“Ah! Ouch!”

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Noah only yelled at her sister’s sincere worries.

“What did grandmother say before she left?”

Clare said sarcastically.
The child’s palms were as red as the place Noah had been beaten.

“She told you several times to avoid drinking and gambling with men! Sister, how did you get married to an outsider?”

‘Now you’re nagging me too?’

“Are you going to get married after losing the bet?”

Clare, who stretched the length of her words, spoke almost like a working mother of three sons.

Leto, who was watching happily next to her, was admiring a bit inside.
She was unusually smart and wild.

“You, your words are as good as a mouse’s…!”

Noah replied in a crawling voice.

She was embarrassed to be scolded by her little sister in front of the mad dog, but she was also most ashamed that she had nothing to say.

“I am better than a mouse, and look at what happened!”

But she couldn’t break the anger of her sister, which was burning with sisterly love, like a powerless rebuttal.

While Clare’s nagging started again, Ash, who brought the drink, carefully opened her mouth.

“What you said earlier, is it true?”


Leto responded without even paying attention to Ash, but was staring at me.
The ice cubes in the drink she handed rattled.


“Don’t speak nonsense to Ash.”

“Don’t talk nonsense to Ash!”

Noah and Clare suddenly intervened.

“Ash is my older sister, please don’t speak informally to her.”

Noah said, barely letting go of Clare’s hand that was pulling her ear.
Leto frowned in one eye.

“Um, then why is she dressed like a maid?”

Leto’s question was justified.

As anyone could see, Ash was dressed like a model of a maid.

Her neatly braided hair, a blue dress that does not stand out even when the time flies, and a yellowish apron.

But what was a little strange was the fact that the material of that dress was quite expensive.

Even Leto, who did not know much about fabrics, knew that it was so precious that he could recognize it at a glance.

Ash is my family.”

“That’s right! Ash is my older sister.”

Clare sprinted to the side of Ash.

“Oh, I’m fine…”

Ash, who became embarrassed, blushed and stuttered her words.


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Leto pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

“Then I’ll call it execution.”


Noah shouted.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Now that this has happened, Noah asked with certainty.
The anger she had been holding back exploded.

“How much does the lieutenant general hate me?


Leto readily admitted.

“You are a very good and desirable soldier.”

A person who rose to the rank of captain within two years of graduating from the military academy.

That one sentence was enough to know Noah’s skills and achievements.

“You can’t stand it when you see injustice from your upright personality, so naturally you even hate rotten fish…”

“What does that have to do with the lieutenant general…”

“So I fell for it.”

The sudden confession was monotonous.

However, his more serious and heavy voice and unshakable red eyes captured Noah intensely.

“I also know that your temper is dirty.”

Leto graciously admitted my shortcomings.

“You like to bully others, you like to swear sarcastically, and you go to the military and tease your superiors…”

“Shouldn’t she live alone like that?”

Clare asked Ash.

“I know! Lily’s mother taught me to call such a person ‘mad dog’…!”

“Shh, shh!”

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Ash said to be quiet for a moment and brought her index finger to her lips.

Clare said she couldn’t do it, but decided to keep quiet for the time being.

Fortunately, the confession that had been cut off continued again.

In the midst of his embarrassment, Noah noticed that Leto was quite impressed with Clare’s eloquence and guts.

“In such a country, naturally, my eyes fell on you.
When I look at you, who is upright and dazzling, you will know how desperate I am.”

“Is it a confession, but not a confession?”

“Lady, please…”

Ash finally took Clare and went outside.

“…The words of my sister-in-law are unusual.”

“Why is my sister the lieutenant general’s sister-in-law?”

After telling him not to call her like that, Noah let out a long, heavy sigh.

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She put one hand on her waist and asked.


Noah asked.

“Are you serious?”

Leto, noticing her more relaxed tone, tilted his head.

“Does it sound like a lie?”


Leto burst out laughing at the answer without hesitation.

“Even so, you’re not the kind of person who makes bad jokes about another person’s heart.”

“That’s true.”

Again, the answer was immediate.

Leto, whom Noah knew, was certainly such a person.

He was openly sarcastic when it was about someone he didn’t like, but he doesn’t do anything vulgar with one’s heart.

But apart from that.

‘That person is me…??’

