

(sound of door opening and closing )

Thank you for reading .

if you have enjoyed follow for the next part .

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