“No way!”

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Noah cried out in tears.
She never thought of such a mean means for herself.

Rather, she was removed from the promotion list several times because of her close relationship with Leto.

“The last promotion was an opportunity that I got proudly with my skills!”

Unexpected talent or anything like that was nothing within a special group called the ‘military’.

Rather, it was just an unnecessary name that became poisonous.

“What the hell do you see people as…!”

So Noah worked many times harder than others, and she came to this place by desperately accumulating her skills.

This promotion was especially important.

When promoted to major, the military grants a sword, and there was a rumor that the sword awarded during this promotion was the treasure of a noble family in the Empire.

She had an opportunity to be promoted just in time, but the man in front of her ruined it.

The person she trusted the most.

Maybe she was ‘in love’ with him, who was sincere.

But he took the sword she had longed for so much.

“…It’s done.”

Noah, who had been shivering with anger, took a moment to catch her breath.
After she calmed down, she pulled her bangs back to calm her emotions.

“Now, what are you going to do?”

The promotion was already over, and it was in the hands of Leto.

‘At least it’s better than going to someone I don’t know.’

Noah was forced to think positively.
At least the Leto she knew would know the value of those swords, and he wouldn’t treat them badly…


For a moment, Noah felt a chill in her spine.

There was no way that smirk and unruly life would keep those precious swords.

Damn it, Noah ruffled her head in anxiety.

It was better to put it in a wooden chest and toss it in a warehouse, because he had a mind to strike a sword with a bottle!

“Then I’ll give it to you.”

She was thinking about whether she should take the sword anyways.

I will give you the sword.”

The words she had mistaken for vain were heard clearly again.

Noah turned around and met Leto’s eyes.
He continued to look at Noah from the beginning.
The red-eyed pupil, which was even dazed, caught Noah’s footsteps.

“I told you yesterday.
I will give that sword to you.”

But I threw away your sword yesterday while running away.


Noah’s face turned pale.

“The sword!”

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Belatedly, she fiddled with her waist, but there was no way that she had a sword that she had completely forgotten a while ago.
Noah was frustrated as she knelt down on the floor.

“You idiot!” (tl/n: talking to herself)

“It’s not that bad.”

Leto lifted Noah and sat her on the table.
Then he blocked her escape route with both his arms so that she could not escape.

“I don’t know why you are so obsessed with swords…”


“If you marry me, I will give it to you.”


Noah put one hand on her forehead in frustration.
Now her head was hurting.

“What do you think?”

It’s a sword, but first of all, she had to know why that man suddenly asked for marriage.

“Why are you suddenly begging for marriage since yesterday?”

“Because I want to do it with you.”

Leto said firmly.




Was there anything else? Leto then asked, tilting his head as if he didn’t understand.
Noah shouted for nothing, now that her face had turned red.

Leto smiled and continued his confession.

“No matter how you look at it, you are the only one who can guide me, even though I am not human.”

She knew.

Even with a sincere confession, Noah was upset.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t the first time she suffered because of that damn bastard.

He was zero as a boss and a lover.

“It was you who said that you had no intention of getting married in the first place.”

At that time, he had said many times that he would never marry.

He said he didn’t even want to date anyone.

So Noah did not tell Leto that she loved him.
It was the same with Leto.

But they were both sincere and had feelings for each other.

‘So it was hard.’

There was a wall

A very high, thick, unkind wall stood between them.

“I am angry with the lieutenant general.”

Noah gently pushed Leto’s arm outstretched that was to lock her in.
His arm, which was full of strength from his muscles, fell unexpectedly without fighting back.

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“More than that…”

Noah came down from the table and looked at Leto.

“I want it.”

“Will you marry me?”

“The sword comes first.”

Noah held out her hand.

“Give me the sword.”


“Are we going to share the sword as a wedding gift when we make our wedding vows?”

“If it’s okay to cut the lieutenant general with that sword, I will gladly do it.”

“You want a red dress? You are fierce, my bride…”

“Have you finally lost your mind?”

“By the way, my eyes are also red, did you wear it for me?”

“If only it could be stained with the blood of the lieutenant general.”

“Then, starting today, I will collect them one drop at a time.”

“Don’t suffer like that, I’d rather kill you at once.”

