“What kind of magic is this?”

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Ami asked Noah.

“I can’t say.”

Noah sensed the various manas around them.
A ship with technology that consisted of a complex system of various magic.

“Balancing magic was added to the levitation magic to make it withstand any wave.
And various protective magic, including the body temperature maintenance magic, made it possible for us to endure long-term drifting in the sea.”

At Noah’s explanation, Hornes blinked his eyes and nodded.

“As expected, Captain! You know everything!”

“Oh, the youngest.”

Ami stroked Hornes’ black hair.
Hornes blushed, begging her not to do this.

“By the way, today is the first departure, isn’t it?”

Noah asked.

“Actually, I was a little nervous about that.”

With that said, Hornes’s smile remained a little stiff.
Besides, it was quite funny to see the legs fluttering while floating in the water.

They looked weaker than a newborn deer.

“Can I do well…?”

He was the youngest and lowest rank in the special unit, and he was afraid that he might make a mistake on his first trip.

“The seniors are here to cover up that mistake.”

Noah tapped Hornes on the bent shoulder.

“So don’t worry.”

“Trust only these wonderful sisters.”

“But don’t trust him.”

“Rather, you can get eaten.
The other day, the handsome boss in the equipment room…”

“Lieutenant Chitia, bang your head.”

“How can I bang my head in the sea!”


Among the seniors who suddenly started fighting, Hornes trembled like a frightened rabbit.

“Come on! Hurry!”

“Hey, was our youngest surprised?”

In the meantime, other crew members took out Hornes.
They also teased the youngest member of the unit.

“Are you all here to play?”

Leto pointed out the chaotic atmosphere.

“The signal will come soon.
Everyone get ready.”

At those words, a wretched expression appeared on the crew’s faces.


Leto stood before Hornes.

“Private Mera.”

“Private Hornes Mera!”

“Isn’t today your first departure?”

“That’s right.”

Leto lightly tapped the nervous youngest’s shoulder.

“Don’t be too nervous.”

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Hornes was impressed.

“If you make a mistake, you’ll be the only fish in the sea”

Leto gave a creepy smile.

“You know my fishing skills?”

He’s amazingly good at chopping fishing baits.

“So you can do it in moderation.”

“Yes, I will do my best!”

The cry of the frightened Private filled the area.


In the midst of the flagship crew, Noah sighed.

At that moment, Noah made eye contact with Leto.
Leto smiled so faintly that it was hard to notice, and Noah stared at him with a frown.
But he didn’t avert his gaze.


It was then.

[The dolphin paved the way.]

A signal was heard from the communication device.

“Secure a safe distance to the power supply!”

At Leto’s instructions, the crew fell far away.
When they lined up in a crescent-shaped formation, they immediately sent magical energy to their entire body.


Noah felt the transparent shield wrapped around her like an eggshell.

Even above the sea level where Noah was standing, the waves spread wider and wider.

Finally, they were ready to swim freely on the sea.


The moment when someone’s tense breath breaks the silence of the calm sea.

“Everyone set sail!”

Six ships crossed the sea at high speed.

The ship cruising with big waves soon entered the navy’s training waters.

From a distance, the ships of other units in training looked small.

“Separate the ranks!”

Under Leto’s command, Ami and another member of the crew began to retreat little by little.

“Then I’ll go down!”

“See you later!”

After exchanging brief greetings, Ami pressed the button on her waist.

Then, Ami’s body gradually sank into the sea.

[Spin entered the water.]

[Sousa entered the water.]

Noah immediately focused on the communication in her ears.

“Lieutenant-General! I’ll join you soon!”

“From now on, upload everyone’s notes!”

Above and below the sea, the waves from the six ships grew stronger.

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After successfully completing the test run, the six crew members got on the escort and laid down in the lounge on the ship.

“Adbello, these crazy bastards, do they develop without thinking of a test-run?”

“Isn’t this really difficult to balance? It felt like I was going to fall into the sea if I moved a little.”

“Hey, we have a thin air filter this time, so water leaked!”

“Anyway, they all said they were crazy…”

And the unit started talking behind the scenes that doubled as an evaluation of the new submarine.

And Hornes, who boarded the submarine for the first time, fainted.

“Captain Bello.”

Then Leto called Noah.

“You got a call from home.”

Noah’s eyes widened at those words.

[Little Master!]

As she hurriedly headed to the contact room, Ash’s voice coming through the receiver was serious.

“What’s going on?”

Noah asked urgently.

[The Miss said she had a fight with her classmate at school!]

At that, Noah touched her chest.

“Uh-huh, what did she say?”

But the real seriousness was hidden behind it.

[The student who she fought is the son of Sir Delat from the capital.]

