ne of the many changes that occurred in the Kingdom of Adlabor was the sinking of the noble forces.

After the revolution, half of the nobility gave up their status, and the other half lost their status because they were caught selling their titles.

So, the existing noble families endured a huge revolution, and their prestige and influence was enormous.

“The Oceanus is a very prestigious family.”


“They have people like soldiers and knights.
People who fight for their country.”

The Marquis of Oceanus had long been a knight’s family who defended the kingdom.

Most of the heroes who often appear in the story of great men read by young children or in theatrical sagas were from that family.

“Oceanus is famous for its military industry.”

“I know the military industry.
Are they making weapons?”

“That’s right.
The Adbellos also make weapons, but each time, they need to consult with Oceanus and get permission.”

There was a weapon that was created in collaboration with the Navy, which was a private ship led by Noah.

“Then the lieutenant general is also a noble?”

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“He is a very famous nobleman.”

“Better than that little kid’s house?”

Clare pointed to the tightly closed door of the classroom.

“A much greater nobleman.”

The Delat family, whose lawyer boasted with a dry mouth, were so noble that they did not dare even give a business card.


The clever little lady quickly finished calculating the profit.

“From now on, I will call him brother-in-law!”

Oh my, Ash smiled bitterly.

“The lieutenant general is a great person even if he is not a nobleman.”


“The lieutenant general is the second highest in command in the navy.”

“Better than my older sister?”

“Since the little master is his subordinate, of course, right?”

In addition, the captain of the navy was away for a long time.

The vacant position was temporarily taken over by Leto, the next post.

In other words, the highest ranking person in the current navy was Leto.

‘He looks like a really great person.’

Ash thought as she put Clare on the floor.

‘By the way, the person the little master was dating was Oceanus…?

In fact, Ash was quite shocked to find out that Noah’s ex-boyfriend was Leto.

Even after they dated, why did she date such a crazy dog ​​again?

‘What would the big master say if she knew this?’

She wouldn’t do anything special if it were him, but Ash was still worried.

‘Maybe she knows?’

Come to think of it, that was more likely.
She may have pretended not to know because it would be fun if she already knew everything.


With that in mind, Ash wondered what the use of all this was.

It was more profitable to think about what to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

“Miss, what do you want for breakfast tomorrow?”

“Pancake! With boiled tuna mashed salad!”

“Then I will go to the market later.”

Again, this was a more profitable concern.


While Ash and Clare had a warm conversation.

“As expected, the Delat family is as great as its reputation.”

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“It’s unusual, I knew it earlier.
I really liked the guts to contact headquarters right before you got to the South.”


“And it’s even more enjoyable to see a familiar face in such an unexpected place.”

As he smiled ​​with the corners of his mouth raised, Leto’s red eyes were gleaming sharply and notably.


And Sir Delat, who was receiving that gaze alone, could not even raise his head.

‘His temper…’

Noah secretly let out a sigh.

The situation was completely reversed when Leto revealed his name.

The Delat family’s lawyer was starting to get sick of it.

Sir Delat, who was arrogant and thought-provoking, looked carefully to see if he had noticed something strange just then.

And when he arrived at the school after being contacted by the teacher, Sir Delat’s expression was contorted to the point of pity.

‘I don’t know, though.’

Noah really liked Leto’s damn personality.

Only in this case.

‘By the way, that person…’

It was Sir Delat.

He had the appearance of a ‘nobleman’ that people often thought of.

Straight facial features, luxurious clothes, and strangely curled hair.

Even his hair was coated with serum.

Noah, who was slightly disgusted by it, looked straight at Leto’s head.
He always slicked his hair back while on duty, and Noah always thought it was nice to see it straight.

“By the way, as far as I know, shouldn’t Sir Delat be at the naval headquarters by now?”

“Ah, that’s…”

“How come you arrived much later than us, who arrived from headquarters?”


“Then, a lawyer comes instead of you…”

The lawyer, who was still like a dead mouse, was startled.

“I understand.”

Leto, who leaned slightly closer to Sir Delat, whispered once more.

“You must have had a lot of fatigue because you were busy coming.”

Sir Delat’s back flinched.
He couldn’t even lift his head, which was filled with contemplation.

Leto, who was looking at the figure, shrugged his shoulders.

“What’s the use of adults in children’s fights?”

Leto then turned to Noah. 


“I feel the same way.”

But before that, Noah had to point out one thing clearly.

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