Noah could not easily believe Leto’s confession.

It was too late to confess.


Besides, whether it’s a marriage proposal or a confession, who is going to make such a bet?

Despite the sincerity of the confession, there was no trust in the confessing party.

“…I will decline the confession.”

Noah said firmly.

“Thank you for looking after me, but I have never seen the lieutenant general like that…”


Leto, who suddenly came closer, smiled.

“You can’t lie.”

Suddenly, Leto’s raised finger pointed to the tip of Noah’s right eyebrow.

His fingers kept a slight distance, but Noah flinched as if he had touched it.

“Your eyebrows twitch a little when you tell a lie or say something you don’t mean.”


“So whenever you play cards with me, you always lose.”

Leto’s fingers quickly fell off without doing anything.

“I even know your habits.”

He watched her closer than anyone else.

Noah’s face was dyed redder than a strawberry.


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Leto, who was about to get into the car, stopped.

“Why are you teasing my sister?”

Clare, who came out of nowhere, blocked the front of the car with her arms crossed.

“…I thought about it before.”

After closing the half-open car door back, Leto squatted down on his knees and made eye contact with Clare.

Her deep blue eyes were bright and she ate and slept well since her cheeks were plump.

In particular, the attitude of being wary of him was very intriguing.

‘Was Noah like this?’

Leto imagined Noah’s childhood.
The corners of his lips naturally rose.

“My sister-in-law has a very mature tone of voice.”

“Are you saying I am old?”

Clare’s blue eyes twitched.

“It’s a compliment, because you have a high level of vocabulary and your expressiveness is great.”

“But it’s not nice to talk down to me when we first meet, is it?”

“Yes, sister-in-law.”

“You’re not even dating my sister.
Don’t call me sister-in-law.”

Leto hurriedly shut his lips to not let a laugh escape.

For an astute little lady, even the crazy dog ​​in the world couldn’t win.

“Then what should I call you?”

Leto asked.

“My name is Clare Bello.”

Clare bowed slightly on her knees to say hello, and then held out her adorable hand.

Leto straightened one of his knees, and then pretended to put his lips to the back of her outstretched hand.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Bello.”

“You are very polite.”

“I studied hard for today.”

Clare smiled broadly at Leto’s words.
The plump cheeks that pierced under his eyes were so cute that Leto laughed.

“Do you like my older sister?”

Clare asked.


She asked so openly, Leto was quite embarrassed by the child’s unique outspoken speech.


Clare’s eyes narrowed at the vague answer.

“My grandmother said: Any man who can’t speak his own mind properly should be thrown away.”

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“Your grandmother is wise.”

After pondering for a moment, Leto drew his breath briefly as if he had made up his mind, and then said to Clare.

“Actually, I like her a lot.”

Clare covered her mouth with both hands.

“How much? How much do you like my sister?”

“That’s a secret.”

“Hey, I’ll help you if you tell me!”

“Still no.”

“You’re mean!”

Clare puffed out her cheeks and pouted.

Leto pressed her lips lightly with his finger, and her cheeks went out like a deflated ball.
And a small tongue poked out between her lips.


Leto laughed at the unexpected cuteness.

“Oh, I’m going to fall in love with you even more.”

“Grandma said that a man who likes a young woman should be either killed or amputated, or both!”

“But where is your Grandma?”

“She went to work by boat.
She will come later.”

Is she a sailor?


Now Clare has completely relaxed her vigilance against Leto.

She liked that he didn’t treat her like a baby, and more than anything, she liked that he was handsome.
In fact, he was good-looking.

“If you like my sister, you have to be nice, so why did you tease her?”

“I didn’t tease her that much.”

“But when she came back from work, she was cursing.”

Clare remembered what her sister said the night she came back from drinking.

“Crazy dog! I’ll bury you in the sea with bones and flesh!”

“Miss! Miss, listen!”

“Oh, the smell of alcohol…”

Even on days when she didn’t drink, Clare remembered all the muttering. 

“Kill the crazy dog…”

“If you like her, you should be nice to her! These days, she’s even bothered by the little things…”

Clare let out a nagging noise.


Leto sighed deeply, with his head lowered and one hand touching the corner of his mouth.

‘You insulted me…?’

The ears exposed through the short silver hair were shyly red.

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