“Noah, you are so hot and fierce…! You should say that in bed!”

“Just die the first night.”

“Then bury me in a couple’s tomb.
I’ll wait till you die.
How about the sea?”

“I prefer the land.”

On the way back from work.

“It’s not really that crazy…”

Noah shuddered as she pondered over and over what Leto had said.

‘Why was I with a guy like that?’

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t come up with a proper answer other than his face and body.


And Ami’s gaze at such a friend was only cold.

“You’re weird too.”

“Why me?”

Noah’s eyes widened as if she didn’t really know.

“Do you mean it?”

Ami quickly denied it.

“I’m saying this because I’m your friend, but first of all, you’re not sane either.”

It was just a difference of whether common sense was added or not.

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“Noah, you’re a crazy dog ​​with common sense added, and the lieutenant general doesn’t even have that.
Did you understand?”

“Lieutenant, hit your head.”

“You only use ranks when you’re really annoyed! How unfair.”

Ami grunted and banged her head on the ground.

“Anyway, that’s what I was talking about.”

Exactly four seconds later, Ami got up and said, tidying up her messy hair.

“In the first place, if an ex-boyfriend comes after the ex-girlfriend broke up and he regrets it and proposes to her, the other sane person would tell her to go away.”

“That’s why I told you to get out of here.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you!”

The frustrated Ami shouted.
She then pointed out a big problem with the conversation she had just heard.

“You were just talking to the Lieutenant General! I thought you were doing something like exchanging jokes with each other!”

“Well, I hit an iron wall.”

“The iron wall you hit will bend even with your farts.
Then why didn’t you respond to the last statement that he wanted to be buried next to you?”

“It’s not my business after death.”

“What kind of talent is a genius…”

‘They’re such idiots.’

Ami thought as she clicked her tongue and headed for her parked car.

A small, dainty black minicar beeped.

“Oh, my cutie!”

‘I lived patiently because of you!’

Ami sighed as she rubbed her face on her car.

“How are you? My first gas powered car!”

“Well, it’s fine.

“Yes, but the rear seats are so narrow that it’s more for two people.”

“All minicars are like that, huh?”

Noah was looking around while sitting in the passenger seat and found the radio mounted in the car.
Read only at pm tl.

“I was thinking about whether I should buy a car these days.”

“You just get the lieutenant’s car and ride.”



Whether Noah glared at her or not, Ami snorted and started the engine.

“Looking at it, it looks like you are getting married within a few months.”

“I’m not getting married!”

“Those who say that are the first to get married.
Throw the bouquet at me.”

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The cute little car then moved.
They quickly left the unit and headed for the city as it was.

Today was the day they had dinner at Noah’s house.

“Then why did the lieutenant general interfere with your promotion?”

“I don’t know.”

Tsk, Noah clicked her tongue heavily.

‘…What should I do?’

But Noah was more confused than ever.

She needed the sword Leto gave.
No, that’s why she came all the way here.

But getting married because of that hurt her pride.

‘No, more than that…’

There was a slightly more fundamental problem.


The next morning.

Clare, who had changed into her school uniform, was sitting at her desk writing a letter before going to school.

The recipient was her grandmother working at sea.

The tip of the pencil in her plump hand moved crookedly following a child’s writing.

“…I wrote it all down!”

With a satisfied sigh, she slowly read the letter she had written.


[Dear Grandma,

How are you grandma? Are you making a lot of money? Now the house is a mess.
Sister almost quit the military because she was going to marry the man she had been dating before.

The radio said it’s better not to marry a man you’ve broken up with.
I’ve never been in love, but I feel the same way.

But my sister’s face is too bright, so I think she’ll catch him.

I’m living a hard life.
I’m trying to protect the house on behalf of my grandmother, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Grandma Then I’ll go to school.
Grandmother works hard too! Don’t forget to buy a gift when you come back.
I love you!]


There was also a PS under the savage letter.


My sister hasn’t come home yet.
So the anesthetic that my grandmother gave her is the same.

But my sister was going to throw it away because it’s past its expiration date, and she said that she’ll be fine even though Ash disagreed with her.

Is it okay to use that anesthetic?]


After reading the letter, Clare’s face was full of pride.

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