The eyes of Noah and the other crew members who were listening to the call in the room widened.

“…I’m so proud of my sister-in-law.”

In the midst of it, only Leto was smiling admirably.


As soon as the ship reached the port, Noah apologized and decided to head to the school.

“Would you like a ride?”

As she hurriedly changed out of her work clothes, Leto, who was waiting for her in front of the changing room, asked.

“Then please.”

“I thought you would say no.”

Leto didn’t hide his surprise.

“Because of the situation.”

Noah then said thanks.

“…That’s why I like you.”

Leto smiled as he looked at Noah, who was fed up with his confession.

“You look cute even when you’re shy.”

“How about going to the hospital at least once?”

Noah was genuinely worried about his brain.

The place where he drove the red car quickly was the Marai School.

Although she tried to remain calm, Noah was worried.

The blue flag in front of the campus fluttered wildly, just like Noah’s worried heart.

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She stopped as she was about to head to the office.

“…Are you following me?”

Leto, who followed, smiled softly.

“I drove you all the way here”


“Besides, he’s the son of Sir Delat.”


“I thought we’d see each other separately, but my sister-in-law arranged a place and time for me.”

How dare he present such rudeness to the navy here.

Moved by this, Leto wanted to thank the situation.

“After all, my sister-in-law is the best.”

“Who is your sister-in-law?”

Noah grumbled.
But she didn’t tell him to stop.

So Leto shamelessly followed.


When they arrived, the office was really cluttered.

Teachers were gathered on the reception sofa to welcome guests.
Ash was there.

“Little Master!”

Ash, who found Noah, got up from her seat and waved her arms.

“Are you the guardian of the Bello student?”

A teacher with five black stripes over his head approached.

He was the head teacher of the Marai School.

“You are working hard to protect our country.”

He paid a brief tribute to Noah and then told the story of the incident.

“The two kids got into a fight on the playground on the way home from school.
Fortunately, she wasn’t seriously injured, but the other student…”

Instead of covering up the difficulty, the teacher now sneaked up on the cause of the incident.

“I’m going to kill you later!”

“There are no good kids out there who say that.”

“I’ll break your limbs and whip you until your back bleeds!”

“Oh my god! After all, the people from the capital are shallow.”

A boy with a rough and dirty mouth and a girl playing with the boy.

“Guys, stop fighting…”

And the homeroom teacher who couldn’t stop the two properly.

“Hey! You can kill me, right?”

“I can’t kill you, but I’ll do my best to punish you as much as possible.”

A man in a black suit sat next to the dirty-mouthed boy.

“This is the lawyer called by the Delat student.”

Ash said.

“I think that student had an argument with the young lady.
He said the lady was ignoring her, so he pulled her hair…”


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Noah did not believe what she had heard, and looked around the teachers.
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The teachers nodded their heads in apology.

“Oh my gosh…!”

Noah was amazed.

It was too far-fetched for a childish boy’s prank, and the words he uttered before were full of malice.

“The home education of the Delat family is no joke.”

Leto’s voice whispering to Noah was very serious.

“Let’s not raise kids like that.”


Instead of answering, Noah lightly elbowed Leto’s stomach.

She called Clare, ignoring the clamor behind her.



Clare, who had been growling for a long time, saw Noah and embraced her.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


Clare replied sarcastically.

“I did what grandmother taught me.”

How to beat opponents while avoiding them cunningly. 

It was the self-defense technique that grandmother always taught her when she was at home.

It was then that Noah confirmed that Clare was in good health.

She was fine except for the slightly messy hair.

On the other hand, Sir Delat’s son’s condition was relatively serious.

His hair was a mess like a bird’s nest, and there were bloodstains on his clothes as if he had had a nosebleed.
And on the back of his hand, there were scratches that looked like it was from nails.

“Are you the guardian?”

When Noah lifted her head, the lawyer looked down at them.

“I’m an adviser to the Delat family.”

The eyes of the lawyer handing over the business card lightly scanned Noah.

Bright blond hair, blue eyes, and the appearance of an elegant beauty that was rare in the capital.

“Well, I’m sorry it happened, but…”

The lawyer’s neck quickly turned red as he looked at her.


And when Leto noticed this, his expression became noticeably cold.

“It was a fight between children, but my young master has suffered a lot of damage.”

“But looking at the situation, it seems that your young master over there was very rude to my sister.”

Noah remembered the boy’s swear words as soon as she entered the room and continued.

“That shouldn’t come from a child’s mouth, and there was no reason for my sister to hear it.”

“The mistakes of immature children…”

“Ah, was it a mistake for your young master to curse at my sister and for her to counterattack?”

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