There are very few people who can dive next to a submarine.”

“I wish I could bribe them with more money…”

“What a snob.”

Noah, who answered roughly, took out the gear and put it on.

The snow-like snow-shoes she wore on the soles were also worn on her wrists, ankles, and knees, like braces.

After checking her gear, Noah sat and lifted her legs high into the sky.

‘Is it lighter than before?’

She got up and walked over to her seat a few times.

It was definitely lighter.
Noah was quite satisfied with this new gear.

The crew members who finished wearing them gathered in one place again.

The rest of the crew got on the ship under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Ice and set off first.

The sound of the water crashing at the front was so refreshing.

“There is a message.”

Leto, who was in charge of the rest, was also wearing gear.

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“Be aware that submarines may be more difficult to enter and maintain underwater than before.”

The crew quickly grasped the message in their minds.

“Be careful, the submarine says that her underwater entry and maintenance can be more difficult than before.”

A wrinkle appeared between the foreheads of the other divers, including Ami.

“It’ll run at an average speed immediately after joining the frigate, and then dive according to my signal.”


The short reply roared.

“Captain Bello.”

Leto called Noah.

“Did you call me?”

“Do you know Major General Francie?”

It was a random question.
Noah was quite puzzled, but she quickly replied that she knew.


As if asking about something obvious, Noah’s eyebrow twitched.
Then Leto’s expression hardened slightly.

“Wasn’t he the military commander who served last year?”

“You don’t know each other?”

Noah shook her head and said.

“I’ve seen him maybe once or twice.”


“Are there any problems?”


Even though he turned around saying it was nothing special, Leto still had an unfamiliar look on his face.


But Noah only stared at Leto like that, and didn’t ask more.

When she returned to her seat, Ami was smirking as she waited.

“Why did he call you? To say that he loves you?”

“Lieutenant Chitia, bang your head.”


Ami grunted, but gently banged her head and got up right away.

“…We’ve always made a clear distinction between public and private talks.”

Noah said with a communication device installed.
She put a small earplug-like thing over her ear and tapped it with her finger, and a small noise rang out.

Then it clicked with a beep sound.

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Noah spoke to the telecommunication apparatus.

“Captain Noah Bello of the Navy’s Special Ships Command, I request you to confirm communication.”

After a while, a familiar voice was heard.

[Captain Bello, communication has been confirmed.]

It was Lieutenant Colonel Ice who was on the frigate.

[It is located 3 nautical miles from the headquarters.
The location will be sent to you soon, so when you set out, you just have to join along the route.]

After finishing the communication, Noah winked at Leto.


At Leto’s call, the crew stood in front of the pier.

The sea far away from the horizon was sparkling white, but the sea water in the harbor was strangely dark.

However, there was also a hint of blue light in it.
But no one fell into the water.

Soon the crew threw themselves into the sea.


The Naval Headquarters was the supreme body that oversees the Navy.

There were several units organized under the headquarters, and the most recently established was the ‘Special Ship Command’.

Only 13 elite members belonged to this so-called ‘speciality’.

Although the scale was the smallest among all the units, it was also the place where the most outstanding achievers were placed in the shortest time since the establishment.

“I feel it every time…”

Ami admired her reflection on the sea surface.

“Magic is really amazing.”

The way she was leisurely walking on the sea was like a miracle from god.

However, this was not such a fanciful, mythical power.

It was the result of the explosion of the tower.

“How did they not fight with this great technology 100 years ago?” 

“So? Adbello is great!”

Hornes, who came closer, gleamed.

“It’s because the master of the tower from Adbello exploded the tower, so we are where we are today.”

Noah was worried about Hornes.

But he was right.

All of this now was the result of the revolution that the magic tower has achieved over the past 100 years.

Magic has improved the quality of life by applying it in various fields, breaking away from the primitive idea of ​​imitating natural phenomena.

And the most developed field of magic in the Kingdom of Adlabor was the military realm.

The ‘gears’ worn by these members now was the essence of Adlabor magic research.

The Special Ship Command was a magical combat unit that fought with the advanced magic technology developed by the Adbello family and the magic tower.

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